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NY Bridal Market Recap

I’m unclear why I thought I was going to have some sort of break after Market this year. So far, I’ve had one actual day off, one day spent cleaning out my old sewing room (definitely not a break of any kind), one all-nighter to finish a custom gown (for real), and all the rest have been regular work days. What the junk is that? I’m waiting for my Real Housewives marathon, universe! And everyday I delude myself into thinking I’m gonna drive out to Ikea or paint the new guest room or something, but then I just end up sitting at the computer working. Dumb. And I still have a million emails to send out to my new bridal market friends. P.S. Why haven’t we figured out speaker emailing yet? I would be so amazingly efficient if I could just dictate an email to some computer while I, I dunno, mixed a cocktail. Anyway …

Market recap! I find it becomes more and more difficult to tell people about a trip the further you get from it. And since I’ve been home a week, it’s now pretty much impossible. So I’m just gonna show you pictures and explain everything in captions.

ny international bridal market _ veronica sheaffer

ny bridal week 2012 _ veronica sheaffer

ny bridal market _ piers _ veronica sheaffer

That’s the booth! I totally loved it this year – so clean and graphic. And the mirror thing on the center wall was super rad – the lights hit it just perfectly and it looked almost three-dimensional. The pillars in the top image were all made by rolling perforated aluminum panels and then securing with zip ties. Essentially this on a giant scale. Pretty cool, right? Then I just topped them with mirror trays and they continued to break my heart for the duration of the event. *high five*

veronica sheaffer notebook

These were our giveaways – amazing little notebooks printed by Scout Books in Portland, OR. I’m so head-over-heels for that company, I can’t even tell you. If you don’t click through to check them out, you have made a very grave mistake. Dooo ittt. P.S. my books were filled with graph paper. I know. So cool.

ny bridal week

Here’s another shot of the booth and my sweet friend Kim getting everything steamed before we opened. I’m so humbled by that girl – she is one incredibly amazing person. I loved our entire time together, and frankly, I was sad to drop her off at home when we got back to Chicago. P.S. She even went shopping for me one day because I didn’t like the outfit I was wearing. That is a true FRIEND. Love you, Kim!

ny bridal market _ veronica sheaffer _ anna rothfuss

And our beautiful model, Anna Rothfuss, who totally stole the show. Not only was she amazing in all of the dresses, but she was absolutely the most popular model at the event. Like, no question. I heard it over and over from visitors. She’s the best. And undeniably gorgeous. AND she flew in from LA to do the event with us again this year. Am I lucky or what?

Answer: YES. For all of the above. It was such a great experience – I was way more calm than last year and met so many truly awesome people – I honestly can’t wait for the next one.


Oh and for my foodies: we ate at Txikito, Buvette and Torrisi and all three meals were fantastic. We also ate at Acme (and sat right next to Mayor Bloomberg), but it didn’t do a whole lot for Kim or me. Maybe everyone was too freaked out about Bloomberg? I dunno. But the cocktails were great – so go there first and then definitely hit the others for dinner. Like, no question. I want to go baaaack.