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Kate Moss Style Veil: Made It. *High Five*

Okay, so I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen Kate Moss’s wedding veil by now, right? I don’t know about you, but my heart done BROKE when I saw it. I don’t even need to talk about why – it was good. And I mean, it was GOOD. And then every bride in the universe wrote me an email, asking me to make one, but it never worked out.* Until three weeks ago, when I got a call from li’l Jennifer …

For real, she called me THREE WEEKS AGO. The poor thing had hired someone to make a Kate Moss-style veil, and then that person had to back out just weeks before her wedding. GAH! So I took pity on her, ’cause I would have set fire to my own house in a red fury if that had happened to me. And then this is what followed:

  • Jennifer goes berserk on the internet and somehow finds a gorgeous, handmade lace cotton veil in Belgium and has it shipped to me in Chicago. (!!)
  • It gets held up in customs.
  • It’s finally out for delivery when I’m on vacation in Palm Springs (in fact, this incredibly fancy veil is left on the dang porch).
  • I get it on Friday when I return and stitch it up over the weekend.
  • I ship it to her on Monday.
  • It gets held up in customs AGAIN, ’cause it’s going to Canada, where Jennifer lives.
  • Veil is released from customs Wednesday night, scheduled for delivery today or tomorrow.

Just sit on that story for a minute. Okay, but now look at the veil!

custom kate moss veil_ veronica sheaffer _ vintage cap veil

kate moss veil _ vintage cap veil _ custom _ veronica sheaffer

Eeee! It’s so pretttttyyyyyy! And it’s made with all natural materials – the veil is cotton, the ribbons and flowers are silk, and I only used cotton thread. So lovely. And we didn’t cut into the veil at all, so when Jennifer hands it down to future generations, they can remove the “cap” and restyle it for their own weddings. It’s really long, by the way, but I couldn’t get a great shot of it, so we have to wait for wedding pictures to get the full effect. And so ….


I’m confident that everything will work out, but you know, every little bit helps. And if Jennifer doesn’t collapse from the stress of this ordeal, she’ll have a funny story to share when she hands it down. Haha! I’m sure she’s laughing so hard right now.

Anyway, the veil is gorgeous and I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to work on it!

*Okay, now we’re gonna get real here for a second. I’m thinking I’ll get a lot more email requests for the Kate Moss veil, which is awesome – I love you guys! But please note: I’m fully booked up until November, and I’m not starting on any new work until January. I’m crazy busy, yo! *high five* Oh and if you could please send me inquiries through email, as opposed to the comments section, that would be a GREAT help. I’ll be much more likely to get back to you then (sometimes I miss the comments). Thanks for your understanding!! xo


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Candytuft Veil for Marcella

I mentioned yesterday that I worked my fingertips raw stitching up a custom veil over the weekend, and that was no exaggeration.  My fingers done broke.  But when I sent a picture to the cutie-pie bride, Marcella, and she screamed with delight, it made it all 100%, a million times over, WORTH IT.  It is rather lovely, if I do say so myself . . .

veronica sheaffer custom veil candytuft vintage style

This is the Candytuft veil from the Fall 2011 accessories collection.  Marcella chose it to wear with the Ava gown from J.Crew – stunning combination, right?

J Crew Ava gown

I love how the simplicity of the look – no feathers, no beading, no lace – is what makes it so bold and feminine.  Just gorgeous.  Marcella ordered the taffeta from J.Crew to ensure a perfect match with her ivory gown, and I used the softest, springiest silk tulle for the veil.  The full-length veil is detachable, so the headband will be a striking and easy-to-wear accessory at the reception as well.  Marcella promised to share pictures with us, but we have to wait until summer (the wedding is in June).  And I will seriously have a hard time waiting – she is going to look GORGEOUS.

If you would like a custom accessory for your wedding (and dudes, the sky is the limit!), please do not ever hesitate to contact me.  I love all my brides and definitely want to hear your ideas!

[Bottom image via J.Crew]


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