Draped, Chiffon Goddess Gown for Rachel

I haven’t talked much about my custom brides this year – definitely NOT because I’m not completely in love with them and their amazing dresses, but because I’m no longer a one-woman-show. And while that makes me infinitely better adjusted, with room to fill my days with other things that make me crazy and busy, it means it’s no longer just me and a dress until the wee-hours. And so when I do get my hands on the dresses, and they’re being fitted onto their adorable owners, I get all wrapped up in the moment and forget to document. Well, I remembered earlier this week, and ohmigod. But first, a peek at the sketch I did for this gorgeous bride, Rachel …

chiffon draped wedding bridal gown sketch by veronica sheaffer

Rachel is getting married outside at a rustic, indie location and when we first met, and I heard about the wedding, all I could picture was this tall, elegant woman gliding around in the sunshine, draped in chiffon and loose florals. Woodland GODDESS. And when she said she was going to go bold with color, I could have kissed her on the mouth.

Yes. A million times yes.

And what color do you think she chose?

custom bridal gown fitting _ veronica sheaffer

Hint: I couldn’t help myself, and posted this in color on Instagram. Aren’t you dying to see it in all of its glory? And don’t you want to hug that little girl in the mirror??

I can’t wait to show you this stunner when all of the draping is in place. Total, TOTAL show stopper.

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13 responses to “Draped, Chiffon Goddess Gown for Rachel

  1. Amanda

    I can’t wait to see the rest of it!!!!!

  2. Looks like an amazing dress! Can’t wait to see more!

  3. So pretty, waiting to see the rest of its beauty!

  4. Such a beautiful sketch.

  5. AMAZING! rachel’s going to look like a dream. nice work!

  6. So beautiful! I checked out the same picture on instagram and wow. Such a gorgeous dress and the color is absolutely perfect.

  7. Fairy princess much?! What a dress!

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  9. Oh wow! That sketch and dress look so amazing! I’m getting married soon… so many ideas!!

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