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Big (Pink) Plans

Sooo … we had our big ultrasound over the weekend. (!!!) You know, the one where you find out if you’re having a boy or a girl (if you’re into that sort of thing, which, DUH. I could not wait). And then we came home (after celebrating and stuff) and I immediately mocked up the baby’s room in Photoshop. What do you think we’re having?

nursery for a girl _ peach red black white gold

Eeeee! This is obviously very bare-bones, but the main feature will be the awesome walls. I’m imagining the same color we’ve got in the living room (and guest room, but that’s going away) in a softer shade – right now I’m thinking White Peach by Behr. And then I want to stencil over it, but do just an outline of the stencil, in GOLD. Like this genius. Love that so much. I’m considering the Monroe Twisted Cord stencil from Stencil Boss, as pictured here, but I’m undecided at the moment. I like that it’s not too girly, but it’s maybe not big enough – it’s definitely smaller than I have it here in the mock-up. I need to play around a bit.

I won’t be able to get my hands on this room until July, so this is all very preliminary – I’m sure I’ll change my mind before then. But it’s super fun in the meantime – planning a room that’s nothing but happy and sweet and fun. Soft, but still bright and contrast-y (if a room can be all of those things at once). I can’t wait to get started. And then I can’t wait to put a little person in here.



Living Room Book Storage: The Plan

Thank you so much for all of your creative suggestions yesterday – it was so fun to hear all of your ideas! Of course right after I wrote the post, begging for help, I started thinking about “built-in” bookcases in the living room and things sort of took off from there. Here’s a weirdo Photoshop of what I’m imagining:

built in Ikea bookshelf idea board

I couldn’t get an accurate shot of the sectional, so I’m just showing half of it here. Hopefully you get the idea.

Anyway, it seems that a lot of people have had success using Ikea’s Billy bookcases to fake built-ins, and with the extension pieces they just happen to be near-perfect in size for our wall (at least, up to the picture rail anyway). Plus, the doors on the bottom half will allow us to tuck away our less-pretty books and lots of other junk. I guess it’s fate or something. I don’t know. But for a pretty decent price, with extras like bangin’ hardware and trim along the top, I think we can achieve something moderately fancy.

As for color, as insane as it feels to paint two bookcases in peachy-pink, I think it’s the best option. I don’t want them to be too intrusive or busy, and the living room just happens to be peachy, yo. I have to embrace it.

Of course now I want this project DONE, like, NOW. The idea of two towering, peach bookcases with giant brass cabinet pulls thrills me. I mean, duh. I’m human.

P.S. Most of the bookcase fillers were lifted from Little Green Notebook – she’s got a fun method for organizing books here.

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Studio Redesign

I need to go to the studio today and do some major cleaning. The place is a dump. It looks presentable, but it is most definitely NOT. Everything needs to be reorganized, and since all of the gowns and accessories are currently out for the trunk show (!!! – don’t forget to make an appointment!), this seems like a great opportunity to make a giant mess. And while I’m at it, I think I’ll do some re-figuring/redecorating as well.

After being in the space for six months, I now know what works beautifully and what doesn’t. I most definitely need a bigger desk – I hate sitting at the current one, because everything is essentially closing in on me – and we need more room in front of the mirror. The set up now doesn’t allow much room for trains and amazing veils, which are obviously way important. It also just needs some finishing touches and a bit more drama. So for logistics, I’m going to rearrange the furniture into something more like this:

studio_workshop_office floor plan

Floor plan created using

With the couch opposite the mirror, I gain a lot more twirling space. This also allows for a larger desk and a bit more separation between the fun stuff and the masses of paperwork I inevitably acquire. The entire sewing and cutting area will be closed off with curtains, so I don’t have to worry about cleaning up those messes when my lovely ladies come in, and I will finally be able to get the dumb fridge hidden away completely back there as well. The decor will essentially remain the same with a few higher impact pieces thrown in …

studio_workshop_office style board

… the most dramatic being the giant poster above the sofa, which will be soooo raaaaadddd. The poster hanging by gold chains in front of the curtains ain’t too shabby either. The punches of black also make the space a bit stronger, I think. I dunno, I like ‘em. Oh and as for the desk … this might sound completely crazy, but it’s never been at the perfect height for me, so I’m kind of thinking I’ll just secure a larger Ikea table top over the existing desk. I still really like the design and everything. We’ll see how it works out. The bottom of the desk may be too low if I do that. Anyway

I’m excited!

[Poster images by Billy Rood]

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Another Kitchen Makeover

I’m redoing the kitchen again. I KNOW. Not the whole thing – just the little nook under the window, because a) I’ve never been completely comfortable sitting there, and b) we have to move the entire table every time we want to open the shutters. So then I never open the shutters, and I end up using the overhead light when I could just open the dang window and let in the sun, which I would obviously prefer. It’s dumb. It finally occurred to me recently that what we really need is an actual kitchen nook. Like, a built-in one:

kitchen nook style board

But not actually built-in, ’cause this is an apartment and I don’t feel like building a dang kitchen nook. Instead it will be two free-standing benches that meet in the corner and are upholstered in navy velvet with white piping. Mmmm. With lots of storage underneath for pasta machines and mandolins and lots of other giant stuff we use like three times a year. Anyway, then we’ll just have pillows in front of the shutters, which I can easily bat down when I need to open up the window – much easier than moving a dang table – and it will be comfier than the set up we have now.

For the table, I really want to use a bright pink wire bin with a glossy white table top, but we’re running into some wobbly issues at the moment. I think I need an actual table pedestal inside of the wire bin, but that’s kind of bumming me out. Mostly because I have the bin and I have the top and I just want to see my amazing new table set up already!

Dudes, I’m cranky today. Can you tell?

Anyway, I’m really excited to have this project done, but I don’t feel like actually doing it. But it’s gonna be so great. But I’m so tired. But it’ll be so nice to have this set up when out-of-town friends come to visit in two weeks. But that only gives me two weeks to make everything. But I know I can do it. But I don’t wanna.

Ugh. There’s my imagined kitchen – ta-da!



Accessories vs. Responsibilities

Yesterday I took the day off because Keith had a wisdom tooth pulled, and I couldn’t help but hug him and his little swollen cheeks all day long. Today … is going to be epic. And probably every day after that until we go on vacation a week from now. I just have to stay focused and forgive myself for not exercising … and not cleaning up after myself, or bathing, or eating … until then. Must keep my head down and WORK. Unfortunately I have also totally hit on a decorating “moment” or whatever and my brain is swirling with ideas for both the studio and our apartment. *shakes fists* So frustrating. Anyway, even though I really need to be working, I just bought some of this awesome stuff with which to accessorize the studio.

lavendar black office accessories

Pretty sure it’s going to be all sorts of awesome. And worth the hour spent ignoring my work, right?

[Sources (clockwise): Best Crystals; Paper Source; Wonders of the Sea; TX Lamp Parts]


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Whatchyu Want?


Quick poll (and I really do need your help!):

IF I were to do something in color (like, gowns) …

You are free to vote for as many as you like – in fact, PLEASE DO – but you can only do one at a time, ’cause this poll is pretty whack. Also, why does it have to be so hideous? I’m looking at you, WordPress … and Polldaddy.

[Image by Rae134]

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I’ve got an early morning appointment today with sweet bride, Christina, who chose the Lierre gown for her wedding. We’re doing a quick fitting to make sure everything is perfect before I put in the hem, and I’m soooo excited to see it on her. And since I’m still at home, and our meeting is in less than an hour, I gots to go. But first:

How great would this cake …

feather cake sweets bakeshop

… be with this dress …

veronica sheaffer bridal edera dress

Or any of the gowns from the Fall ’12 collection. Am I right? It’s like they were MADE for each other. So if you’ve just started planning your wedding, and you want to be the coolest bride EVER … there you go. Done and done.

Have a great weekend, tootsies! xo

[Cake by Sweets Bakeshop via Ruffled; Gown by Veronica Sheaffer, Photographer: Billy Rood; Model: Danielle Maddox; Hair/Makeup: Bridal Beauty Chicago]


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Anniversary! Part Deux

I have the worst eating habits when I’m busy. I tend to sit and stare at a project until I figure it out, and if I happen to be hungry at the same time, I’ll just stick my hand in the nearest bag and eat mindlessly until I’m ready to work again. Yesterday I had an unfortunate incident with a bag of Chex Mix and today I could barely stuff my feet into my shoes (we won’t even talk about my pants). There’s WAY too much sodium in that crap. Hopefully it doesn’t upset my belly today, because I’ve got a very fancy dinner planned tonight at this crazy-fancy place to celebrate … our two-year wedding anniversary! According to tradition, you’re supposed to gift your spouse with something made of cotton. I am gifting Keith with something made of air. Meaning: I didn’t get him anything. And he didn’t get anything for me. That either makes me the worst wife in the world or the best wife in the world, because I couldn’t care less about that sort of thing. We also haven’t exchanged Christmas gifts in a very long time. Ohmigod, I sound like such a shrew! I really like giving people presents, but we’re always so busy that it’s kind of a relief to look at each other, shrug our shoulders and overeat a bunch of fancy food instead. I won’t even have time to dress up for our special dinner, because I’ve got an appointment right beforehand, but he thinks I’m beautiful no matter what. Right, Keith? RIGHT, KEITH?? So anyway, yeah, it’s my anniversary, and I’m gonna get as fat as possible tonight just to prove my love to the cutest dude in the world.

Which reminds me … we need to make arrangements to have our anniversary photos taken. I made Keith promise that we would do this every year, because we didn’t get many good pictures together at our wedding, and I love the idea of an album of our little faces through the years. It is worth noting, by the way, that I still haven’t even printed the photos for our wedding album, but I’ll do it eventually! Or eventually pay someone else to do it. Whatever. Anyway, here’s a photo from last year’s session:

anniversary shoot martha williams

This year I’d like to do something simpler. Anybody wanna take a portrait of those two mugs up there??

Seriously. Contact me.

[Image by Martha Williams; Makeup by Allison Attwood]




Big news, tootsies – I signed a lease for my very own studio yesterday!! I’m so thrilled, I can’t even say. This is such a very big deal for me – a I’ve really enjoyed working from home and everything, but I’m so optimistic about going into an office everyday and getting back to some sort of routine–and it will be MY office–dudes, I am expecting some very great things to happen. I estimate that by working away from the distractions of home, I will be three times more productive (no actual data supports that estimation, but obviously that’s what’s going to happen). AND … now I have a new space to decorate. Actually two, because we’re gaining another room at home where I currently store all my stuff.


I know. THRILLING. I’ve already purchased or reserved most of the new furniture for the studio (with the exception of the giant cutting table – that needs to be built), and I’ve laid it all out in the coolest thing ever

studio workshop floor plan

1) Eee! That’s my space!

2) What a handy little tool. And …

studio 3D floor plan

That’s some mutha-flippin’ 3-D, yo! And the whole thing is free. So, there you go – something to do for the rest of the day.

I, on the other hand, will spend the remainder of the day on Craigslist–as I have every other day in the past week–grabbing stuff for my awesome new space. P.S. Do you realize it’s only been a week since I started thinking seriously about getting a studio? Follow your dreamz, bitchezz!




The Unloved and Unknown

I’ve been blessed with about a million custom clients over the last few months.  And I’m sooo lucky that I can say each and every one of their gowns makes me so happy.  I’m thrilled to work on all of them.  They’re completely different from one another, but each has some incredible detailing that requires a serious amount of hand-stitching (which is my favorite part).  There will obviously be a lot of blogging about those darlings, but in the meantime, I thought it would be fun to rummage through the reject pile.  The sketches that led us to the final designs.  Unloved and unknown . . .

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you or a friend would like to adopt one of these poor neglected gowns, please reach out to me.  And do it soon, ’cause I’m busy, yo.

P.S. These are the rejects.  Imagine what we ended up choosing.  *wink*


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