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Dean and Mike’s Wedding!

Ohmigod vacation was amaaaaziiiing. I wasn’t able to do as much as I’d hoped, but I did lots of sitting around, lots of eating, lots of laughing and I even made a basket. Boom. I still have some finishing work, so I can’t show it off just yet, but I have something far more exciting for you today anyway.

southern vintage cool sweet stylish wedding

Okay, look at that photo. Is that not the most perfect thing you’ve ever seen? I can’t believe a) I know those people, b) I was there that day, and c) I worked on the dress. Talk about rubbing elbows with the right people, amiright? And of course they are the SWEETEST people. I want to scoop them both up and hug them silly. Remember when I was working on Dean’s incredible, vintage dress? Well here she is wearing it on the big day, looking gorgeous:

vintage lace maxi dress wedding _ veronica sheaffer

Sweet Dean. You have to, have to click through to her blog, My Little Apartment, to see all of the images – it was just the most amazing wedding. Which is why it was ALSO featured on Martha Stewart Weddings. Be sure to pop in over there as well to read about all of the details – there’s a ton of great stuff, especially for you brides out there. And if you want in on the action yourself, Dean does this for other people too. Which, YES. You want that real bad.

Images by the amazing Edyta Szyszlo



Gettin’ Fancy with Dean

Today is my sweet Keith’s birthday, and I am sooo excited to 1) celebrate over an awesome dinner, and 2) give him his present. Like, SO excited. I think I nailed it this year. You know what else I’m excited about? We drank a bunch of margaritas the other night and drunk-booked the Viceroy in Palm Springs for our summer getaway. Eee! Dudes, that place is FANCY. We got a deal, because it’s a bajillion degrees in Palm Springs in the summer, but we’ve basically been walking on the surface of the sun everyday here, so whatever. I plan to do nothing but swim, eat, sleep, swim, eat, eat, eat, sleep. It’s gonna be awesome. And you wanna know what ELSE I’m excited about??

I’ve talked about my amazing friend Dean Fisher before – she is incredibly sweet and has the most beautiful taste – I love that girl. Well the other day she came over to my studio to watch me have a mini-meltdown and then agreed to help me get this place fancied up (because, frankly, I’m way too busy to do it on my own right now). Then she went home and made these amazing boards for me – I mean, you guys, they are so pretty!

south social and home _ dean fisher _ veronica sheaffer studio

south social and home _ dean fisher _ veronica sheaffer studio plans

I wanted something light and fresh and she knew just how to mix that with the vintage pieces I had already picked up. It’s seriously gorgeous and perfectly expresses the sweet/cool femininity I try to bring to my dresses. I love it so much. She’s so good. She can do this for you too, by the way – email her at South Social & Home for anything from residential to commercial spaces to even weddings – she does it all. Hopefully I’ll get to show you the actual finished space soon, because I’m DYING to see it all come to life!

[Inspiration boards by Dean Fisher, South Social & Home]


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Sun Porch Makeover Featured in The Chicago Reader!

Dudes.  Remember when I was complaining about my sun porch?  And then I started talking about something I didn’t feel like doing but would lead to something amazing?  And then I was all “go get the Reader, fools!”?  Well . . . THIS:

sun porch makeover farm vintage vacation style vintage bentwood chairs toboggan shelf

That’s my newly-adorablized sun porch in the Chicago Reader!  Look it!  The amazing Dean Fisher, who helped me plan the launch party, is now writing their SPACE column and she redid my sun porch for her makeover article.  Am I not the luckiest person you know?  Is this not the cutest sun porch you’ve ever seen?

sun porch makeover dean fisher farm vacation home chic $150

I totally love it.  AND it only cost $150.  AND they paid for it.  Thanks, Chicago Reader!  And thank you Dean for your amazing eye and Justin for your painting skills (yeah I made my intern paint my sun porch with me – what of it?).  I want to spend every moment of the day out there – woo hoo!  Oh and check out that rug.  Remember I said I was gonna paint it, and I DID.  And next week, I’ma write a tutorial for y’alls.  *high five*

Mkay and so that is all very exciting and guess what else is very exciting?  We’re getting some pretty amazing press on the web this week.  Like, mind-blowing, head rolling off my skinny a$$ neck, exciting.  Two words (pushed together into one word) ModCloth.  What-what??  Justin and I put together a special “Featured In” page to show off share with you all of the amazing stuff people are saying.  It’s overwhelming, my friends.  Please check it out!

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Launch Party Pictures!

Look, more design changes!  Little by little, friends.   And look what else – pictures from the launch party!  Caroline Dixey, a super sweet wedding and event photographer, was there documenting this happy night, and I don’t mind saying, it all looks rather fancy, no?

Veronica Sheaffer bridal launch party

Aren’t these pictures so pretty?  Caroline does weddings too.  Yeah, did you hear that?  She does weddings.  WEDDINGS.  Go. Now.  You know who else is awesome for weddings?

Veronica Sheaffer audrey virginia olenick

These ladies right here did all of the hair and makeup for the models, and they are SO SWEET and SO TALENTED.  That’s Virginia on the left and Audrey in the middle with their awesome friend Monika.  Virginia and Audrey are sisters who own Strange Beauty Show, a full-service salon in Chicago.  I’ve been going to them for years and I can’t say enough good things about them.  They do wedding hair and makeup as well, and wouldn’t you so want to hang out with these girls on your wedding day?  Yes.  GO.  And then there’s this cutie-pie couple:

Veronica Sheaffer launch party mike renaud dean fisher

That’s Mike Renaud and Dean Fisher bein’ all chic and cool.  Mike is an all-around awesome guy – a fantastic graphic designer who performs in the Show ‘n Tell Show in Chicago AND deejays and who ALSO put together the perfect playlist for the party.  And Dean.  Where do I begin?  Dean is an incredible interior designer – she writes the blog My Little Apartment (cute!) and her apartment. is. GORGEOUS.  She’s only recently moved to Chicago and her apartment has been featured like everywhere.  She’s good.  Know what else she does?  PLANS WEDDINGS.  Um yes.  You want this girl, and I am so not kidding.  She’s the force behind South Social & Home and if you’re recently engaged you need to call her, like, NOW.  She helped me plan this most incredible evening and you know if I’m willing to hand over the reigns, then she must be really, really good.  Dean just gets it.  AND she grew up in a family of caterers.  Pair that with her perfect eye for design and she’s EXACTLY what every bride needs.  The full package, yo.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, dudes.  There are lots more pictures on my website – go take a look!  I’ll also be uploading them onto my Facebook page so you can tag yourselves and your friends.  Fun!  Thank you to The Drawing Room for their beautiful space and delicious cocktails – I could NOT have chosen a better venue.  P.S. They also do wedding events!  And thank you so much to everyone who helped make this evening so truly fantastic  – you all mean so, so much to me.  *Giant High Fives!*

[Images by Caroline Dixey]