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What the Shizz: Guest Room Resources

You dudes are the best. Thanks for leaving all of those super sweet comments about the new guest room! A few of my girls asked me where all of that junk came from, and so now I’m going to take a million years to write up a list of resources, ’cause I’m guessing a few others are also curious. Even though I should be brining a dang turkey. P.S. I’m going to set up my Thanksgiving table today – you should watch me do it on Instagram, dontchya think? I’m VERY excited about it. Okay, so here we go:


Paint color: Peachtree by Behr — This color is at once amazing and very tricky. We’ve used it on our living room walls as well, and it changes so much throughout the day. I like that the color can stand on its own, but also act as a neutral with a million different colors. However, if you’re just looking for a hint of peach, I highly recommend you go a shade or two lighter on the paint chip. It’s darker than you think it’s going to be unless you have tons of natural light in the room. It also needs a few coats even with the primer-blend paint, so plan accordingly.

Canopy and window drapes: Ritva curtains from Ikea with additional black, grosgrain trim

Floral sheets: vintage from Etsy

Red Kantha quilt: Ebay — The quilt is reversible and made from vintage saris. I cannot love it more – it’s completely gorgeous in its imperfections. I ordered from this seller and the shipping was fast with the most adorable packaging. Highly recommended.

Velveteen lumbar pillow with greek key trim: DIY


Light fixture: Floral paper lantern — I bought this thing a million years ago, but a quick google search for “floral paper lantern” will give you a large selection. I like this ikat example from Luna Bazaar.

Black storage ottomans: Target

Rug: Erslev rugs from Ikea, hand painted (tutorial coming soon!)

Sheepskin rug: Ikea

Paintings: vintage – found at antique stores

red vintage secretary hutchAll of the furniture was collected over the years from Craigslist and alleys, previous apartments etc. Except for the amazing red secretary, which was a birthday gift from my parents. Holy cow, you guys. I LOVE IT. When they first got it in at their shop it was a dingy grey wood – totally not exciting at all. I begged them to paint it red and now it is so delicious, I could eat it right up.

Love you so much, sexy red hutch. Love you.

Of course, let me know if you have any other questions about the space. I can’t say enough just how much I love it. And it really did come together with stuff we already owned, which makes it even more special, I think. I only purchased the items mentioned in the first panel of this post – and the sheepskin rug – pretty good, right? I swear it’s that paint color – everything goes with it.

Anyway … it’s time to get my turkey rub on! I hope you have the best Thanksgiving ever and you do things that make you happy. xoxo



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Guest Room Makeover: Complete!

Keith’s mom gets in this afternoon and I’m sooo excited to show her our fancy new guest room. I want her to feel exactly like an adolescent girl in a Wes Anderson movie. I expect her to pout and play records and make cool, perceptive comments throughout her stay, which shouldn’t be too hard since she’ll be sleeping in this room:

peach bedroom guest room feminine vintage

peach feminine guest room bedroom_canopy bed_les touches rug

It’s way, super feminine and quirky and bold and smart. I love it. I want to sit in here all day long. This is the room I wanted to create last year before the miscarriage, and I’m so glad I allowed myself to get it out. The process has been really therapeutic, actually –  it’s hard to readjust back to your everyday life after you imagine it changing so dramatically. The apartment felt so different and unfinished to me – sort of empty and disjointed. I don’t mean to get weird here or anything – this is a post about decorating a dang guest room – but going forward with some of the changes I had imagined a year ago feels like I have gained back some control in my life. I love this room and I love thinking about the awesome people who will sleep here and hopefully feel super special in it. And I also love that we already owned most of this stuff and practically everything else was DIY. I’ll be writing tutorials for the canopy and the rug (both are super easy and make such a huge impact), but in the meantime, check out the entire slideshow below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Cute, right? xoxo


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Guest Room Makeover

Hello, my cuties. So as I mentioned on Monday, I’ve got a lot of house stuff to talk about. Seriously, a lot. I feel like I’ve got an endless list of things to do around here, because I moved into the studio in the midst of wedding season and left piles of crap behind. Literally PILES. I won’t tell you how much junk has been hauled out for donation and how much still needs to go (along with the actual pile of garbage in the dining room). Just know, it used to look like this:



And now it’s going to look like this:


Just kidding. But there will be a canopy. The canopy is already built, actually, and it’s amazing. There’s also another painted rug, AND you’ll get tutorials for both. Ha cha. If you’d like to follow my progress, tune in on Instagram (@vsheaffer) or Twitter under #guestroommakeover or you can just wait for the big reveal, which won’t be too long, ’cause Keith’s mom comes to visit in less than two weeks. Whaa? I know. I also have to finish all of my other projects around the house, which includes our own bedroom makeover and cleaning out the fridge, so that I can relax while she’s here. Oh and host our first Thanksgiving dinner. Double whaa?

Which reminds me … if you’ve got an amazing, gluten-free Thanksgiving recipe or any fun ideas for your table, please share them in the comments. This is our very first time hosting a family holiday dinner and I am both very excited and a touch … concerned. Helllp meeee.

[Het Loo Royal Palace]


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