Fall/Winter 2014 Collection is HERE!

My apologies for not having a chance to post that super cool thing I was supposed to share last week. I didn’t have the opportunity to get in here, because I was working on getting something else together – namely … this:


It’s LIVE. And ohmigod, I am NERVOUS this time around. I mean, I’m always very nervous when I release a collection, to be honest, but I’m living through this one right now, so it feels like the MOST nervous I’ve ever been, even though I know that’s completely not true. Uuuugggh. I’m giving myself high blood pressure and everything.

Just kidding, you guys, obviously I’m just sitting here with a glass of champagne, taking selfies and laughing at the world.

Anyway …

Please take a moment to check out the full Fall 2014 collection – it’s got tons of lace and silk and a shimmer of gold – and don’t miss my new “Little Blue Bow” collection, which is … ALL CUSTOM. Exciting, right??

I’ll be back soon to give you lots of details about both collections, but right now I have to go calm myself the eff down.

P.S. I love you guys. A LOT. It feels good to know I can come here and give you high fives and forget about my responsibilities and potential failures.




[Photographer: Billy Rood; Hair/Makeup: Bridal Beauty Chicago; Model: Danielle Maddox]

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6 responses to “Fall/Winter 2014 Collection is HERE!

  1. I love every dress, they are all so vintage and unique

  2. congratulations! what a beautiful collection. your gowns are so beautiful they make me want to get married!!

  3. AMAZING! They are all insanely gorg. Both collections are spectacular. love love love love love.

  4. LuckyPorcupine

    Seriously, effing beautiful! Don’t be nervous.

  5. Always a pleasure to hear people passionate about a subject. If you are interested in artisan designers, their are some really interesting videos on Vimeo about the mindset of an Artisan. Still though, I love the passion you bring to clothing design. All the best with your business!

  6. Your dresses are gorgeous, I wish I knew about you before I got married. I may just have to have a second wedding!

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