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Fashion Show Announcement!

This is a super busy time for me (when am I not saying that?) because I’m in the throes of designing and stitching together the new collection. And. Holy. Smokes. I love it so much, I can barely stand it. I’m so not kidding. Here’s a sneak peek:

veronica sheaffer lace bridal gown

I totally shouldn’t even be showing that, but I’m so dang excited, I can’t help myself. There is a lace/shimmer/ribbon/chiffon love fest happening over here, with me in the center of it all, and I’m so completely overwhelmed by my own excitement. This is what designing a collection should feel like – it’s just an absolute joy every time I get my hands on these materials, and it doesn’t bother me at all that I have only a few short weeks to get everything together for the photoshoot. I want to spend ALL of my time sewing – I just can’t wait to see everything come to life, and I can’t wait to share everything with you. And I’m so super thrilled that it’s going to happen on a RUNWAY.
chicago bridal fashion show 2014That’s right! I’m showing all of the gorgeous new stuff in the Blush Bridal Fashion Show APRIL 27th at a gorgeous new event space in Chicago. I mean … this is some pretty fancy stuff, you guys. I do not exaggerate. Champagne, sweets, bridal gowns by some of the best Chicago bridal designers, all at Chez – a new, and completely amazing, event space:

chez event space chicagoI mean … YES. Obviously. And tickets just went on sale! I really. really. really. REALLY want you guys to come out for this. First, I want to see your cute faces, and second, I WANT TO SHOW YOU THE NEW COLLECTION. With all of the drama of a runway show, you know? And duh, this will be so much fun. Early Bird tickets just went on sale, so you can save some cash if you buy now (and if you really want to throw down, grab yourself a VIP ticket, get more-than-a-little tipsy on champagne and come backstage and get a big ol’ hug and kiss from yours-truly).

Space is limited – please order right away!

And tell them Veronica Sheaffer sent you. *wink*



Featured in Trendy Bride Magazine!

We began sleep training last night.

And that is all I will say about that.

Instead let us talk about THIS:

veronica sheaffer bridal _ swiss dot _ dotted swiss _ gray bridal gown _ trendy bride magazine

[clockwise from top: Lierre gown, Lierre gown with Velvet Blossom Headband, Lotus gown in gray]

Trendy Bride Magazine just launched their inaugural issue and they’re featuring my gowns in a super charming spread all about ‘Rustic Romance’ – isn’t it the dreamiest?

veronica sheaffer _ gray wedding gown _ tea length bridal _ trendy bride magazine

[left to right: Iris gown, Lotus gown in gray]

I know I’ve said this before, but it’s always so fun to see my gowns styled in different ways. It’s incredibly satisfying and exciting to see a dress go effortlessly from a super glam setting to a charming, relaxed one – like this amazing farm.

veronica sheaffer _ swiss dot bridal _ dotted swiss gown _ trendy bride magazine

[Gardenia gown]

Obviously I gave myself a mental high five after I saw these images, because duh. So pretty! The entire magazine is really, really lovely and you should definitely go get some – only $1.50 to download (!) and $5 for a paper copy – which is a great deal for some gorgeous images throughout. If you’re a super feminine bride looking for some soft, charming inspiration, then get to it, my friend.

[Images courtesy of Trendy Bride Magazine; Michelle Butler photographer]


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Featured in Eco-Beautiful Weddings Magazine!

Wanna see something pretty? The new issue of Eco-Beautiful Weddings is out and holy cow, this is some seriously glamorous stuff.

Winter 2013 _ Eco-Beautiful Weddings

veronica sheaffer _ eco-beautiful weddings _ winter bridal 2013

The images are so moody and sexy, aren’t they? And the model is so lovely. I wish I was half this dramatic-looking. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my work interpreted in so many different ways  – here the gowns look very 1930′s Hollywood, don’t you think? Super fancy. The Valore, Arciere and Edera gowns are all featured, as are many other lovely gowns (the cover is not mine, p.s.). I’m super excited about it, and I would love for you to check out the full issue (the Arciere on page 5 looks so cool). All around, it’s a really great magazine, and I’m so flattered to be featured again. And who doesn’t like looking at wedding stuff? Friday afternoons at work are boring anyway. xo

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Christina’s Wedding Pics!

This summer has been … eh … stressful. I accepted a lot of work at the beginning of the year and have definitely stretched myself thin trying to get it all completed. So, whatever, I’ve been pretty worn out. But at the same time, it’s been a summer of weddings, and I’ve been so incredibly fortunate to be a part of them and to form relationships with all of these wonderful women and their families and friends. And I don’t say that lightly. There isn’t a single woman who walks through the door who I don’t become emotionally attached to in some way. Keith and I were married so recently that I can very much relate to their excitement and nerves, and they are always so dang cute and sweet, I just want to squeeze them. So even though I’m frazzled and overworked, it’s all very much worth it when I see them light up at the final fitting and know that they are completely in love. And then they go and get married and send me pictures like these!

vintage style wedding _ white bridesmaids dresses _ veronica sheaffer bridal

veronica sheaffer bridal _ vintage style wedding

And that’s just the icing on the cake. Beautiful Christina chose the Lierre gown and Velvet Blossom headband (with added blusher) from my Fall ’11 collection for her wedding last month, and she could not have looked more elegant. I mean, look at her! I cried at her fitting and I cried again when I saw the pictures. SO SWEET.

I can’t tell you how cool it is to see so many brides try on the same dress and each one look so completely different – especially with this gown. It’s really distinctive on its own, but it transforms into something even more unique on every single woman. It’s definitely one of my faves. And I’m so happy and proud that Christina chose it for her wedding – she made the most perfect bride.

[Photographer: Slumberland Photography; Hair: Brandi Ross; Makeup: Deanna Bajorek; Bride's bouquet: Asrai Garden; All other florals: DIY]



Fall 2011 Collection: Gardenia Gown

I have been dying to tell you guys all about the gowns in the fall collection, but have had so many other things going on that I also wanted to share with you, that I haven’t had the chance. It’s busy over here, yo!  But I’m super excited to finally get to this.  First up – the Gardenia gown:

veronica sheaffer fall 2011 gardenia gown

This is one serious ball gown, but it still has a lot of movement.  Meaning, you don’t look like a weirdo bell tipping back and forth all night.  It’s light and airy and it flutters around you.  AND it’s FUN.  I know, because I sort of twirled around in it a little myself.  It’s made of the loveliest silk Swiss Dot and the little dots look like BOWS.  You know how I feel about bows.  I’ve only come across that pattern once before on a bridesmaid’s dress my mom gave me from the ’50s, only this fabric is way fancier.  The underlining is in silk taffeta, which rustles in the sweetest way, and it lays over a built-in crinoline (which you’ve seen all on its own before – yowza).

veronica sheaffer fall 2011 gardenia gown

The yoke is made in silk chiffon and silk organza with a keyhole in the back and even the bodice foundation is made in the softest silk mesh.  It’s seriously a dream to wear.  I imagine this gown in so many places – on a bride running across a field with her new husband at their charming, farm wedding; on a graceful bride at her posh, New England country club wedding; on the sweetest Southern girl while she sips sweet tea and greets her many guests . . . and everything in between.  It allows for so many different accessorizing options – truly a gown that any bride can personalize with her own details.

[Photos by Billy Rood; Model - Erin Gipson, Agency Galatea]



Now That’s a Petticoat

As you know, I’ve been working away on the petticoats for my sample gowns.  Turns out, I didn’t need to make the shorter one 48 yards along the bottom as planned.  ‘Cause 40 yards seemed to be just right . . .

tea length petticoat veronica sheaffer

YES.  That is awesome.  Don’t think I haven’t pranced around in this thing.  How could I not?  It’s massive.  You can’t even get the full effect here, because the dress form makes it less exciting for some reason.  But trust me, it feels like the most incredible dream and is light as a feather.  And, you know, kinda stiff as a board actually . . .

tea length tulle petticoat veronica sheaffer

The bottom will have a fancy edging to make it even more awesome when it peeks out underneath the dress.  Pretty cool, right?


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