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Dean and Mike’s Wedding!

Ohmigod vacation was amaaaaziiiing. I wasn’t able to do as much as I’d hoped, but I did lots of sitting around, lots of eating, lots of laughing and I even made a basket. Boom. I still have some finishing work, so I can’t show it off just yet, but I have something far more exciting for you today anyway.

southern vintage cool sweet stylish wedding

Okay, look at that photo. Is that not the most perfect thing you’ve ever seen? I can’t believe a) I know those people, b) I was there that day, and c) I worked on the dress. Talk about rubbing elbows with the right people, amiright? And of course they are the SWEETEST people. I want to scoop them both up and hug them silly. Remember when I was working on Dean’s incredible, vintage dress? Well here she is wearing it on the big day, looking gorgeous:

vintage lace maxi dress wedding _ veronica sheaffer

Sweet Dean. You have to, have to click through to her blog, My Little Apartment, to see all of the images – it was just the most amazing wedding. Which is why it was ALSO featured on Martha Stewart Weddings. Be sure to pop in over there as well to read about all of the details – there’s a tonĀ of great stuff, especially for you brides out there. And if you want in on the action yourself, Dean does this for other people too. Which, YES. You want that real bad.

Images by the amazing Edyta Szyszlo