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Real Bride Kelly Wedding Video and Feature

Ohmigoodness, I hope all you/your moms had such an awesome day yesterday. My first Mothers’ Day was nothing short of magical – I slept until 8am, had a cocktail with waffles at home, had a cocktail with my egg sandwich at lunch, took a nap in the car while everyone went and bought me chips, drove up to a secret beach with my family and also received this amazing thing:

first mothers day card

Heart. Broken. I had no idea that day could feel so incredible. Everyone be nice to your moms!


I am SO excited to share this post with you guys today – finally – I only promised to write about it forever ago, right? But I haven’t stopped thinking about how much I wanted to get this gorgeous stuff in front of you. Basically, this post has become my great white whale. Who am I kidding? Filing my nails, returning phone calls and making the bed are all becoming unattainable life goals these days. But when I do get to them, I feel like I’m wearing shoulder pads and tennis shoes with my skirt suit, and I am GETTIN’ IT DONE.

So. Onto the good stuff!

You guys remember Kelly, the wispy little stunner in her blush wedding gown last year. I mean, that girl is a looker. Well, someone else thought so too, because they put her on the COVER of their MAGAZINE.

The Refinery magazine _ spring 2014

Holy. Smokes. The Refinery mag, a Canadian publication, has come stateside and sweet Kelly and her husband David are featured in their inaugural issue along with oodles of jaw-dropping images by T&S Hughes Photography. So amazing. You must click through and see this stuff.

And … it gets so much better. Emily Hard, the same incredible woman who filmed my little interview for Glossed + Found magazine (where she is the Producer and Editor), ALSO filmed their wedding video. And OH.MY.GOD.

TEARS. I mean it. This video will make you want to hug everyone you love – it perfectly captures what is so exciting and touching about weddings. And obviously this particular wedding was extraordinary. Everyone should watch this video. Really. And then everyone planning a wedding should stop what you’re doing and call Emily IMMEDIATELY. I swear, I want her to come over and just film my little family, because everything she does is so sweet.

And the icing on the cake is seeing Kelly twirl around in that blush confection of a gown.

psst … Kelly is also an illustrator and painter and shares some of her work on her blog here. This woman could not get more adorable, I swear.


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Spring/Summer 2014 Collection … Has Arrived!

Veronica Sheaffer Spring_Summer 2014

I’m so excited to show you the new stuff! Pulling this collection together while recovering from childbirth and with a newborn in the house was no small feat (thank goodness for my amazing seamstress!), and that makes the new dresses that much more important to me. They feel so personal – like part of the family (I actually draped the gown pictured above in Poppy’s room while she played in her crib, if you can believe it) – and I’m thrilled to introduce these beautiful cotton fabrics into the line.

I mean …

HONEYSUCKLE gown---by-Veronica-Sheaffer

A crisp, killer gown of cotton pin tuck shirting, underlined in gorgeous silk taffeta? This gown feels so gooooood. And also makes a girl look ten stories tall. You know … no big deal.

Please take a moment to check out the full collection on the website and let me know what you think! xo

[Photographer: Billy Rood; Model: Danielle Maddox; Hair/Makeup: Bridal Beauty Chicago]


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Introducing Fall 2012 Collection!

Okay, thank you SO MUCH to all of the awesome people who came to my party and celebrated the new collection with me.  I had such a really great time, and you all made me feel like a million bucks – you guys are the best!  I really, really love you dudes (even if you weren’t able to make it to the party). I’ll be sure to share photos as soon as I have them (p.s. I did finish my dress – ooh la la). And I’m super thrilled to announce that, even though my computer is still out of commission, I was able to get the new stuff up on the website.  I’m so excited to share it with you – and nervous, but mostly excited – AND once again I get to show off the amazing talents of photographer Billy Rood, model Danielle Maddox and hair and makeup team Bridal Beauty Chicago.  Go check it all out and report back here – I want to know what you think!

veronica sheaffer fall 2012 bridal

P.S. I’m working on a new non-Flash website, but in the meantime, I’ll be adding everything to Pinterest myself, so if you really wanna pin this stuff (I mean, I don’t know), give me a follow, eh?

[Photographer: Billy Rood; Model: Danielle Maddox; Hair and Makeup: Bridal Beauty Chicago]


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Candytuft Veil for Marcella

I mentioned yesterday that I worked my fingertips raw stitching up a custom veil over the weekend, and that was no exaggeration.  My fingers done broke.  But when I sent a picture to the cutie-pie bride, Marcella, and she screamed with delight, it made it all 100%, a million times over, WORTH IT.  It is rather lovely, if I do say so myself . . .

veronica sheaffer custom veil candytuft vintage style

This is the Candytuft veil from the Fall 2011 accessories collection.  Marcella chose it to wear with the Ava gown from J.Crew – stunning combination, right?

J Crew Ava gown

I love how the simplicity of the look – no feathers, no beading, no lace – is what makes it so bold and feminine.  Just gorgeous.  Marcella ordered the taffeta from J.Crew to ensure a perfect match with her ivory gown, and I used the softest, springiest silk tulle for the veil.  The full-length veil is detachable, so the headband will be a striking and easy-to-wear accessory at the reception as well.  Marcella promised to share pictures with us, but we have to wait until summer (the wedding is in June).  And I will seriously have a hard time waiting – she is going to look GORGEOUS.

If you would like a custom accessory for your wedding (and dudes, the sky is the limit!), please do not ever hesitate to contact me.  I love all my brides and definitely want to hear your ideas!

[Bottom image via J.Crew]


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