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Kitchen Progress: Part 1

Sooo ….

Do you remember the ‘Before’ shot of our kitchen?

hideous kitchen beforeMy eyes! My EYES!

Well. It’s getting better

kitchen progress

At least, it’s starting to look clean anyway. It’s inevitable that a kitchen is going to acquire some grease. And some dust will gather in that grease. But there is nothing grosser than scrubbing someone else’s dusty grease accumulation. *gag*

So far, we have:

  • ripped out the upper cabinets
  • primed the lower cabinets
  • replaced the countertops
  • replaced the sink
  • replaced the faucet
  • patched and primed the wall
  • installed cabinets against the other wall (not pictured)
  • removed the cabinets going into the dining room and replaced them with one tall pantry cabinet

And now we have to actually make the space look NICE and FANCY. One thing I can’t wait to do is get the floating shelf in place. That will go the full length of the wall above the sink, and I’ll store our everyday dishes there, freeing up some much-needed space elsewhere.

Then all of the cabinets need to be painted, and quite frankly, after getting them primed, I’m now completely convinced I need to replace the doors entirely. I hate that extra bit of trim on them – they’re too fussy.

The fancy stuff will come in with the gold hardware and super modern brass light fixtures. I’m also toying with some different backsplashes, but still undecided as of yet. I’m thinking something “mirrored”.

The whole thing has been super DIY, which I don’t mind, but I’m so ready for this project to be DONE. I just want a clean, uncluttered kitchen already. My goal is to have it all finished by spring, so that I can then focus my attention on the porch. If only the baby was more patient on painting days. I’m wishing so hard for a “let’s finish your torn-up kitchen!” contest. And that I actually won contests.


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Kitchen Glimpses

I’ve been getting some requests for kitchen makeover status so I took a couple snapshots for you.  I even climbed up on a ladder in my jammies.  Whatchyu think?

navy kitchen jadeite milk glass collection chevron exposed shelving

I know what I think: RAD.  Well I still have some work to do, so . . . ALMOST RAD.  Everything used to be white, except for the cabinets which were that hideous fake wood – with the jadeite and milk glass and pink plates, it was way too cutesy in here.  So I painted it all a deep navy and added a white border to the drawers for fun and bought those awesome vintage pulls on ebay.  I need longer screws for the drawer pulls, but I’ll get them up sooner or later (after brightening them to more of a gold finish).  I also made that valance and did some fancy stuff to the bamboo shade, but I’ll tell you about that later.  Oh and check out our fancy new marble counter top . . .

navy kitchen persian rug painted border on cabinets marble counter from coffee table

. . . which used to be a coffee table.  *high five*  I was trying really hard for white marble, but when this appeared on Craigslist in the perfect size, after weeks and weeks of searching, we jumped.  And now I feel so fancy working on cool marble.  It’s just sitting on our original workspace – one of those tall, stupid kitchen tables that I painted green – but it’s way bigger and way fancier. I have to repaint the table legs of course – that green looks dumb now – but overall, I think we can all agree, Keith and I are now very FANCY.

Also, we just watched an episode of The Borgias, and someone used an acorn squash to mock someone else’s flaccid penis, and dudes, now that squash on the counter looks GROSS.


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