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Gettin’ Fancy with Dean

Today is my sweet Keith’s birthday, and I am sooo excited to 1) celebrate over an awesome dinner, and 2) give him his present. Like, SO excited. I think I nailed it this year. You know what else I’m excited about? We drank a bunch of margaritas the other night and drunk-booked the Viceroy in Palm Springs for our summer getaway. Eee! Dudes, that place is FANCY. We got a deal, because it’s a bajillion degrees in Palm Springs in the summer, but we’ve basically been walking on the surface of the sun everyday here, so whatever. I plan to do nothing but swim, eat, sleep, swim, eat, eat, eat, sleep. It’s gonna be awesome. And you wanna know what ELSE I’m excited about??

I’ve talked about my amazing friend Dean Fisher before – she is incredibly sweet and has the most beautiful taste – I love that girl. Well the other day she came over to my studio to watch me have a mini-meltdown and then agreed to help me get this place fancied up (because, frankly, I’m way too busy to do it on my own right now). Then she went home and made these amazing boards for me – I mean, you guys, they are so pretty!

south social and home _ dean fisher _ veronica sheaffer studio

south social and home _ dean fisher _ veronica sheaffer studio plans

I wanted something light and fresh and she knew just how to mix that with the vintage pieces I had already picked up. It’s seriously gorgeous and perfectly expresses the sweet/cool femininity I try to bring to my dresses. I love it so much. She’s so good. She can do this for you too, by the way – email her at South Social & Home for anything from residential to commercial spaces to even weddings – she does it all. Hopefully I’ll get to show you the actual finished space soon, because I’m DYING to see it all come to life!

[Inspiration boards by Dean Fisher, South Social & Home]


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