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A Call for Help (specifically Nashville-related)

Hello, you beautiful, amazing people, you! Thank you SO MUCH for all of your sweet, thoughtful comments – I can’t tell you how overwhelming it was to be the recipient of so much love. Just the best. Keith and I both THANK YOU!

I wanted to show you some of the projects I’ve been finishing around the house lately (dining room rug! so good!), and even grabbed my camera from the studio and everything, but it feels exactly like I’m sitting in a cave today. So dumb and dark. GRRR. Winter is the wooorrst. I hate wishing my life away, but I spend all of winter wishing it away. I’m truly starting to believe I feel the cold more than other people – at least according to Keith. I’ll be shivering in agony and he’ll be in a summer jacket, telling me it’s warm. And then he’s always trying to get me to move to Iceland. Have you ever seen the movie Gaslight? [see also "to be Gaslighted"]

I’m onto you, Keith.

Anyway …

No pictures today.

Instead I will talk about our road trip next month. Which I am DYING to begin. We’re driving to Asheville and staying at this awesome place for a few days (antler chandeliers! in the guest rooms!) and then heading to Nashville. And that’s what I want to talk about. Do you live in or have you spent time in Nashville? What’s the best hotel? Don’t say the Hermitage, ’cause that’s a bit too pricey, and I’m very sad I can’t stay there. We’ve booked this Union Station place, but now I’m having second thoughts. Ehhh … they have feather boas on the lampshades in the lounge. Am I overreacting? Something like that can actually influence my stay. I’m a jerk apparently.

But seriously. Why are there feather boas on the lampshades? Is this a Nashville thing? I don’t understand it in relation to everything else in the hotel. I don’t know what kind of hotel it’s going to be now. I wouldn’t care, obviously, if I was staying at the Vanderpumps for the weekend – feather boa lampshades belong there.

I’m also considering the Hutton Hotel. Know anything about it? Is there another cool place that I’m not finding? Why can’t I make up my mind? Who am I??

road trip advice



We Made This …

… and we didn’t use our hands. Heh heh heh.

11 week pregnancy scan _ yes sir thats my baby

For real, you guys. We’ve got a baby on the way! It’s so weird and so amazing and so everything, I gotta tell you. It’s just … YES. *high five*

So listen up, first of all, even though I’ve got some hormone … issues, I will forever remain your lover and I vow to not make this place entirely about that stuff. I mean, this is a lifestyle/work blog – or whatever – and I talk a lot about my life so I’m not going to pretend this major thing isn’t happening, but I’ve still got my other stuff going on as well. So you don’t have to leave if you’re not into babies. I also know first-hand, after suffering a miscarriage, how difficult it can be to read other people going on and on about their babies when you’re struggling with that area of your life, so know that I will always be aware and sensitive to that. I love you guys. I have no plans to change anything here. I will not start writing about organic baby food or make-your-own laundry detergent. It’s still me.

That being said ….

I’m very, VERY happy.


By the way, my brother Austin pointed out that the above picture looks like I’m pregnant with a bowling pin. A good looking bowling pin, as he put it. Which … okay yes, it looks like a bowling pin. But with adorable little hands. Which were dancing at the time. (!!) Anyway, you don’t have to point that out in the comments, ’cause I’m already aware. And I don’t even like bowling, so shut up. Plus, this was taken two weeks ago so the baby looks exactly like a miniature Ryan Gosling or Grace Kelly by now, obviously.

P.S. We saw the bottoms of it’s little feet during the scan and I pretty much died right then and there.



Meagan and Jason’s Wedding Pics!

I have wedding pictures today!! Remember Meagan and her reworked Reem Acra gown? With her custom veil and sash? Well, turns out Meagan is not only incredibly, overwhelmingly sweet, she’s also quite the model …

glamorous traditional wedding_bride in doorway

This. Is. AMAZING. It makes me want to run up there and hug Meagan so bad. Then it makes me wish I was more dramatic in my own wedding photos. Isn’t it so gorgeous? Isn’t she a total knockout? Just wait until you see the groom … and all of the other adorable, happy people …

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Baby’s Breath Type Face

Hopefully you will be happy to hear that I’m probably not clinically depressed or anything. Maybe I just needed a day of whining and self-pity, ’cause I feel awesome now, so high five. The sun was shining yesterday and I got my a$$ moving and everything started to pick up again. Oh and here’s a little life lesson for you:

If you feel stagnant or neglected or unlucky, send some optimistic, positive, useful energy out into the world – be it in a business email or personal letter or whatever – and watch your sh*t start rollin’. I’m not kidding. I have proven this theory in my own life again and again. If you don’t believe me, you’re being straight up dumb. Sorry, but it’s true. Or you’re not doing it right. And by that I mean you’re not being useful enough. It’s hard sometimes – obviously, I was just a complainy jerk on Tuesday – but it works. Clearly. ‘Cause I’m much better now.

SO. Moving on …

Am I the last person to see this??

babys breath type face_floral wedding font_by Keziah Chong

You guys. This is a FONT done entirely in BABY’S BREATH. Whaa? I LOVE IT. I’m only sad because I don’t think it can be downloaded and used on everything I ever type. Can you imagine if I sent out press releases in this? That’s one way to build a reputation. Anyway, I love it. Major kudos to Keziah Chong, the designer.

P.S. This would make some awfully cute wedding monograms. I’mma just saying.



What’s This Post About Anyway?

Look at me, sleeping so late. That’s … not good. I’ve recently developed the horrible habit of waking up at 6am and not being able to go back to sleep until hours later, when I most desperately need to go back to sleep. So I do, and then I end up having to FORCE myself out of bed at 10:30, as demonstrated today. It’s awful. I mean, it’s not the end of the world now, but it will be in a week or two. That is to say, it will lead to the end of my world if I continue waking up at 10:30 in the dang morning.

Ohmigod, just re-reading that opening paragraph is undeniable proof that I need to get my act together. I’m annoying myself.

And, dudes, I still have to take down the Christmas tree.

What has happened to me???

My day-to-day goals now include: going to the store, or leaving the house in general, or making the bed. And I rarely achieve any of them. Forget the bare light bulb hanging on Keith’s side of the bed that just needs a dang lampshade. Or the open wiring hanging on my side of the bed that needs, you know, to be wired, a light bulb and a lamp shade. Or the wall of curtains in our bedroom that has yet to be ironed or hemmed. Or our new kitchen nook that … forget it, I’m not even going into that.

I’m not depressed or anything – quite the opposite. I just don’t feel like it. “It” being anything.

I still have fun working with my brides and have lots of really exciting, gorgeous projects in the works. It’s just the other stuff, you know? The stuff I always love to do. I still love thinking about it all, I just don’t feel like doing any of it.

Winters are tough. It’s not even that cold this year, but it’s not warm. And it’s always gray. I spend all of my time thinking about vacation. So maybe I am down. I just really want sunny days again.

I think I need to leave the dang house, you guys.

I couldn’t even find a funny picture for this post, because all of the winter images without snow were seriously depressing. So, here’s a picture of an adorable puppy wearing an adorable coat:

adorable puppy wearing a coat

Image source



No 9

Oh hey guys, guess what? I decided to take a break. Surprise! I swear I was going to notify you in advance, but I was so excited that I just jumped straight to the break-taking and sort of abandoned you. Whoooops. I missed you desperately the ENTIRE TIME. But anyway, I hope you all had a great time over the holidays, and if not, I hope you have an awesome January to make up for it.

Obviously everyone is talking about their resolutions to which I have nothing to add. I don’t know that I’ve ever made a New Year’s resolution, unless forced to as a child (at school or something), and this year was no different. I can honestly say I spend enough time throughout the year berating myself to be a better person and to have a better body that to add more pressure would likely be debilitating. Of course I want to grow my business, and more than anything I want to build a more efficient business, but that’s super boring for you. Results are far more exciting. Like this one:

apartment therapy top ten house tours of 2012

You guys. Our apartment ended up in the Top 10 House Tours of 2012 on Apartment Therapy. That’s nuts! Frankly, I have no idea how that can even be possible (No 7!!!?? No 2??!! too gooood), but I totally appreciate it, and I’m pleased as punch to come in at Number 9. *high five* Big time hugs for all of you cuties who helped me out. I love you.

So what’s to come in 2013? I dunno. Last night I was hit with a ton of ideas for the next collection, so that could be fun and stressful. And I have lots and LOTS of unfinished projects around the house which also promise to be fun and stressful. So maybe no obvious changes? Wah wah. Regardless, I think this is going to be a very eventful year and hopefully even more awesome than the last. Ha cha.



Brooklyn Trunk Show!

Oh snap. Guess who’s coming to NYC??

veronica sheaffer trunk show_veka bridal_nyc january 2013 trunk show

I’m not, just the dresses are. But not just the dresses, ALL of the dresses. And all of the accessories. What-what? YES.

I know lots of you cuties are gonna get engaged around the holidays, and I know some of you other cuties have been looking around for months and haven’t found your special dress yet, and some of you other lovers have just been lazy or whatever. It don’t matter. Maybe there are even a few of you fancy pantses who are about to walk some red carpets and other fancy stuff in the coming year. If so, this is such a great opportunity to see the entire line in person, for the first time in NYC – especially at such an awesome boutique (these ladies are the SWEETEST). Plus, you’ll save 10% on your order. Dooo ittt.

Veronica Sheaffer Trunk Show
at Veka Bridal Couture
January 18 – February 3, 2013
412 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn



Sylvia and Ryan Part II

Okay, so right after I posted her adorable wedding pictures, Sylvia sent along photos from another shoot they did for her dad, and ohmigod they are even more adorable.

bride groom tractor shoot

bride and groom tractor shoot_veronica sheaffer custom bridal dress

I want to gobble the both of them up, turkey-style. So like I said, this shoot was a treat for her dad, who has worked for Caterpillar for years. He travels extensively for his job, and these two cuties thought it would be fun to do a shoot just for him. Which, YES. I’m sure he went nuts when he saw them. As did I. Although I didn’t cry this time. Anyway, I did something similar for my dad when he worked for Saturn:



That actually was not for my dad (although he did work for Saturn and he did hang it in his office). It was for the Veronicalendar – a little art project I used to do a few years back. And by “art project” I mean bizarre pictures of myself that were crudely Photoshopped and then glued into a calendar for no reason at all. I used to sell them on the internet. Maybe you have a vintage copy! Maybe someday I’ll share more of them with you. It was … weird. But I laugh so hard whenever I look at those stupid things. Ah … youth. P.S. I was not naked in any of them, and the emphasis was on weird, not sexy. The above photo is inadvertently so. Sometimes I just can’t help it.


Okay, that post veered off into a bizarre direction and took way longer than anticipated. Now I have to rush to the suburbs to pick up an amazing new chair for the dining room, which I will tell you all about later. Enjoy your day, tootsie pops!

[Top photos by Johnny Knight; Veronicalendar photo by my mom]



Jerkstore Halloween

Ohmigod, you guys, I have been so sick. So sick and so miserable.


This is the second year in a row that I’ve been sick on Halloween. Not fair! Halloween is my favorite and I can barely sit upright long enough to type this post. I’m so frustrated. And so sick.

So. Sick.

And so bummed that I’ve got a million projects around the house and I can’t do any of them. The only thing I’ve managed over the last few days was cutting short the first weekend Keith and I have had together in months to sleep and be disgusting and then watching the entire first season of Revenge, which was a number of things, being at once a) terrible; b) amazing; c) very, very long.

Now I will attempt to coherently reply to the millions of emails I’ve received since Monday to then crawl back into the hole my body has permanently bore into the sofa. Please be patient with me. I miss all of you so much – almost as much as I miss my sanity, non-sore throat and the first season of Revenge.

Smell you later.



NY Bridal Market Recap

I’m unclear why I thought I was going to have some sort of break after Market this year. So far, I’ve had one actual day off, one day spent cleaning out my old sewing room (definitely not a break of any kind), one all-nighter to finish a custom gown (for real), and all the rest have been regular work days. What the junk is that? I’m waiting for my Real Housewives marathon, universe! And everyday I delude myself into thinking I’m gonna drive out to Ikea or paint the new guest room or something, but then I just end up sitting at the computer working. Dumb. And I still have a million emails to send out to my new bridal market friends. P.S. Why haven’t we figured out speaker emailing yet? I would be so amazingly efficient if I could just dictate an email to some computer while I, I dunno, mixed a cocktail. Anyway …

Market recap! I find it becomes more and more difficult to tell people about a trip the further you get from it. And since I’ve been home a week, it’s now pretty much impossible. So I’m just gonna show you pictures and explain everything in captions.

ny international bridal market _ veronica sheaffer

ny bridal week 2012 _ veronica sheaffer

ny bridal market _ piers _ veronica sheaffer

That’s the booth! I totally loved it this year – so clean and graphic. And the mirror thing on the center wall was super rad – the lights hit it just perfectly and it looked almost three-dimensional. The pillars in the top image were all made by rolling perforated aluminum panels and then securing with zip ties. Essentially this on a giant scale. Pretty cool, right? Then I just topped them with mirror trays and they continued to break my heart for the duration of the event. *high five*

veronica sheaffer notebook

These were our giveaways – amazing little notebooks printed by Scout Books in Portland, OR. I’m so head-over-heels for that company, I can’t even tell you. If you don’t click through to check them out, you have made a very grave mistake. Dooo ittt. P.S. my books were filled with graph paper. I know. So cool.

ny bridal week

Here’s another shot of the booth and my sweet friend Kim getting everything steamed before we opened. I’m so humbled by that girl – she is one incredibly amazing person. I loved our entire time together, and frankly, I was sad to drop her off at home when we got back to Chicago. P.S. She even went shopping for me one day because I didn’t like the outfit I was wearing. That is a true FRIEND. Love you, Kim!

ny bridal market _ veronica sheaffer _ anna rothfuss

And our beautiful model, Anna Rothfuss, who totally stole the show. Not only was she amazing in all of the dresses, but she was absolutely the most popular model at the event. Like, no question. I heard it over and over from visitors. She’s the best. And undeniably gorgeous. AND she flew in from LA to do the event with us again this year. Am I lucky or what?

Answer: YES. For all of the above. It was such a great experience – I was way more calm than last year and met so many truly awesome people – I honestly can’t wait for the next one.


Oh and for my foodies: we ate at Txikito, Buvette and Torrisi and all three meals were fantastic. We also ate at Acme (and sat right next to Mayor Bloomberg), but it didn’t do a whole lot for Kim or me. Maybe everyone was too freaked out about Bloomberg? I dunno. But the cocktails were great – so go there first and then definitely hit the others for dinner. Like, no question. I want to go baaaack.