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Wedding Wire Runway Show

Thanks so much for the amazing response to the new gowns. I love you guys so muuuuch!!

While at NY Bridal Week, I participated in the Wedding Wire fashion show at the Piers. Ooh la la, am I right? Unfortunately I didn’t get to watch the models walk the runway, because I was running around backstage. I also didn’t walk out onto the runway myself, and wave to the photographers and videographers, but I’ve no doubt it would have been, er, hilarious if I had. Or something. At the very least I would have looked very short. Anyway, the images from the show are up on their website and I would love for you to go check them out. Here are some of my faves:

veronica sheaffer_ny bridal week_runway_juniper_trellis_edera_lotus

(clockwise from upper left: Lotus gown, Juniper dress with Nosegay hat, Trellis dress, Edera gown)

It’s so fun to see them in motion, right? And on new women, looking so amazing in them. That’s such a thrill for me. And the super sweeties at Wedding Wire have also selected my Camellia as a great dress to wear for your garden wedding¬†as part of their bridal week trends recap. Which, YES. I mean, just … yes. They have all sorts of shows and stuff up over there too, you should check it out.

Did you guys even know that NY bridal week was a thing? I have to confess, before I entered the industry, I did not. But I have to say, this year was very fashionable. I mean, both ladies and men were bringing¬†it and stuff. It was pretty exciting, and I was very relieved to have packed lots of heels and jewelry. I’ll do more of a recap next week with pictures of the booth (which was pretty rad, I don’t mind saying), and fun stuff like that, so it’ll pretty much be like you were there with me. If you could also cram your feet into a pair of too-small 4″ wedges and stand in one place for nine hours beforehand, then it will be exactly like you were there. Fun!

[Images by Robert Mitra]