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Lauren’s Custom Lace Dress – Complete!

Oh man, I really want to show you the completed dress from last week. It’s soooo goooood. I honestly kind of miss having it around – I’ve grown so attached. Unfortunately, I forgot to snap photos during the final fitting (too much happy crying and brains exploding and stuff) and now all I’ve got are a few shots on the hanger. I mean, I’ll show you these and everything, but just know, this is NOTHING compared to how amazing this dress looks on the bride.

antique vintage lace wedding dress _ veronica sheaffer custom bridal


Ohmigoodness, I love this so much. I love it like I didn’t make it – I hope that makes me sound less obnoxious, going on and on about it. I can’t help it! This dress means so much to me for so many reasons – not only did I have a ton of creative freedom, which is super exciting, but we used laces I’ve been holding onto for years, just waiting for the perfect project. And one of them was the leftover lace from my own wedding veil, which was so cool to work with again.

On top of all that, the bride, Lauren, is an incredibly kind, sweet, charming person with the most amazing style. Every fitting was a breeze and all of the laces worked together so well (five, total) – it was absolute kismet from start to finish. I’m DYING for her to get married already and send me pictures!

And I’m also thrilled that every project this year is equally as unique and exciting. So, even though I’m missing this dress like crazy, I can’t wait to get my hands on the next one. GOOD. STUFF. !!!


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Custom Bridal Brain Explosion

Oh man, there is some good stuff happening around here lately.

Exhibit A:

veronica sheaffer custom_draping a muslin

And this is the just the muslin, you guys. In the stupidest polyester fabric ever. Wait until we make it in silk. Dyyyiiiing.

Exhibit B:

vintage french silk chantilly lace

This gorgeous, vintage, french chantilly lace will be used in another amazing gown. And yes, it’s peach. And yes, hearts will break. Mine already has, and all I did was buy the lace.

Exhibit C:

embroidered french silk lace

This other amazing, embroidered, french lace will be used in an Edwardian/early ‘twenties-style gown. I mean … YES.

And these are just the very tips of one very incredible iceberg. I have so many more GREAT things to show you. 2013, baby!

Also, literally … baby.


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Wedding Pics! Sylvia and Ryan

Ooh la la – fun stuff today! In all of the craziness this summer, I never got around to showing you pictures from all of these amazing weddings. I’m still waiting on some, but I’ve gotten bunches of adorable ones, and I’m sooo excited to share them. I mean, let’s face it, if you’ve recently planned a wedding and then gone into the wedding industry, your eyes have maybe glazed over and then eventually fused shut to wedding photos in general. There are just SO MANY wedding pictures online. But I always, ALWAYS cry when I see pictures of my brides. First of all, they are always so gorgeous. Second, they are always so happy. That’s my favorite part – seeing them so in love and just bursting with complete joy. I’m just so humbled and moved. Every. Single. Time. I mean, look at these cutie pies!

wedding_tandem bicycle_bride and groom_veronica sheaffer custom dress

I want to jump into this photo, knock them both off of the bike and squeeze those cheeks silly. It sounds very aggressive, but it’s exactly what I’m picturing in my head. So. Look out or something.

veronica sheaffer_custom chicago bridal

chicago custom bridal_1950s style wedding dress_veronica sheaffer

So cute and so fun. And doesn’t that dress just come to life on Sylvia? I mean, it looked good on the hanger and everything, but that’s nothing compared to the girl. She owned it. Case in point:

1950s style wedding dress_chicago custom bridal_veronica sheaffer

MOVIE STAR. Congratulations, Sylvia and Ryan! You are both adorable and I recommend locking your doors at night, ’cause I’m coming to squeeze and kiss you both in your sleep.


[Images by Johnny Knight]

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Sneak Peek: Dean’s Vintage Wedding Dress

Okay let’s just ignore the fact that I’ve been gone a long-a$$ time and pretend it never happened, ‘kay? Oh man, I have soooooo much to tell you about now. LOTS of wedding stuff, LOTS of house stuff AND an amazing tutorial. Wha- what?

And I’m going to start with a major sneak peek.

veronica sheaffer _ vintage wedding gown restyled _ boho lace

BOOM. I mean, you guuuyss. Look at this! I can’t take credit for the design – my super stylish friend, Dean (who I go on and on about, I know), found this amazing vintage dress on Etsy and it just happened to fit her like a glove (both in size and style – like, nothing on Earth could be better suited for this adorable girl). And she brought it to me for some minor adjustments. For instance, it originally had long sleeves, which was super cute, but a little too covered with the high neckline and everything. It also had no pleating or slits or anything at the bottom, so she kind of had to scurry around in it. So funny. Lucky for us, the pattern in the sleeves perfectly matched the pattern in the skirt, so I was able to use one of those (cuff and all) to create an inverted kick pleat at the hem. You would never know it wasn’t original, right? Then we followed the dotted pattern in the lace to make those cute, little scalloped edges in the cap sleeves. Her mom suggested the covered buttons down the back, which were just the icing on the cake. SO CUTE.

You guys will die when you see the pictures from the actual wedding – I’m just telling you now. It was EPIC. It was so epic that one day you will see the photos everywhere and your fingers will bleed from so much Pinteresting. I don’t even know if I should be showing you these little bits just yet, but I can’t wait. And she’s currently honeymooning, so I can’t even text her real quick and ask. Oh well. I can’t wait, Dean, I’M SORRY!

It’s just too cute.


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NY Bridal Market Recap

I’m unclear why I thought I was going to have some sort of break after Market this year. So far, I’ve had one actual day off, one day spent cleaning out my old sewing room (definitely not a break of any kind), one all-nighter to finish a custom gown (for real), and all the rest have been regular work days. What the junk is that? I’m waiting for my Real Housewives marathon, universe! And everyday I delude myself into thinking I’m gonna drive out to Ikea or paint the new guest room or something, but then I just end up sitting at the computer working. Dumb. And I still have a million emails to send out to my new bridal market friends. P.S. Why haven’t we figured out speaker emailing yet? I would be so amazingly efficient if I could just dictate an email to some computer while I, I dunno, mixed a cocktail. Anyway …

Market recap! I find it becomes more and more difficult to tell people about a trip the further you get from it. And since I’ve been home a week, it’s now pretty much impossible. So I’m just gonna show you pictures and explain everything in captions.

ny international bridal market _ veronica sheaffer

ny bridal week 2012 _ veronica sheaffer

ny bridal market _ piers _ veronica sheaffer

That’s the booth! I totally loved it this year – so clean and graphic. And the mirror thing on the center wall was super rad – the lights hit it just perfectly and it looked almost three-dimensional. The pillars in the top image were all made by rolling perforated aluminum panels and then securing with zip ties. Essentially this on a giant scale. Pretty cool, right? Then I just topped them with mirror trays and they continued to break my heart for the duration of the event. *high five*

veronica sheaffer notebook

These were our giveaways – amazing little notebooks printed by Scout Books in Portland, OR. I’m so head-over-heels for that company, I can’t even tell you. If you don’t click through to check them out, you have made a very grave mistake. Dooo ittt. P.S. my books were filled with graph paper. I know. So cool.

ny bridal week

Here’s another shot of the booth and my sweet friend Kim getting everything steamed before we opened. I’m so humbled by that girl – she is one incredibly amazing person. I loved our entire time together, and frankly, I was sad to drop her off at home when we got back to Chicago. P.S. She even went shopping for me one day because I didn’t like the outfit I was wearing. That is a true FRIEND. Love you, Kim!

ny bridal market _ veronica sheaffer _ anna rothfuss

And our beautiful model, Anna Rothfuss, who totally stole the show. Not only was she amazing in all of the dresses, but she was absolutely the most popular model at the event. Like, no question. I heard it over and over from visitors. She’s the best. And undeniably gorgeous. AND she flew in from LA to do the event with us again this year. Am I lucky or what?

Answer: YES. For all of the above. It was such a great experience – I was way more calm than last year and met so many truly awesome people – I honestly can’t wait for the next one.


Oh and for my foodies: we ate at Txikito, Buvette and Torrisi and all three meals were fantastic. We also ate at Acme (and sat right next to Mayor Bloomberg), but it didn’t do a whole lot for Kim or me. Maybe everyone was too freaked out about Bloomberg? I dunno. But the cocktails were great – so go there first and then definitely hit the others for dinner. Like, no question. I want to go baaaack.



Evening Wear!

Oh man, I have soooooo much to tell you about, and I have no idea where to start, so let’s just jump in with this shizzit:

veronica sheaffer _ bridal designer _ evening wear _ luxury cool navy

veronica sheaffer _ evening wear _ blush pink gown _ halter _ silk tulle

veronica sheaffer _ gray evening gown _ silk tulle _ ethereal

If you try telling me that your brain did not just explode, then you sir/madam, are a liar. I will be the first to say I loooooove theeeeese. I love the gowns (duh), but holy cow, the images done broke my heart. And then I love the gowns again. Remember when I asked that hypothetical question about color? It wasn’t hypothetical. Surprise! And I took your advice too, ’cause we’re lovers and you have such good taste. Didn’t they turn out so well? I maybe couldn’t take the gray one off when I finished it – it was too pretty. If I had been able to zip up the others by myself, I would still be wearing those too. All of them.

And of the course the images. Whaaaaat? I have proposed to the amazing Billy Rood more than once – he’s so good, I can’t stand it. I don’t understand why he doesn’t want to be brother husbands with Keith. We need to be together forever. And the lovely Krystyn Johnson and Samara Toby of Bridal Beauty Chicago have once again made my tiny ideas come to life in the most gorgeous ways. Love them so much. And sweet Molly from Ford Chicago . . . I have no idea what to say. She’s perfect and sweet and stunning and talented. Kisses all around.

Please, PLEASE, go check out the rest of the images – I’ve uploaded them all onto Pinterest here – I’m dying for you to see them. And oh, how handy, now you can repin them a bunch of times! In the meantime, I’ll meditate on “pinterest sensation” and let’s see what happens, ‘kay?

[Images by Photographer Billy Rood; Hair/Makeup by Bridal Beauty Chicago; Molly from Ford Models Chicago; Veronica Sheaffer gowns]


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Buddleia Veil for Caitlin

Yesterday was pretty awesome, you guys. I mean, I was at work the entire time, but I got all sorts of fun news by email and phone and then I spent the last two hours hanging out with adorable, sweet Christine. She kept me company while I put the final finishes on her gown, and then we squealed and jumped around a bit and she took it home with her. I’m so bummed I forgot to take a picture, but she has promised to send some from the wedding, and those are always better anyway. I can’t wait to show you all how amazing and beautiful she is! But for now I’ll just show you how amazing and beautiful this is …

veronica sheaffer _ beaded bridal headpiece veil _ art deco style wedding

veronica sheaffer _art deco style beaded bridal headpiece veil

It’s the Beaded Buddleia Veil from my Fall ’12 collection for lovely Caitlin in NY. She chose it to wear with the Elysium gown from Bhldn for her wedding (just days away!). It’s such a great pairing, don’t you think? She had the veil cut really long too – I’m so excited to see how it drapes with her gown. I’m so excited to see her too – we’ve never even talked on the phone, but I know she’s just the cutest. I can tell.

I can also tell today is going to be another awesome day. I’m heading out in a minute to pick up dresses from the sewing contractor, and I’m soooo excited to see them. It’s always so fun to see the new stuff come together!


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Sneak Peek: Sylvia’s Dress

Umm … so I’ve been wearing a brace on my wrist on and off all week, ’cause it’s been really (REALLY) sore, and I just now took the brace off and … something is … not good. Like, that weird giant bump was not there this morning. Good thing I’m going to the doctor in two hours. Anyway, that’s not why I started this post, but holy cow please send some major positive voodoo whatever or something, because I need my right hand right now. Moving on to much more fun stuff …

Someone’s getting married this weekend! Her name starts with an ‘S’ ends in an ‘A’ and the middle part will be wearing this adorable thing:

veronica sheaffer _ custom chicago bridal _ sari fabric wedding dress

I can’t wait to show you pics of Sylvia all dressed up. Errybody start swoonin’.

And praying for my wrist.


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Custom Headband for Sylvia

I took the day off yesterday. Woo hoo! And then we went and bought a car. Double woo hoo! I really wanted the super fancy model with the leather seats and side mirror defrosters and sun roof and everything, but we decided to save our money and go with a more practical option. And when I got into our new car this morning, I felt pretty baller anyway, so we clearly made the right choice. Once the keyless entry and then the actual keys will no longer open the driver’s side door and one of your tail lights is busted and your spare tire is stolen and the brakes grate every time you make a turn, every other car in existence feels better than what you’ve got. So we’re pretty much living in the lap of luxury now.

Anyway, the other exciting moment this weekend was when Sylvia came in for her final fitting. Do you remember a million years ago when she brought in this beautiful embroidered sari from India and asked me to use it in her wedding dress? Well, just wait until you see what we did with it. That fitting was seriously a thrill – the dress is gorgeous inside and out, and completely amazing on Sylvia. And to top it all off, I made a headband using different elements from the sari, cut and pieced together to create this really cool layered design:

veronica sheaffer _ custom bridal headband _ embroidered paisley sari headpiece

I really like this. A LOT. And I loved making it. I mean, I’m sort of bummed that I’ve got calluses on two of my dainty fingers from all of the hand sewing I’ve done this summer, but that’s the stuff I love doing most – the really detailed, delicate work. And I’ve been really lucky to have so many projects like that lately. Keep ‘em coming! And make sure you stop back in to see the dress. You guys, it’s really awesome.

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Kate Moss Style Veil: Made It. *High Five*

Okay, so I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen Kate Moss’s wedding veil by now, right? I don’t know about you, but my heart done BROKE when I saw it. I don’t even need to talk about why – it was good. And I mean, it was GOOD. And then every bride in the universe wrote me an email, asking me to make one, but it never worked out.* Until three weeks ago, when I got a call from li’l Jennifer …

For real, she called me THREE WEEKS AGO. The poor thing had hired someone to make a Kate Moss-style veil, and then that person had to back out just weeks before her wedding. GAH! So I took pity on her, ’cause I would have set fire to my own house in a red fury if that had happened to me. And then this is what followed:

  • Jennifer goes berserk on the internet and somehow finds a gorgeous, handmade lace cotton veil in Belgium and has it shipped to me in Chicago. (!!)
  • It gets held up in customs.
  • It’s finally out for delivery when I’m on vacation in Palm Springs (in fact, this incredibly fancy veil is left on the dang porch).
  • I get it on Friday when I return and stitch it up over the weekend.
  • I ship it to her on Monday.
  • It gets held up in customs AGAIN, ’cause it’s going to Canada, where Jennifer lives.
  • Veil is released from customs Wednesday night, scheduled for delivery today or tomorrow.

Just sit on that story for a minute. Okay, but now look at the veil!

custom kate moss veil_ veronica sheaffer _ vintage cap veil

kate moss veil _ vintage cap veil _ custom _ veronica sheaffer

Eeee! It’s so pretttttyyyyyy! And it’s made with all natural materials – the veil is cotton, the ribbons and flowers are silk, and I only used cotton thread. So lovely. And we didn’t cut into the veil at all, so when Jennifer hands it down to future generations, they can remove the “cap” and restyle it for their own weddings. It’s really long, by the way, but I couldn’t get a great shot of it, so we have to wait for wedding pictures to get the full effect. And so ….


I’m confident that everything will work out, but you know, every little bit helps. And if Jennifer doesn’t collapse from the stress of this ordeal, she’ll have a funny story to share when she hands it down. Haha! I’m sure she’s laughing so hard right now.

Anyway, the veil is gorgeous and I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to work on it!

*Okay, now we’re gonna get real here for a second. I’m thinking I’ll get a lot more email requests for the Kate Moss veil, which is awesome – I love you guys! But please note: I’m fully booked up until November, and I’m not starting on any new work until January. I’m crazy busy, yo! *high five* Oh and if you could please send me inquiries through email, as opposed to the comments section, that would be a GREAT help. I’ll be much more likely to get back to you then (sometimes I miss the comments). Thanks for your understanding!! xo


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