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Marcella’s Wedding

Oh man, do I have something awesome for you today. Do you remember when I made the Candytuft veil from my Fall ’11 collection for sweet li’l Marcella? She ordered it in ivory to wear with her elegant J.Crew gown. Well, the wedding pictures came in, and, um … prepare to eat your hearts out …

veronica sheaffer _ veil silk taffeta bridal_ hayley trone

Yeah. She’s hot. She totally nailed the sexy/feminine/laid-back/cool bride, right? Plus, she’s gorgeous. And so are these amazing images by Hayley Rheagan Photography.

veronica sheaffer bridal veil _ silk tulle veil _ hayley rheagan photography

P.S. Who doesn’t want a picture like this? COME ON. So pretty and awesome.

hayley rheagan photography _ veronica sheaffer candytuft silk bridal veil

veronica sheaffer candytuft bridal silk veil _ hayley rheagan

Told ya it was good. There are more images from the wedding on Hayley’s blog – be sure to check them out. The groom is super cute too. Some people are just SO COOL, right? I’m glad I can at least be a part of their coolness. Maybe I should just print these out and wear them on a chain when I go to parties instead of worrying about my dumb clothes. People will be high fiving me all night. And high fives to Marcella and Logan – CONGRATULATIONS, YOU TWO!

[Images by Hayley Rheagan Photography]


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Candytuft Veil for Marcella

I mentioned yesterday that I worked my fingertips raw stitching up a custom veil over the weekend, and that was no exaggeration.  My fingers done broke.  But when I sent a picture to the cutie-pie bride, Marcella, and she screamed with delight, it made it all 100%, a million times over, WORTH IT.  It is rather lovely, if I do say so myself . . .

veronica sheaffer custom veil candytuft vintage style

This is the Candytuft veil from the Fall 2011 accessories collection.  Marcella chose it to wear with the Ava gown from J.Crew – stunning combination, right?

J Crew Ava gown

I love how the simplicity of the look – no feathers, no beading, no lace – is what makes it so bold and feminine.  Just gorgeous.  Marcella ordered the taffeta from J.Crew to ensure a perfect match with her ivory gown, and I used the softest, springiest silk tulle for the veil.  The full-length veil is detachable, so the headband will be a striking and easy-to-wear accessory at the reception as well.  Marcella promised to share pictures with us, but we have to wait until summer (the wedding is in June).  And I will seriously have a hard time waiting – she is going to look GORGEOUS.

If you would like a custom accessory for your wedding (and dudes, the sky is the limit!), please do not ever hesitate to contact me.  I love all my brides and definitely want to hear your ideas!

[Bottom image via J.Crew]


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