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Come Go with Me

Hello, my sweets! Just wanted to pop in and remind you that there’s stuff going on elsewhere! Nothing new over here. Ever. For real. Come see me on my new blog, where I’m actually blogging again. No really! This is what you’ve missed:

Today I’m sharing sketches and fabrics for a super gorgeous, fashionable bride doing something truly runway-worthy.

Want to see my Edera gown in navy in a moody, Art-Nouveau, tarot-inspired shoot? YES. You do.

I’m in the midst of planning the new collection, and the inspiration is so good, it’s sending me into an idea overload.

Did I tell you about the new website? My own husband missed the news last week, so … I felt the need to remind everyone.

And I’m probably going to share a little sneak peek of a gown in the new collection later this week, because I have no self-control. Don’t forget to update your subscriptions and blogrolls to see all of the new stuff!



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i've moved!

You guys! I’m so excited to share with you all sorts of really big news. Please click over to my BRAND NEW BLOG(!!) to read all about it. Can’t wait to see you there!

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Well, well, well …. that was an unexpected break. Sorr-rry. Keith is now officially home for the summer, which allows me to work semi-normal hours again, but those hours fill up so quickly. You guys, there is SO MUCH happening right now. Like, really so much. First of all, I’ve moved the studio yet again – this time into the most gorgeous and bright space – and I’m sharing it with none other than my total girl crush, Dean Renaud. I’ve talked about Dean and her incredible design and event planning company South Social & Home close to a million times, and I’m so thrilled to be shacked up with her and her amazing brass shelving unit. I mean …

veronica sheaffer studio_south social and home

Isn’t it such a dream in there? I’m dying to show you more, but we have a lot to do still, and obviously we want to do a fancy shoot, etc. By the way, I posted that on Instagram forever ago – that’s really the best place to keep up with me when I disappear. Anyway, Dean is the best, and that’s only the tiniest fraction of her shelving unit, which is also the best. And the space is so amazing – we really lucked out. Hopefully this will become a place where we can both establish some roots.

So what else is new? We’ve just wrapped up with five brides, are finishing with a couple of others and are about to get started on the next round of cuties. I’m also sketching for new group of brides – all with the most incredible design aesthetics. I’m really not kidding – across the board, I get the coolest, most fashionable clients. Case in point:

veronica sheaffer custom bridal_english net gown_modern wedding

The incredible Miss Mrs. Molly in her custom, over-sized gown of English net worn with a coordinating silk taffeta midriff top and tulip-cut skirt. That’s just COOL. I cannot wait for the professional photos to come in, because the drape of that dress really is the limit – you have to see the light shine through to get the full ‘ohmigod’ effect. In the meantime, thanks to @kixnwhips86 on Instagram, from whom I stole this image. Amazing florals by Foxglove Studio, ps.

And … guess who was also married recently. Very excited to get THOSE pictures back as well.

We’ve been moving along so quickly this year, that I haven’t had much opportunity to take you along in the process, but I hope to change that soon. Among other things. Ohmigod, you guys, something is a-brewing!





Trunk Show at Bride Boutique in LA!

I was in LA over Memorial Day weekend – soaking up the sun (and food and booze and fun) with my best girlfriends. And even though it was my first real trip away from my sweet, little family, and I missed them both so desperately, it was much-needed and appreciated, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I will say though, that flying on your own is COMPLETELY different when you NEED to get home. Like, when a person’s entire life would take on a heavy sadness if you didn’t make it back. That’s intense. Parenthood, you guys.

Wee! Welcome to my blog!

Anyway …

Everything was fine, of course, and I am so much more clear-headed after the break. And soft from all of the food. Restaurant recs:

Mozza (this was our second time – and it was just as incredible as the first visit)

Hinoki & the Bird (amazing)

Gjelina (in Venice – also amazing)

While I was there, I also stopped in to visit Maria Diaz, owner of the completely charming Bride boutique in the Echo Park neighborhood. I took along a couple of gowns to show her all of the fancy little details, because …

veronica sheaffer at bride boutique _ may-june 2014

… she’s hosting a trunk show starting this weekend! You do NOT want to miss this event. I know, because I get emails and tweets from you gorgeous LA girls on the regular, and I know Chicago is a very long trip for you. Because of that, we’re doing an extra long event – two whole weeks! May 31 – June 15. Be sure to book your appointment right away! Not only will you get to see the gowns in person, and check out all of the laces and bows on the INSIDE of the gowns, but you’ll also get to hang out with Maria, who is really so easy and sweet – you will have the best time.

And send me some Instagram pics or something! I miss LA so much – I’ll have to live vicariously through you.




Savannah Pop-up Shop and a HUGE Brag

So … this is exciting!

First, I’m completely thrilled to announce the next stop on what feels like a never-ending tour for my honey-pie gowns (we had gowns loaned out to FOUR different photo shoots just this last week – such a whirlwind!). And for this one, I’m calling out to my Georgia girls …

veronica sheaffer at ivory and beau _ may 2014

Psst … do you know that I am one of you? I was born in Columbus, GA on Fort Benning. Army brat! When I was a little babe, I thought my grandpa made up the pet name “Georgia Peach” just for me. I’m a southern girl AND an ego-maniac!

Just kidding.

Anyway, I am completely in love with Savannah – it’s so gorgeous and elegant – and I’m so excited to be showing at the beautiful Ivory + Beau boutique. Talk about CUTESville. Please be sure to make an appointment right away for this week-long pop-up shop – I’m sending the new collection along with some all-time favorites, and you totally don’t want to miss it!

May 10 – 17, 2014
Ivory + Beau
7302 Abercorn St, Suite 1B
Savannah, GA 31406


Oh and also …

NY Magazine_The Cut_Veronica Sheaffer

Just losing my mind over this. No big deal. The newest collection is featured on The Cut, you guys. You know … New York Magazine. Just sitting here having a total heart attack or something.

#lucky #grateful #humbled



Behind the Scenes

I survived the lunatic weeks leading up to the photo shoot, and in the end, it was a-maaaaz-ing. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw these like five days ago, but here they are for the rest of you.

P.S. Why aren’t you guys following me on Instagram? *tear*

Anyway …


bridal photo shoot _ billy rood for veronica sheaffer _ model danielle maddox


bridal photo shoot _ behind the scenes _ model danielle maddox

Florals by Bottle and Branch. Dope.

bottle and branch _ chamomile daisy bouquet


behind the scenes bridal photo shoot _ billy rood for veronica sheaffer _ model danielle maddoxAnd … I got the proofs back yesterday. Prepare to lose your minds. I’m just saying. I’ve lost mine a few times already. I think these are my favorite EVER. I mean, I’m always freaking out, I know, but it’s serious this time. So, SO good.

High fives and hugs to the Dream Team: photographer Billy Rood and his assistant Luhrs Heldrich, Hair/Makeup by Bridal Beauty Chicago and the gorgeous model Danielle Maddox. I could not wish for a more amazing group of people. I MEAN IT. Also, a million hugs and kisses to my mom for spending the day chasing Poppy, and forever thank you to Sweet Stuff over here for helping me plow through the last week, and for buying me such a pretty house.

***Runway show update***

Okay, so the first-tier tickets are completely sold out. WHA? I know. But there are tons of second- and third-tier tickets still available. Yes they’re more expensive, BUT did you know that those tickets are eligible for a couple of insane raffles? The prizes are a free makeup service from Makeup by Jo (um, awfully handy for your wedding day, no? or for your next fancy night out.) AND a day-of wedding coordination package from Sebastian Events. Your chances are really good for winning either, because there’s a strict cap on tickets, and both prizes are worth way more than the price of a ticket. Yeah, I’ll let that sink in a second. Now go get your tickets!



Rhode Island Trunk Show and Lots of Other Stuff

I’ve got so many things to talk about that I pretty much have nothing to talk about. You know? Like, where do I even start? Most importantly, tickets for the runway show are going FAST, you guys. There are only nine regular guest tickets left. That’s it, and that’s all there will ever be. There are still a bunch of fancy tickets though, which include swag bags, so YEAH get some, and nine VIP tickets, which include swag bags and kisses from me. I’m not kidding. I will kiss you. Unless you’re an ex-boyfriend. Then I will definitely not kiss you, but maybe I’ll give you a hug, depending on who you are and how mean you were to me. Anyway, TICKETS.

Next let’s talk about me having to put up a gate separating the living room from the rest of the house this morning, because my seven-month-old daughter is not only crawling, but now pulling herself up and standing and shimmying along the sofa and other furniture, and eating all sorts of terrible things like electrical cords and dust bunnies and bills. NO. That’s pretty much the only word I say now. For those of you without children, that is way too fast for the child of a person trying to get a collection together.

Oh yeah! The collection! It is dope. What? I mean, I don’t know, but I’m excited about it in a way I haven’t been excited in a long time. I think I already told you that, but it’s serious. I’m feeling things, you guys. Also, the photo shoot is in very much less than a week and nothing is ready.



I’m not kidding. But if you’ve ever read my blog before, that’s basically exactly how I roll. Never enough time and all that. Fortunately for me, Keith is amazing and Poppy is really tired from all of the lunacy I mentioned above, so some things are getting done. Like … THIS:

rhode island trunk show _ veronica sheaffer _ andria bird bride

Trunk show in Rhode Island! Not only am I super excited to be showing for the first time at the incredibly darling Andria Bird Bride boutique, but … this will be the very first time anyone sees the collection. I mean, seriously, anyone outside of the shoot next week. Rhode Island girls are so lucky. And really, Newport is not far for you Boston and Connecticut girls – totally worth the trip to see the new stuff. I mean it. Book your appointment today!

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Fashion Show Announcement!

This is a super busy time for me (when am I not saying that?) because I’m in the throes of designing and stitching together the new collection. And. Holy. Smokes. I love it so much, I can barely stand it. I’m so not kidding. Here’s a sneak peek:

veronica sheaffer lace bridal gown

I totally shouldn’t even be showing that, but I’m so dang excited, I can’t help myself. There is a lace/shimmer/ribbon/chiffon love fest happening over here, with me in the center of it all, and I’m so completely overwhelmed by my own excitement. This is what designing a collection should feel like – it’s just an absolute joy every time I get my hands on these materials, and it doesn’t bother me at all that I have only a few short weeks to get everything together for the photoshoot. I want to spend ALL of my time sewing – I just can’t wait to see everything come to life, and I can’t wait to share everything with you. And I’m so super thrilled that it’s going to happen on a RUNWAY.
chicago bridal fashion show 2014That’s right! I’m showing all of the gorgeous new stuff in the Blush Bridal Fashion Show APRIL 27th at a gorgeous new event space in Chicago. I mean … this is some pretty fancy stuff, you guys. I do not exaggerate. Champagne, sweets, bridal gowns by some of the best Chicago bridal designers, all at Chez – a new, and completely amazing, event space:

chez event space chicagoI mean … YES. Obviously. And tickets just went on sale! I really. really. really. REALLY want you guys to come out for this. First, I want to see your cute faces, and second, I WANT TO SHOW YOU THE NEW COLLECTION. With all of the drama of a runway show, you know? And duh, this will be so much fun. Early Bird tickets just went on sale, so you can save some cash if you buy now (and if you really want to throw down, grab yourself a VIP ticket, get more-than-a-little tipsy on champagne and come backstage and get a big ol’ hug and kiss from yours-truly).

Space is limited – please order right away!

And tell them Veronica Sheaffer sent you. *wink*



Brooklyn Trunk Show This Weekend!

In case you missed this on Facebook …

veronica sheaffer at veka bridal_feb 2014


Get it.

And now … I’ve got a sick husband and a screaming baby to tend to. Yeah. GLAMOROUS.

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Before Tour: Part II

Happy Holidays!!!! Ohmigosh, you guys, 2013 is almost OVER. That’s totally nuts to me. I’m honestly a little sad to see it go, for the first time ever. Keith and I had a baby, bought a condo, and I enjoyed my most successful business year ever in 2013. But life is always evolving – who cares about a date, right? Time for bigger, better, or maybe just okay stuff in 2014! I’m up for it. I think. Just when I start to get my energy back, the little one goes through a growth spurt and thinks sleeping is nowhere near as important as eating. Which … fair enough. If I could roll over and eat a slice of cake in the middle of the night … I mean … duh. Yes.

Anyway …

Let’s finish up the Before House Tour before the year ends, because of course things look so completely different already, and I want to be able to post proper Before and Afters at some point. Oh and these are all courtesy of the listing agency, p.s. – I didn’t have a chance to take my own photos before we started tearing stuff out of the walls. Just wait until you see the kitchen …

Dining Room

dining room before 2

dining room beforeHow about that light fixture, eh? And the weirdo kitchen cabinets extending into the dining room for some insane reason? Niiice. So far, the walls have been painted, the light changed for a glorious, hand-painted, porcelain chandelier and the hideous (unpainted) cabinets REMOVED. Also, p.s. I complain about those things, but the room is actually totally lovely and giant and I have nothing really to complain about.


hideous kitchen before

THIS is something to complain about. But it looks completely different now. We’ve removed all of the upper cabinets, replaced the countertops, sink and faucet, brought in my favorite kitchen hutch, and are in the process of painting the bottom cabinets white. We’ve also moved some stuff around, aaaand I’m not going to tell you anything else. El surprise in the works. I’m going for bright and elegant to fit in with the rest of the place. Seriously, what happened when they did this kitchen update in the ’80s? I think someone hit their head.

Guest Room

guest bed beforeTiny. Cute. No problems here. It’s just off of the kitchen (formerly maid’s quarters), so the placement is actually perfect for guests. It’s on the opposite end of the apartment from the main bedrooms and offers plenty of privacy and access to the kitchen for late-night or early-morning snacks. I plan to make it really moody and cozy with blacks and gold and moody/cozy stuff like that.

Guest Bath

before guest bathWell hello there, crazy shower curtain! Whatryu doing heeere? This doesn’t show the adorable vintage floor tile, but I’ll share that later. Lots of stuff needs to be changed in here – namely, the faucet in the bath and all of the shower tile. Hoooraaay. Cha-ching!

That was the sound of a cash register. Followed by …



arched hallway 1920s apartmentI forgot to show you the arches in the hallway and the cute, little nook! I’m typing this while sitting at a little desk in there now, and I’m loving it. Look for wallpaper in the future. So. Excited. For wallpaper.


chicago porchAnd we have a porch! I can’t wait to cover this in plants and a striped umbrella in the summer. Keith and I have been dying for some outdoor space for so long, we really feel like we’ve hit the jackpot with this (AND a yard!).

And duh, that’s because we have. And I have most especially won when it comes to readers. You guys make me SO HAPPY. I was just talking about you last night to a friend – I can’t express how much I appreciate you reading and commenting and always wishing me the best. I wish the best for you too – ALWAYS – and I hope we continue to share this space for many years to come.


[Images by Prudential Rubloff]