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Fall/Winter 2014 Collection is HERE!

My apologies for not having a chance to post that super cool thing I was supposed to share last week. I didn’t have the opportunity to get in here, because I was working on getting something else together – namely … this:


It’s LIVE. And ohmigod, I am NERVOUS this time around. I mean, I’m always very nervous when I release a collection, to be honest, but I’m living through this one right now, so it feels like the MOST nervous I’ve ever been, even though I know that’s completely not true. Uuuugggh. I’m giving myself high blood pressure and everything.

Just kidding, you guys, obviously I’m just sitting here with a glass of champagne, taking selfies and laughing at the world.

Anyway …

Please take a moment to check out the full Fall 2014 collection – it’s got tons of lace and silk and a shimmer of gold – and don’t miss my new “Little Blue Bow” collection, which is … ALL CUSTOM. Exciting, right??

I’ll be back soon to give you lots of details about both collections, but right now I have to go calm myself the eff down.

P.S. I love you guys. A LOT. It feels good to know I can come here and give you high fives and forget about my responsibilities and potential failures.




[Photographer: Billy Rood; Hair/Makeup: Bridal Beauty Chicago; Model: Danielle Maddox]


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Behind the Scenes

I survived the lunatic weeks leading up to the photo shoot, and in the end, it was a-maaaaz-ing. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw these like five days ago, but here they are for the rest of you.

P.S. Why aren’t you guys following me on Instagram? *tear*

Anyway …


bridal photo shoot _ billy rood for veronica sheaffer _ model danielle maddox


bridal photo shoot _ behind the scenes _ model danielle maddox

Florals by Bottle and Branch. Dope.

bottle and branch _ chamomile daisy bouquet


behind the scenes bridal photo shoot _ billy rood for veronica sheaffer _ model danielle maddoxAnd … I got the proofs back yesterday. Prepare to lose your minds. I’m just saying. I’ve lost mine a few times already. I think these are my favorite EVER. I mean, I’m always freaking out, I know, but it’s serious this time. So, SO good.

High fives and hugs to the Dream Team: photographer Billy Rood and his assistant Luhrs Heldrich, Hair/Makeup by Bridal Beauty Chicago and the gorgeous model Danielle Maddox. I could not wish for a more amazing group of people. I MEAN IT. Also, a million hugs and kisses to my mom for spending the day chasing Poppy, and forever thank you to Sweet Stuff over here for helping me plow through the last week, and for buying me such a pretty house.

***Runway show update***

Okay, so the first-tier tickets are completely sold out. WHA? I know. But there are tons of second- and third-tier tickets still available. Yes they’re more expensive, BUT did you know that those tickets are eligible for a couple of insane raffles? The prizes are a free makeup service from Makeup by Jo (um, awfully handy for your wedding day, no? or for your next fancy night out.) AND a day-of wedding coordination package from Sebastian Events. Your chances are really good for winning either, because there’s a strict cap on tickets, and both prizes are worth way more than the price of a ticket. Yeah, I’ll let that sink in a second. Now go get your tickets!



Spring 2014 Collection: Sneak Peek!

Ohmigosh, you guys, babies take up so much time. Waaah. Never getting anything done ever again. Although … I have been getting something pretty major done, and it’s magnificent. I can’t wait to tell you about it! But I’m a little superstitious about sharing really amazing stuff before it’s a done deal, so we’ll talk about that later. Just know: IT’S AMAZING.

It’s not another baby.

I’ve also been working on the next collection – another reason for lots of excitement around here. We did the photo shoot last week, and … YES. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such truly talented people. Take a look at these super fun behind-the-scenes shots that I took:

Veronica Sheaffer Bridal 2014 Collection Sneak Peek

Pretty! I mean, these are just MY photos – wait until you see Billy Rood’s amazing photography! I was really inspired by the ’60s for this collection, and we went for a sort of late-60s/early-70s saturated tone for this campaign. I love it SO MUCH. Doesn’t Danielle look like a french movie star? Also, balloons are way more fun than I ever remember them being as a kid. Go get yourself some.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the full reveal, which will happen soon  -  I can’t wait to show you these dresses!

[Model: Danielle Maddox; Hair/Makeup: Bridal Beauty Chicago]



Evening Wear!

Oh man, I have soooooo much to tell you about, and I have no idea where to start, so let’s just jump in with this shizzit:

veronica sheaffer _ bridal designer _ evening wear _ luxury cool navy

veronica sheaffer _ evening wear _ blush pink gown _ halter _ silk tulle

veronica sheaffer _ gray evening gown _ silk tulle _ ethereal

If you try telling me that your brain did not just explode, then you sir/madam, are a liar. I will be the first to say I loooooove theeeeese. I love the gowns (duh), but holy cow, the images done broke my heart. And then I love the gowns again. Remember when I asked that hypothetical question about color? It wasn’t hypothetical. Surprise! And I took your advice too, ’cause we’re lovers and you have such good taste. Didn’t they turn out so well? I maybe couldn’t take the gray one off when I finished it – it was too pretty. If I had been able to zip up the others by myself, I would still be wearing those too. All of them.

And of the course the images. Whaaaaat? I have proposed to the amazing Billy Rood more than once – he’s so good, I can’t stand it. I don’t understand why he doesn’t want to be brother husbands with Keith. We need to be together forever. And the lovely Krystyn Johnson and Samara Toby of Bridal Beauty Chicago have once again made my tiny ideas come to life in the most gorgeous ways. Love them so much. And sweet Molly from Ford Chicago . . . I have no idea what to say. She’s perfect and sweet and stunning and talented. Kisses all around.

Please, PLEASE, go check out the rest of the images – I’ve uploaded them all onto Pinterest here – I’m dying for you to see them. And oh, how handy, now you can repin them a bunch of times! In the meantime, I’ll meditate on “pinterest sensation” and let’s see what happens, ‘kay?

[Images by Photographer Billy Rood; Hair/Makeup by Bridal Beauty Chicago; Molly from Ford Models Chicago; Veronica Sheaffer gowns]


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It Doesn’t Get Eddie Vedder Than This*

So, let’s talk about how amazing everything is, shall we?  As you know, the photo shoot was on Friday.  Holy WHAT Ohmigod BLEAH!  That was me throwing up from complete happiness overload.  Seriously.  Dudes.  DUDES.  DUDES!!  How did I get to be the luckiest a$$hole in the world?  Let’s do a rundown . . .

1. Billy Rood (who also photographed the fall collection) broke my heart all over the place.  It’s official.  It’s completely broken.  My heart aches for these photos.  I’m going to squeeze you to death, Billy Rood, and your assistants Eric and Arianna (sp?).  All three of you.  Death by squeezing.

2. Danielle Maddox, model extraordinaire, is too pretty for words.  It is official and done, I have sealed the envelope, she is the prettiest and sweetest and the most AMAZING model.  I thought of her while I was designing this collection and I was SO RIGHT – she was perfect in every single look.

3. Krystyn and Samara, the ladies of Bridal Beauty Chicago, I don’t even know what to say to you two.  How did you get to be so talented and AWESOME?  And why are you so dang nice to me?  I hope it lasts forever because I LOVE YOU.  *ehem* And these ladies do bridal hair and makeup, p.s – call them now!

4. There is a house in Sandwich, IL (my hometown).  Ohmigod, this house.  It’s amazing.  And the guy who owns it was super nice and allowed a bunch of strange city types to traipse all over his porch and yard for the shoot.  Yeah.  I’m so dang lucky.

5. My parents also have an amazing house in Sandwich and they are beyond nice to me.  I’m luckiest of all to have them there to take care of me.  And also because they have this room in their house:

I grabbed that from Billy’s tumblr.  Yeah.  This is gonna be major.

*I totally stole that title from my friend Majel (who was also my hair stylist until she moved to CA).  She says “Eddie Vedder” instead of “any better” and it makes me laugh and laugh . . .




So . . . the launch last night was super amazing and I could not have been any happier.  Such a wonderful night.  Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who came out to celebrate with me and for all of the sweet notes here and the flowers (!) – it was a truly special moment in my life.  And I got to meet some of you sweet readers, which was AWESOME!  I’m so happy to finally put your cutie-pie faces to names and we’re all best friends now, ‘kay?  And for all of you who live so far away . . . here it is . . . my bridal line . . . Veronica Sheaffer, Fall 2011 collection:

veronica sheaffer bridal wedding gowns autumn fall 2011

veronica sheaffer bridal gowns accessories autumn fall 2011

veronica sheaffer bridal autumn fall 2011

veronica sheaffer bridal fall autumn 2011 veil
Want to see more?  I hope so!  The new website JUST WENT LIVE!  Please go check it out! And please let me know what you think.  You’ve really been on this journey with me and I feel like we all share it together.  So I want you to be happy.  In the coming days/weeks I’ll tell you a little bit more about each of the pieces and soon the online shop will open as well!

And how amazing are these photos, by the way?  The photographer Billy Rood, Krystyn and Samara at Bridal Beauty Chicago and models Danielle Maddox, Ruth Barabe, Erin Gipson and Eve Rydberg were all TRULY wonderful to work with and really made the collection come to life.  Thank you so much, all of you!

And I’ll have pictures from the launch party soon, which I will of course share with you.  Stay tuned – lots of fun stuff happening here!

[Images by Billy Rood]



Featured on Refinery29!

Hey everyone!  I just had to pop back over and let y’alls know that an awesome write-up was just posted about me and my fancy pants party over on Refinery29.  How exciting!  Please go on over and check it out.  It kinda like totally rules.

bridal beauty chicago wedding hair makeup veronica sheaffer gowns

[Image by Devron Enarson; Hair/Makeup by Bridal Beauty Chicago]

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Bridal Beauty Chicago . . . and Me!

So if you stopped by over the weekend, you may have seen some really strange things happening.  I was giving this ol’ gal a bit of a face lift and ohmigoodness it was a PROCESS.  I hope you like it!  I plan to do more, but you know, I’ve got some other things going on at the moment.  Oh and I worked on another, far more exciting project as well – and I finished that one!  I’ll be telling you all about it very soon.  In the meantime . . . DANG!

bridal beauty chicago hair makeup on location

Do you recognize that gown?  It’s my wedding dress!  It’s kinda funny seeing it on another person, right?  I loaned it out for a photo shoot recently – along with this lacy frock:

bridal beauty chicago wedding hair makeup veronica sheaffer gowns

The shoot was for Bridal Beauty Chicago, an on-location hair and makeup team who obviously do beautiful work.  I mean, LOOK AT THIS:

bridal beauty chicago wedding makeup hair on location

I am dying.  This is killing me.  The hair and the makeup are both SO GOOD.  I want to look like this everyday.  (By the way, isn’t that dress cute?  It’s not mine, so don’t tell me it’s your favorite.  Oh well yes you can, ’cause I like it a lot.  If I’m able to find out who makes it, I will definitely let you know.)  Anyway, about the hair and makeup – I love everything about it.  If you’re looking for a super sweet duo to swoop in and make you and your maids look freaking awesome on your wedding day, then you should DEFINITELY call these girls.  Samara does the hair; Krystyn does the makeup, and ohmigod they’re doing both for my upcoming photo shoot.  LUCKY ME!

[Images by Devron Enarson]


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