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Real Wedding: Kelly and David

Holy. Smokes. The 2014 bridal season has BEGUN. After taking maternity leave last year, followed a holiday break, I’m super lucky that as soon as I was ready to get back to work, the work was ready to start flowing. And I am so super excited about the projects I’ve got lined up! They are so good, you guys. By the way, I’m able to accept more custom orders than usual this year, so there are still available slots. If you know you want custom, call me right away, please! I’ve still got openings, but my schedule is practically booked solid with consultations. So … act now!

Speaking of custom, I’ve got some amazing pictures to show you of my beautiful bride Kelly and her super cute husband David on their wedding day. They are both so completely adorable, and Kelly is a serious knockout in her blush lace and tulle gown. Just look at these two:

blush 1950s style bridal gown_tulle skirt_by veronica sheaffer

Ohmigod I TOLD YOU. So completely sweet and adorable in every possible way. I had a really hard time narrowing down the images by T&S Hughes Photography to share here, because they are all so lovely and Kelly looks so happy. Lucky for us there are a bunch more on the photographers’ blog here. You must go check them out. Not only are they great wedding photos, but Kelly designed such a beautiful wedding – the color palette alone is so gorgeous (now that I think of it, all of my brides last year had really amazing-looking weddings – I always say I’m so lucky, and I totally mean it). Anyway, it’s always so exciting when a bride comes in and I just instantly know exactly what she’s imagining. That totally happened with Kelly – right down to the veil. I just knew. You know? And not only did I get to design this pretty gown, but I got to spend time with this incredibly sweet woman (and her super sweet mom). Like I said – I’m so lucky.

[Images by T&S Hughes Photography; Hair and Makeup: Bridal Beauty Chicago]


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Real Wedding: Liz and David

So if you haven’t guessed by my complete disappearance, everything went well at Closing and we are living in our new fancy condo. Wooo! (p.s. THANK YOU for all of your amazing comments! Love you guys so much.) For the first few days, I wasn’t able to blog because we didn’t have the internet hooked up. Then every day after that I couldn’t blog because I am only one person with two hands and one of those hands is constantly full of baby and the other one is trying to prime and paint kitchen cabinets, paint a dining room, unpack five million boxes, “style” sh*t, fix a leaky faucet, cover my eyes while Keith uncovers a giant MOUSE NEST in the kitchen wall, continue to clean the things I’ve already set up and occasionally brush my hair.

All before Thanksgiving.

I mean, the place isn’t going to be finished before Thanksgiving, but I’d rather it didn’t look like the old rodent nest Keith VACUUMED OUT OF OUR KITCHEN WALL. Amazing things one discovers when one removes hideous cabinetry.

Anyway … the place is actually looking pretty dope, if I do say so myself. You know, as long as you don’t mind cardboard boxes and a giant mess. And while I’ve been trying to stay focused and turn this place into a comfy new home for us, I’ve also been receiving lots of wedding pictures from my amazing brides. !!!

Feast your eyes on this:

blush chiffon wedding gown

Not only is the bride totally gorgeous, but her hubby is quite a hunk. They are both also unbelievably kind (as are both of their moms), and just an all-around joy. I love them and I’m so happy for them and, just as an aside, I’m also totally THRILLED with the gown. *high five* Remember when I was draping it here and here? So amazing to see a gown’s transformation. And I could not have hoped for a more perfect bride to wear it – absolutely stunning! Be sure to check out more images of the wedding here. These people have got some serious STYLE.

[Images by the Ely Brothers]



Kelly’s Blush Tulle Gown

Okay. I have all of ZERO MINUTES to write this blog post, but I miss you guys SOOO MUCH, and so I’m popping in with a completely scattered brain and burning-from-exhaustion eyeballs just to say ‘hi’.


And I also want to show you this:

veronica sheaffer custom bridal _ ballerina wedding gown blush 1950s

It’s the dreamiest! And so is the beautiful and super sweet bride, Kelly. She’s just a tiny, wispy little thing – the kind of girl you want to pick up and twirl around – and you should see her in this dress! So feminine and lovely. She’s the cutest. And Kelly in this dress is just a burst of perfection. And wait until you see the matching veil! GAH!

I wish I could go on and on about the bride AND the dress, because I love them both so much, but I have to go cry while I watch Poppy get her 1 month baby shots.


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Liz’s Draped Blush Gown

Ohmigoodness, you guys, Saturday is my last day of work. Well, my last day spent frantically sewing from 8am to 6pm. And I am EXCIII-TEEED. I will, of course, still be working to some degree – I have a new collection to get out (!!) – but it’s mostly computer work. Work best done with my dang feet up, if you know what I mean. Can you believe I’m almost at the finish line? Dudes, I’m FULL TERM. And already two centimeters dilated. Whoa. That’s pretty heavy. And so is this baby. Weird and exciting stuff!

Anyway …

I’ve been wrapping up so many incredible custom orders over the last couple of weeks and I have so much to share with you. This gown, for the stunning and lovable Liz, is truly a show stopper. Her mom and I basically spent the entire final fitting losing our minds.

blush draped bridal gown chiffon lace_veronica sheaffer_ custom bridal chicago

I mean. Right? Daaaang. Remember when we were all flipping out over the skirt? I knew it was going to be awesome, but even I was pretty blown away when she tried it on with the veil and everything. She looks like a movie star. I wish I could show you how pretty she is too, but I think it’s more fun to wait for the actual wedding pictures. *sigh* I love this dress and I love Liz and I love her mom SO MUCH – I can’t wait to see everything on the big day.


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Rachel’s Deco Gown

One of my super sweet brides was married over the weekend. Eeee! I can’t WAIT to hear all about it, and I’m DYING to see pictures. Like, holy smokes. Look at her gown.

deco vintage style peach gatsby 1930s grecian lace wedding gown _ veronica sheaffer custom

It looks pretty good in pictures, but it is a straight up heart breaker on the bride. It just looks so gorgeous on her. And everything came together so perfectly. The lace, for one, is a complete knock-out – french, vintage, that incredible shade of peachy-blush – we were so lucky to find that. And I don’t mind patting myself on the back for that skirt – it drapes in the most amazing way – so happy with it. And all of the little finishing touches make the gown so special. It’s not even finished here, p.s., there are little peach buttons down the back too. So lovely. And that COLOR. !!! Taking a risk seriously paid off here – just you wait. It’s just … aaahhh! I want to marry it so bad so we can be together always.

I’m so, so happy with this dress and so, so happy for the bride and I’m going to miss her so, so much. She really is the sweetest. Rachel, I hope you have an amazing, completely fancy honeymoon and then you come back to me, ’cause I’m not finished hugging you. AND we all need to see lots and lots of pictures. xoxo


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Another Blush Heartbreaker

Yay, it’s Friday!

I have no idea why I continue to get excited about weekends, ’cause I still end up working through them all of the time. I should be more excited about Wednesdays, because that’s usually when I get my break, but then I’m always going to the doctor. P.S. I totally forgot to tell you that I passed that glucose test I was forever complaining about, so … CAKE!

Anyway, I’m rushing, but I couldn’t wait to show you this:

blush draped wedding gown _ veronica sheaffer custom bridal


Wait until you see the rest of it. There will be lace. There will be chiffon scarves. And there will be love hangovers. Guaranteed.


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Lauren’s Custom Lace Dress – Complete!

Oh man, I really want to show you the completed dress from last week. It’s soooo goooood. I honestly kind of miss having it around – I’ve grown so attached. Unfortunately, I forgot to snap photos during the final fitting (too much happy crying and brains exploding and stuff) and now all I’ve got are a few shots on the hanger. I mean, I’ll show you these and everything, but just know, this is NOTHING compared to how amazing this dress looks on the bride.

antique vintage lace wedding dress _ veronica sheaffer custom bridal


Ohmigoodness, I love this so much. I love it like I didn’t make it – I hope that makes me sound less obnoxious, going on and on about it. I can’t help it! This dress means so much to me for so many reasons – not only did I have a ton of creative freedom, which is super exciting, but we used laces I’ve been holding onto for years, just waiting for the perfect project. And one of them was the leftover lace from my own wedding veil, which was so cool to work with again.

On top of all that, the bride, Lauren, is an incredibly kind, sweet, charming person with the most amazing style. Every fitting was a breeze and all of the laces worked together so well (five, total) – it was absolute kismet from start to finish. I’m DYING for her to get married already and send me pictures!

And I’m also thrilled that every project this year is equally as unique and exciting. So, even though I’m missing this dress like crazy, I can’t wait to get my hands on the next one. GOOD. STUFF. !!!


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Sorry, But Look at This DRESS

Hey guys! Sorry for the light posting this week. I’ve been working on/finishing up this dress for a super sweet (and gorgeous) bride:

antique vintage lace bridal dress _ veronica sheaffer custom bridal


More surprises to come with this one – like that lace in the skirt making an appearance in the bodice. Just wait. Seriously, you guys. I’m dying over here.

She’s picking it up tomorrow and there’s still some work to do, so I gots to go. But seriously, ohmigod, THIS DRESS!


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2013 Custom Bridal! And … the Dentist

I have to go to the dentist today. Wah. For someone who has basically no issues with their teeth, I shouldn’t be SO upset every time I have to go. But whatever. I’m bummed. I’m also bummed at my body this morning. Sometimes I think I have kind of a cute little bump going, but other times it’s one giant barrel torso and I just look like a blob. A blob who gets to walk around in a bathing suit this weekend. A blob who can barely fit into any of her bathing suits. P.S. I’ve only gained FIVE POUNDS.

I think I’m having one of those days. You know, the kind that makes you feel like a schlump when you spend all of 30 seconds looking at Pinterest? Everyone is prettier and thinner and tanner and happier and more successful and creative and driven than you and you can go ahead and just collapse into a puddle on the floor. Thanks, PINTEREST.

No really, you guys. Things are especially good, I’m just pi$$ed about the dentist.

I haven’t told you at all about my fun, new custom brides yet. I’m so excited about ALL OF THEM. And because the baby is due in August, my goal is to have everyone ready by early July. Ooh la la! Bridal Whirlwind! The approach is a bit different this year – I’ll be focusing mostly on the muslins myself and using additional sewers to stitch up the actual gowns – but as always, I’ll try to document as much as possible along the way. Like this foundation and muslin for Lauren:

silk taffeta foundation corsolette

muslin fitting


It doesn’t look like much now, but it will eventually become something similar to this look from the Valentino Spring ’12 Couture collection … but completely different. We’re using an antique lace that I’ve had in my stash for going on ten years, and I’m thrilled. Thrilled about the whole thing, really. Thrilled about all of my brides. Not one of them is going super-traditional, and we’ve got LOTS of color this year. I can’t wait to show you all of the goods!

And now I must go floss.


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Wedding Pics! Sylvia and Ryan

Ooh la la – fun stuff today! In all of the craziness this summer, I never got around to showing you pictures from all of these amazing weddings. I’m still waiting on some, but I’ve gotten bunches of adorable ones, and I’m sooo excited to share them. I mean, let’s face it, if you’ve recently planned a wedding and then gone into the wedding industry, your eyes have maybe glazed over and then eventually fused shut to wedding photos in general. There are just SO MANY wedding pictures online. But I always, ALWAYS cry when I see pictures of my brides. First of all, they are always so gorgeous. Second, they are always so happy. That’s my favorite part – seeing them so in love and just bursting with complete joy. I’m just so humbled and moved. Every. Single. Time. I mean, look at these cutie pies!

wedding_tandem bicycle_bride and groom_veronica sheaffer custom dress

I want to jump into this photo, knock them both off of the bike and squeeze those cheeks silly. It sounds very aggressive, but it’s exactly what I’m picturing in my head. So. Look out or something.

veronica sheaffer_custom chicago bridal

chicago custom bridal_1950s style wedding dress_veronica sheaffer

So cute and so fun. And doesn’t that dress just come to life on Sylvia? I mean, it looked good on the hanger and everything, but that’s nothing compared to the girl. She owned it. Case in point:

1950s style wedding dress_chicago custom bridal_veronica sheaffer

MOVIE STAR. Congratulations, Sylvia and Ryan! You are both adorable and I recommend locking your doors at night, ’cause I’m coming to squeeze and kiss you both in your sleep.


[Images by Johnny Knight]

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