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Real Wedding: Lauren and Jason

So. You missing me yet, or what? Gaaah. First, I’d like to thank you for coming back, and second, I’d like to thank the universe for all of the awesome ladies I have been meeting so far in 2014. It has been such an amazing start to the year! And thanks, universe, for the baby and everything too, duh.

So I maybe watched half of a documentary/infomercial about “The SECRET” on one particularly crabby-baby day recently, and despite my head hurting from all of the eye rolling (and crabbing), I felt a tiny bit humbled by having to acknowledge that somebody already came up with my life philosophy. I mean, not so much the cutting stuff out of magazines and taping it to poster board – I don’t have time to stare at a picture of a Corvette until it manifests itself – but I do TOTALLY believe that you get what you put out into the world. I was feeling so super low for a while there – having your body and mind just WRECKED is a hard thing to accept, even if it is for a totally awesome reason – and I was really starting to worry about my complete lack of motivation. But thankfully once I started throwing some positive energy out into the world, the good stuff started coming back around. So THANKS for being part of that!

Also thanks to my lovely (lovely, lovely) friend Lauren for asking me design her wedding clothes for her amazing wedding last Fall. She’s the “Downton Bride” I kept telling you about, and holy smokes, did she know how to wear a gown:

downton style wedding gown by veronica sheafferI really love both of these people. And I love that I got to be there to celebrate with them – it was such a happy wedding. I mean, weddings are just amazing days anyway, and then add to that the incredibly sweet things everyone had to say about these two. It was just a love fest, all around. And it was also totally GORGEOUS, as are the beautiful photos by Studio Starling.

downton style wedding_custom bridal gown by veronica sheafferGet a load of the bride’s nieces and nephew, amiright? Don’t you want to just steal them and hug them forever?? You can see more of this charming wedding in the Chicago Sun-Times feature – and make sure to check it out, because there are so many pretty details. Thank you so much, Lauren, for asking me to be a part of your day – you looked absolutely stunning – and CONGRATULATIONS to you and Jason!!

[Images by Studio Starling]


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I Be Stylin’

Helloooo! I just returned home from LA late last night and, dudes, that vacation was soooo fuuuunnnnn. I went with two of my closest girlfriends, and we ate so many amazing things and went to so many awesome places and met so many sweet people. Everyone is SO NICE in LA–I couldn’t get over it. AND I saw Rachel Zoe and Roger at a bar. !!! Thrilling. Then I got home and there was a bunch of cutie pie images greeting me in my inbox:

veronica sheaffer_studio starling_1960s bride

Local Chicago wedding photographers, Nicole and Lizz of Studio Starling, recently asked me to participate in a styled shoot at the gorgeous Nellcôte restaurant in the West Loop. The second they mentioned Megan and Don Draper’s wedding as inspiration, I knew I had to be there. We started with a more traditional look–using the Laurel gown from Spring ’12 with the Ipomea veil from the latest collection–and then got super playful with the Tulipe from Fall ’11, adding the Celosia veil (Fall ’12) and the Candytuft hat (Spring ’12) as well. I love all those dang headpieces layered on top of one another. So cute, right? The result is a fun, 1960′s look that still looks super rad today – not stiff or scratchy. I’m so excited to have been part of this shoot, and don’t mind hinting that it’s giving me some ideas . . .

. . . which is good, because I very much do not feel like getting back to work.

P.S. if you are ever in LA, you absolutely must eat here.

[Credits--Photography: Studio Starling; Hair/Makeup: Nika Vaughan; Florals: Exquisite Designs; Location: Nellcôte; Models: Erin Gipson, Gino Sciortino; Gowns and Veils: Veronica Sheaffer]

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