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Rachel’s Deco Gown

One of my super sweet brides was married over the weekend. Eeee! I can’t WAIT to hear all about it, and I’m DYING to see pictures. Like, holy smokes. Look at her gown.

deco vintage style peach gatsby 1930s grecian lace wedding gown _ veronica sheaffer custom

It looks pretty good in pictures, but it is a straight up heart breaker on the bride. It just looks so gorgeous on her. And everything came together so perfectly. The lace, for one, is a complete knock-out – french, vintage, that incredible shade of peachy-blush – we were so lucky to find that. And I don’t mind patting myself on the back for that skirt – it drapes in the most amazing way – so happy with it. And all of the little finishing touches make the gown so special. It’s not even finished here, p.s., there are little peach buttons down the back too. So lovely. And that COLOR. !!! Taking a risk seriously paid off here – just you wait. It’s just … aaahhh! I want to marry it so bad so we can be together always.

I’m so, so happy with this dress and so, so happy for the bride and I’m going to miss her so, so much. She really is the sweetest. Rachel, I hope you have an amazing, completely fancy honeymoon and then you come back to me, ’cause I’m not finished hugging you. AND we all need to see lots and lots of pictures. xoxo


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Another Blush Heartbreaker

Yay, it’s Friday!

I have no idea why I continue to get excited about weekends, ’cause I still end up working through them all of the time. I should be more excited about Wednesdays, because that’s usually when I get my break, but then I’m always going to the doctor. P.S. I totally forgot to tell you that I passed that glucose test I was forever complaining about, so … CAKE!

Anyway, I’m rushing, but I couldn’t wait to show you this:

blush draped wedding gown _ veronica sheaffer custom bridal


Wait until you see the rest of it. There will be lace. There will be chiffon scarves. And there will be love hangovers. Guaranteed.


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