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Real Wedding: Lauren and Jason

So. You missing me yet, or what? Gaaah. First, I’d like to thank you for coming back, and second, I’d like to thank the universe for all of the awesome ladies I have been meeting so far in 2014. It has been such an amazing start to the year! And thanks, universe, for the baby and everything too, duh.

So I maybe watched half of a documentary/infomercial about “The SECRET” on one particularly crabby-baby day recently, and despite my head hurting from all of the eye rolling (and crabbing), I felt a tiny bit humbled by having to acknowledge that somebody already came up with my life philosophy. I mean, not so much the cutting stuff out of magazines and taping it to poster board – I don’t have time to stare at a picture of a Corvette until it manifests itself – but I do TOTALLY believe that you get what you put out into the world. I was feeling so super low for a while there – having your body and mind just WRECKED is a hard thing to accept, even if it is for a totally awesome reason – and I was really starting to worry about my complete lack of motivation. But thankfully once I started throwing some positive energy out into the world, the good stuff started coming back around. So THANKS for being part of that!

Also thanks to my lovely (lovely, lovely) friend Lauren for asking me design her wedding clothes for her amazing wedding last Fall. She’s the “Downton Bride” I kept telling you about, and holy smokes, did she know how to wear a gown:

downton style wedding gown by veronica sheafferI really love both of these people. And I love that I got to be there to celebrate with them – it was such a happy wedding. I mean, weddings are just amazing days anyway, and then add to that the incredibly sweet things everyone had to say about these two. It was just a love fest, all around. And it was also totally GORGEOUS, as are the beautiful photos by Studio Starling.

downton style wedding_custom bridal gown by veronica sheafferGet a load of the bride’s nieces and nephew, amiright? Don’t you want to just steal them and hug them forever?? You can see more of this charming wedding in the Chicago Sun-Times feature – and make sure to check it out, because there are so many pretty details. Thank you so much, Lauren, for asking me to be a part of your day – you looked absolutely stunning – and CONGRATULATIONS to you and Jason!!

[Images by Studio Starling]


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Real Wedding: Stephanie and Gary

One benefit to having awesome friends (aside from having awesome friends) is that they too have awesome friends. And oftentimes they send those adorable people to me, and then I’m just swimming in adorable, awesome people. And sometimes these friends of friends are also famous, James Beard-award winning chefs. No big deal. I mean, it’s totally not a big deal, unless of course the famous chef is Stephanie Izard (of Top Chef and Girl and the Goat and Little Goat fame), because then the emphasis is most definitely on AWESOME and ADORABLE. She’s the real deal, tootsie pops. And I got to make her wedding gown and veil!

stephanie izard wedding gown by veronica sheaffer

We went with a traditional silhouette, but used this gorgeous French lace with an organic deco pattern for something totally unique. Tiny flowers were also cut from the lace and scattered throughout the skirt. I practically had a heart attack trying to track down that lace in ivory p.s., but I did it. And the heavens opened up and shone down upon us all. The cathedral-length veil was trimmed in two rows of this equally amazing Belgian border lace, which breaks my heart every time I look at it. It’s seriously incredible. And the drape of that veil is THE LIMIT. Love it.

deco lace

I wish I had taken my own photos before sending this off with the bride, but … you guys I was so, SO pregnant. And it was like a million degrees. And I was a little overcome by how lovely Stephanie looked, and … I forgot. Wah wah. But if you’d like to read more about Stephanie’s wedding to her love boat Gary, and see more pictures of the big day, pop on over to … oh … PEOPLE MAGAZINE. And the Chicago Sun-Times. And a bunch of other places – just google away!

Congratulations to Stephanie and Gary! xoxo

[Wedding images by Jesse Lirola]


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Real Wedding: Rachel and Luke

I have more wedding pictures for youuu! I’ve been so fortunate to get a bunch of pictures recently from my brides–being under a lot of stress lately has allowed me to forget how truly amazing this year has been. 2013 was a VERY good year for me – both personally and professionally. And even though I lie awake some nights worrying about the same crap everyone else worries about, looking through all of these gorgeous pictures has made me take a pause and acknowledge how genuinely lucky I am. The burdens will ease, and I will forever have been a part of these incredible weddings – the happiest of days – for so many amazing women. *tear*

Now look. at. THESE:

peach blush chiffon lace bridal gown vintage 1920s style_veronica sheaffer

Isn’t Rachel incredible?? She looks so gorgeous I can’t get over it. You may recall us all losing our minds over the dress on the hanger, and isn’t it just perfection on the bride? Love it. I wish I had time to post more pics from the wedding here, because they really got fancy and there are so many great images. But lucky us, Bryan and Mae, their photographers, shared a bunch on their blog. Absolutely go check them out! And slip me a *high five* for everyone freaking about her dress in the comments over there. I don’t mind saying I’m doing a little shoulder shake to myself.

Yay for a gorgeous bride and her handsome groom! Congratulations, Rachel and Luke!! xoxo

[Images by Bryan and Mae]


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Downton-Style Corset/Girdle

Oh wow, thank you SO MUCH for all of the sweet comments about our bathroom makeover – that was so exciting! A week later, I still love it, big time. Cleaning it is even almost pleasant, if you can believe it. I said almost. It is most definitely more satisfying and less terrifying than it was before the renovation. So. Yay.

Anyway …

This is a busy week for me, you guys. Next week too. I’ve got lots of bridal appointments all in a row and lots of stuff to work on in between. It kills me that I don’t have much free time to check in here and show you the progress, because everything is SO GOOD. And so fun. And my ladies are the all the sweetest. And yes, I’m totally bragging, but I won’t apologize for it one bit. It’s exciting!

One of my sweet, adorable brides is a friend I’ve known for years and I was completely over the moon when she announced her engagement and asked me to make her gown. And then I totally lost my dang mind when she told me her inspiration: Downton Abbey. And not because I like costumes or whatever, but because nothing could suit this cutie more than that lean, drapey, Edwardian style. It’s SO PERFECT FOR HER. Plus, we’re not making a costume – we’re pulling the silhouette and feel from that era and keeping the focus on elegance and luxury. And it doesn’t hurt that we found an amazing, embroidered French lace to use here and there, but we’ll talk about that later.

Anyway, even though we’re being very particular about keeping things timeless and not costume-y, we still need to make sure the foundation is perfect. And what could be more perfect than a period-appropriate underpinning?

downton abbey style corset girdle_edwardian lingerie_veronica sheaffer custom bridal

Technically, this is a girdle, but we’re saying “corselette” because it’s prettier. There isn’t a ton of boning – just a few strategically placed along the vertical seams and three at the front waist – and elastic panels in the back used to really hug and smooth the body. The point is not to enhance, but to flatten and straighten. And to be pretty. Duh. The best part is that the lace used over the front panel was taken from her mom’s wedding gown. So sweet, right?

downton abbey style corset girdle_1920s edwardian lingerie_veronica sheaffer custom bridal

I really, really love it. By the way, I used this 1920′s corset pattern from Reconstructing History as a jumping-off point. I had to make quite a few adjustments, but if you’re interested in making one for yourself, it’s a good place to start. I used silk satin with a stiff woven interfacing and lined it in silk taffeta – this baby gets the job done while remaining lightweight and delicate. Just what a lady wants in her unmentionables, am I right? Lace and ribbons don’t hurt either.


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Custom Bridal Brain Explosion

Oh man, there is some good stuff happening around here lately.

Exhibit A:

veronica sheaffer custom_draping a muslin

And this is the just the muslin, you guys. In the stupidest polyester fabric ever. Wait until we make it in silk. Dyyyiiiing.

Exhibit B:

vintage french silk chantilly lace

This gorgeous, vintage, french chantilly lace will be used in another amazing gown. And yes, it’s peach. And yes, hearts will break. Mine already has, and all I did was buy the lace.

Exhibit C:

embroidered french silk lace

This other amazing, embroidered, french lace will be used in an Edwardian/early ‘twenties-style gown. I mean … YES.

And these are just the very tips of one very incredible iceberg. I have so many more GREAT things to show you. 2013, baby!

Also, literally … baby.


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Sneak Peek: Sylvia’s Dress

Umm … so I’ve been wearing a brace on my wrist on and off all week, ’cause it’s been really (REALLY) sore, and I just now took the brace off and … something is … not good. Like, that weird giant bump was not there this morning. Good thing I’m going to the doctor in two hours. Anyway, that’s not why I started this post, but holy cow please send some major positive voodoo whatever or something, because I need my right hand right now. Moving on to much more fun stuff …

Someone’s getting married this weekend! Her name starts with an ‘S’ ends in an ‘A’ and the middle part will be wearing this adorable thing:

veronica sheaffer _ custom chicago bridal _ sari fabric wedding dress

I can’t wait to show you pics of Sylvia all dressed up. Errybody start swoonin’.

And praying for my wrist.


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Custom Headband for Sylvia

I took the day off yesterday. Woo hoo! And then we went and bought a car. Double woo hoo! I really wanted the super fancy model with the leather seats and side mirror defrosters and sun roof and everything, but we decided to save our money and go with a more practical option. And when I got into our new car this morning, I felt pretty baller anyway, so we clearly made the right choice. Once the keyless entry and then the actual keys will no longer open the driver’s side door and one of your tail lights is busted and your spare tire is stolen and the brakes grate every time you make a turn, every other car in existence feels better than what you’ve got. So we’re pretty much living in the lap of luxury now.

Anyway, the other exciting moment this weekend was when Sylvia came in for her final fitting. Do you remember a million years ago when she brought inĀ this beautiful embroidered sari from India and asked me to use it in her wedding dress? Well, just wait until you see what we did with it. That fitting was seriously a thrill – the dress is gorgeous inside and out, and completely amazing on Sylvia. And to top it all off, I made a headband using different elements from the sari, cut and pieced together to create this really cool layered design:

veronica sheaffer _ custom bridal headband _ embroidered paisley sari headpiece

I really like this. A LOT. And I loved making it. I mean, I’m sort of bummed that I’ve got calluses on two of my dainty fingers from all of the hand sewing I’ve done this summer, but that’s the stuff I love doing most – the really detailed, delicate work. And I’ve been really lucky to have so many projects like that lately. Keep ‘em coming! And make sure you stop back in to see the dress. You guys, it’s really awesome.

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It’s Monday.

Hellooo. I’m back! Vacation. was. AWESOME. And I have been depressed ever since. It’s so hard to come baaaaccckkk. I’m a big fan of easing into a work routine – like, coming home from vacation on a Friday is the best, because then you get the weekend to have a mini vacation at home. But this time we landed at 1am on Friday and I had to be a work by 9, or something stupid like that. And then I worked all weekend and I’m at work again now. Wah wah. I really want to play hookie this afternoon, but I don’t think I should. Uuugh.

But aside from that, I’m working on so many cool things right now that I can’t show you yet. And it’s killllling meeee. I think I can show you this though, because the wedding is TODAY (!!) and the groom and guests have much better things to do than look at my blog.

veronica sheaffer _ chicago custom bridal

And that’s just the tiniest little sneak peek anyway. I can’t wait to see pictures from the wedding. And I can’t wait to show you all of the awesome stuff happening over here. AND I can’t wait to go home. Half-day Monday!

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Custom Hankie for Stephanie

Yesterday started off like any other day – woke up early, stitched up a coupla things, and then got an email from Kevin at Covers Unlimited (the awesome people who did this and are now working on a chair for my studio) saying sh*t was getting real (i.e. the fabric I bought was faulty and wouldn’t hold a stitch). Sit on that for a second. What is the point of fabric … if it can’t be sewn? Turns out some wires got crossed at the fabric store and I was supposed to be notified of that when I bought it, but was not, and then I spent the rest of the day driving back and forth between the upholsterer’s and the fabric store for reasons I will not get into here. Basically, we had to start all over from scratch and I had to pick out something entirely different, and now I’m really REALLY hoping I made the right decision. On a related note, everyone was awesome about the whole thing and the only thing I lost was an afternoon. People can be so amazing sometimes.

You know what else is kind of amazing?

veronica sheaffer custom bridal chicago wedding hankie handkerchief lace from mother of the bride dress

This pretty little hankie for sweet Stephanie who wanted to incorporate lace from her mom’s gown into her wedding ensemble. I used silk voile for the base and pieced together lace to create the border and center detail. So adorable, right? I can’t wait to show her when she comes to pick it up today. I love this as a way to use your mom’s gown even if you’ve fallen in love with something else (see what I did there?) – especially since, let’s face it, a lot of our moms wore polyester, which is no longer the luxury fabric it once was.

Anyway, please keep your fingers crossed that my chair turns out as well as this hankie!

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