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Sneak Peek: Dean’s Vintage Wedding Dress

Okay let’s just ignore the fact that I’ve been gone a long-a$$ time and pretend it never happened, ‘kay? Oh man, I have soooooo much to tell you about now. LOTS of wedding stuff, LOTS of house stuff AND an amazing tutorial. Wha- what?

And I’m going to start with a major sneak peek.

veronica sheaffer _ vintage wedding gown restyled _ boho lace

BOOM. I mean, you guuuyss. Look at this! I can’t take credit for the design – my super stylish friend, Dean (who I go on and on about, I know), found this amazing vintage dress on Etsy and it just happened to fit her like a glove (both in size and style – like, nothing on Earth could be better suited for this adorable girl). And she brought it to me for some minor adjustments. For instance, it originally had long sleeves, which was super cute, but a little too covered with the high neckline and everything. It also had no pleating or slits or anything at the bottom, so she kind of had to scurry around in it. So funny. Lucky for us, the pattern in the sleeves perfectly matched the pattern in the skirt, so I was able to use one of those (cuff and all) to create an inverted kick pleat at the hem. You would never know it wasn’t original, right?┬áThen we followed the dotted pattern in the lace to make those cute, little scalloped edges in the cap sleeves. Her mom suggested the covered buttons down the back, which were just the icing on the cake. SO CUTE.

You guys will die when you see the pictures from the actual wedding – I’m just telling you now. It was EPIC. It was so epic that one day you will see the photos everywhere and your fingers will bleed from so much Pinteresting. I don’t even know if I should be showing you these little bits just yet, but I can’t wait. And she’s currently honeymooning, so I can’t even text her real quick and ask. Oh well. I can’t wait, Dean, I’M SORRY!

It’s just too cute.


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