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Jerkstore Halloween

Ohmigod, you guys, I have been so sick. So sick and so miserable.


This is the second year in a row that I’ve been sick on Halloween. Not fair! Halloween is my favorite and I can barely sit upright long enough to type this post. I’m so frustrated. And so sick.

So. Sick.

And so bummed that I’ve got a million projects around the house and I can’t do any of them. The only thing I’ve managed over the last few days was cutting short the first weekend Keith and I have had together in months to sleep and be disgusting and then watching the entire first season of Revenge, which was a number of things, being at once a) terrible; b) amazing; c) very, very long.

Now I will attempt to coherently reply to the millions of emails I’ve received since Monday to then crawl back into the hole my body has permanently bore into the sofa. Please be patient with me. I miss all of you so much – almost as much as I miss my sanity, non-sore throat and the first season of Revenge.

Smell you later.