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Real Bride Kelly Wedding Video and Feature

Ohmigoodness, I hope all you/your moms had such an awesome day yesterday. My first Mothers’ Day was nothing short of magical – I slept until 8am, had a cocktail with waffles at home, had a cocktail with my egg sandwich at lunch, took a nap in the car while everyone went and bought me chips, drove up to a secret beach with my family and also received this amazing thing:

first mothers day card

Heart. Broken. I had no idea that day could feel so incredible. Everyone be nice to your moms!


I am SO excited to share this post with you guys today – finally – I only promised to write about it forever ago, right? But I haven’t stopped thinking about how much I wanted to get this gorgeous stuff in front of you. Basically, this post has become my great white whale. Who am I kidding? Filing my nails, returning phone calls and making the bed are all becoming unattainable life goals these days. But when I do get to them, I feel like I’m wearing shoulder pads and tennis shoes with my skirt suit, and I am GETTIN’ IT DONE.

So. Onto the good stuff!

You guys remember Kelly, the wispy little stunner in her blush wedding gown last year. I mean, that girl is a looker. Well, someone else thought so too, because they put her on the COVER of their MAGAZINE.

The Refinery magazine _ spring 2014

Holy. Smokes. The Refinery mag, a Canadian publication, has come stateside and sweet Kelly and her husband David are featured in their inaugural issue along with oodles of jaw-dropping images by T&S Hughes Photography. So amazing. You must click through and see this stuff.

And … it gets so much better. Emily Hard, the same incredible woman who filmed my little interview for Glossed + Found magazine (where she is the Producer and Editor), ALSO filmed their wedding video. And OH.MY.GOD.

TEARS. I mean it. This video will make you want to hug everyone you love – it perfectly captures what is so exciting and touching about weddings. And obviously this particular wedding was extraordinary. Everyone should watch this video. Really. And then everyone planning a wedding should stop what you’re doing and call Emily IMMEDIATELY. I swear, I want her to come over and just film my little family, because everything she does is so sweet.

And the icing on the cake is seeing Kelly twirl around in that blush confection of a gown.

psst … Kelly is also an illustrator and painter and shares some of her work on her blog here. This woman could not get more adorable, I swear.


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Savannah Pop-up Shop and a HUGE Brag

So … this is exciting!

First, I’m completely thrilled to announce the next stop on what feels like a never-ending tour for my honey-pie gowns (we had gowns loaned out to FOUR different photo shoots just this last week – such a whirlwind!). And for this one, I’m calling out to my Georgia girls …

veronica sheaffer at ivory and beau _ may 2014

Psst … do you know that I am one of you? I was born in Columbus, GA on Fort Benning. Army brat! When I was a little babe, I thought my grandpa made up the pet name “Georgia Peach” just for me. I’m a southern girl AND an ego-maniac!

Just kidding.

Anyway, I am completely in love with Savannah – it’s so gorgeous and elegant – and I’m so excited to be showing at the beautiful Ivory + Beau boutique. Talk about CUTESville. Please be sure to make an appointment right away for this week-long pop-up shop – I’m sending the new collection along with some all-time favorites, and you totally don’t want to miss it!

May 10 – 17, 2014
Ivory + Beau
7302 Abercorn St, Suite 1B
Savannah, GA 31406


Oh and also …

NY Magazine_The Cut_Veronica Sheaffer

Just losing my mind over this. No big deal. The newest collection is featured on The Cut, you guys. You know … New York Magazine. Just sitting here having a total heart attack or something.

#lucky #grateful #humbled



Interview with Glossed & Found!

Oh boy, thanks for all of the new Instagram followers! I don’t feel at all bad about the guilt-trip that led you to me. :)

And I don’t feel at all bad about the this either, because it’s awesome: The Lotus gown is featured in the current, bridal issue of Glossed & Found mag (Glossed + GOWNED — so clever!), which was just released this week, AND …

They did a little video interview with me! I was pretty nervous about this, you guys. I mean … giving interviews is always a little weird, because you never know how the interviewer is going to interpret what you said and how they’re going to present it to their audience (I mean, not like I’m talking about anything controversial over here, but, you know.). And I was especially nervous about being on-camera, because this was the very day after the big photo shoot, and girlfriend was TIRED. Plus, I had a baby recently – have you heard?? – and I’ve had a difficult time getting my groove back, so to speak. Anyway, they refer to me as a “boho beauty” in the caption, so I plan to kiss them all on the mouths sometime very soon. AND I’m so thrilled with this beautiful, little video, and that’s entirely because the videographer, Emily Hard, is AMAZING. I have more from Emily to share later this week, and … it’s really, REALLY good. Anyway, I’m so excited to have this little nugget to cherish forever, and my only regret is that I didn’t have a chance in the five days leading up to this to wash my hair.



Anyway … it’s fun, right? And the gorgeous bridal shoot is available to drool over over here. Get it.


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Featured in Trendy Bride Magazine!

We began sleep training last night.

And that is all I will say about that.

Instead let us talk about THIS:

veronica sheaffer bridal _ swiss dot _ dotted swiss _ gray bridal gown _ trendy bride magazine

[clockwise from top: Lierre gown, Lierre gown with Velvet Blossom Headband, Lotus gown in gray]

Trendy Bride Magazine just launched their inaugural issue and they’re featuring my gowns in a super charming spread all about ‘Rustic Romance’ – isn’t it the dreamiest?

veronica sheaffer _ gray wedding gown _ tea length bridal _ trendy bride magazine

[left to right: Iris gown, Lotus gown in gray]

I know I’ve said this before, but it’s always so fun to see my gowns styled in different ways. It’s incredibly satisfying and exciting to see a dress go effortlessly from a super glam setting to a charming, relaxed one – like this amazing farm.

veronica sheaffer _ swiss dot bridal _ dotted swiss gown _ trendy bride magazine

[Gardenia gown]

Obviously I gave myself a mental high five after I saw these images, because duh. So pretty! The entire magazine is really, really lovely and you should definitely go get some – only $1.50 to download (!) and $5 for a paper copy – which is a great deal for some gorgeous images throughout. If you’re a super feminine bride looking for some soft, charming inspiration, then get to it, my friend.

[Images courtesy of Trendy Bride Magazine; Michelle Butler photographer]


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Real Wedding: Lauren and Jason

So. You missing me yet, or what? Gaaah. First, I’d like to thank you for coming back, and second, I’d like to thank the universe for all of the awesome ladies I have been meeting so far in 2014. It has been such an amazing start to the year! And thanks, universe, for the baby and everything too, duh.

So I maybe watched half of a documentary/infomercial about “The SECRET” on one particularly crabby-baby day recently, and despite my head hurting from all of the eye rolling (and crabbing), I felt a tiny bit humbled by having to acknowledge that somebody already came up with my life philosophy. I mean, not so much the cutting stuff out of magazines and taping it to poster board – I don’t have time to stare at a picture of a Corvette until it manifests itself – but I do TOTALLY believe that you get what you put out into the world. I was feeling so super low for a while there – having your body and mind just WRECKED is a hard thing to accept, even if it is for a totally awesome reason – and I was really starting to worry about my complete lack of motivation. But thankfully once I started throwing some positive energy out into the world, the good stuff started coming back around. So THANKS for being part of that!

Also thanks to my lovely (lovely, lovely) friend Lauren for asking me design her wedding clothes for her amazing wedding last Fall. She’s the “Downton Bride” I kept telling you about, and holy smokes, did she know how to wear a gown:

downton style wedding gown by veronica sheafferI really love both of these people. And I love that I got to be there to celebrate with them – it was such a happy wedding. I mean, weddings are just amazing days anyway, and then add to that the incredibly sweet things everyone had to say about these two. It was just a love fest, all around. And it was also totally GORGEOUS, as are the beautiful photos by Studio Starling.

downton style wedding_custom bridal gown by veronica sheafferGet a load of the bride’s nieces and nephew, amiright? Don’t you want to just steal them and hug them forever?? You can see more of this charming wedding in the Chicago Sun-Times feature – and make sure to check it out, because there are so many pretty details. Thank you so much, Lauren, for asking me to be a part of your day – you looked absolutely stunning – and CONGRATULATIONS to you and Jason!!

[Images by Studio Starling]


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Real Bride Caitlin’s Wedding Photos!

In my rush on Friday I totally forgot to thank you wonderful sweetie pies for all of your sweet comments when Poppy was born. I can’t tell you just how AWESOME it is to have this giant network of incredible people supporting us. It’s humbling and amazing and the ultimate love fest. THANK YOU!

Oh and by the way, she was a total pro at the doctor, and yes, I did cry when she got her shot. But just a little. I also cried this morning when she flashed her first real intentional smile at me. My heart totally melted into a giant puddle right then and there.

Anyway …

Look at these awesome pictures of my sweet bride Caitlin, featured on Style Me Pretty!

beaded deco silk tulle veil by veronica sheaffer _ images by two bird studio

Her wedding was featured back in July, but I’ve been a little behind lately, as you know. Regardless, I had to show them off again over here, because GAH! So pretty! Caitlin wore my Buddleia Veil with her BHLDN gown and she looked so absolutely beautiful. The perfect pairing, don’t you think? The whole wedding was pretty perfect, I’d say, and the images by Two Bird Studio are so lovely. You should really pop on over and drool over the entire gallery – so many great ideas. AND Caitlin is a super talented stationery designer, so you should really check out her work at Regas as well. Homework. Assigned.

[Images by Two Bird Studio]


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Dean and Mike’s Wedding!

Ohmigod vacation was amaaaaziiiing. I wasn’t able to do as much as I’d hoped, but I did lots of sitting around, lots of eating, lots of laughing and I even made a basket. Boom. I still have some finishing work, so I can’t show it off just yet, but I have something far more exciting for you today anyway.

southern vintage cool sweet stylish wedding

Okay, look at that photo. Is that not the most perfect thing you’ve ever seen? I can’t believe a) I know those people, b) I was there that day, and c) I worked on the dress. Talk about rubbing elbows with the right people, amiright? And of course they are the SWEETEST people. I want to scoop them both up and hug them silly. Remember when I was working on Dean’s incredible, vintage dress? Well here she is wearing it on the big day, looking gorgeous:

vintage lace maxi dress wedding _ veronica sheaffer

Sweet Dean. You have to, have to click through to her blog, My Little Apartment, to see all of the images – it was just the most amazing wedding. Which is why it was ALSO featured on Martha Stewart Weddings. Be sure to pop in over there as well to read about all of the details – there’s a ton of great stuff, especially for you brides out there. And if you want in on the action yourself, Dean does this for other people too. Which, YES. You want that real bad.

Images by the amazing Edyta Szyszlo