Real Wedding: Kelly and David

Holy. Smokes. The 2014 bridal season has BEGUN. After taking maternity leave last year, followed a holiday break, I’m super lucky that as soon as I was ready to get back to work, the work was ready to start flowing. And I am so super excited about the projects I’ve got lined up! They are so good, you guys. By the way, I’m able to accept more custom orders than usual this year, so there are still available slots. If you know you want custom, call me right away, please! I’ve still got openings, but my schedule is practically booked solid with consultations. So … act now!

Speaking of custom, I’ve got some amazing pictures to show you of my beautiful bride Kelly and her super cute husband David on their wedding day. They are both so completely adorable, and Kelly is a serious knockout in her blush lace and tulle gown. Just look at these two:

blush 1950s style bridal gown_tulle skirt_by veronica sheaffer

Ohmigod I TOLD YOU. So completely sweet and adorable in every possible way. I had a really hard time narrowing down the images by T&S Hughes Photography to share here, because they are all so lovely and Kelly looks so happy. Lucky for us there are a bunch more on the photographers’ blog here. You must go check them out. Not only are they great wedding photos, but Kelly designed such a beautiful wedding – the color palette alone is so gorgeous (now that I think of it, all of my brides last year had really amazing-looking weddings – I always say I’m so lucky, and I totally mean it). Anyway, it’s always so exciting when a bride comes in and I just instantly know exactly what she’s imagining. That totally happened with Kelly – right down to the veil. I just knew. You know? And not only did I get to design this pretty gown, but I got to spend time with this incredibly sweet woman (and her super sweet mom). Like I said – I’m so lucky.

[Images by T&S Hughes Photography; Hair and Makeup: Bridal Beauty Chicago]

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15 responses to “Real Wedding: Kelly and David

  1. She really does look stunning in that dress! Wow, and you made it?! Can I ask how long does it take you for one project like that?

    • Full disclosure: I didn’t make this entirely on my own. I made the pattern and started it, but then I got super pregnant and brought in help. I now have an incredible seamstress (far more talented than I) who will be handling the construction part of things while I focus on designing and running the business. But to answer your question – I could make this in a week, if I didn’t have anything else to do. :) So glad you like it!

  2. The Bride looks amazingly gorgeous and the pictures are beautiful too. It seems we have a major designer brewing here too, you did a wonderful job on the dress, well done dear and Thanks for posting.

  3. Wow. These are beautiful photos!

  4. Stunning!!! It’s just the kind of dress I’ve always wanted. #lovemesometulle!

  5. Reblogged this on Gina Louisa Designs and commented:
    Just Gorgeous! Check out Veronica’s gorgeous custom made bridal gowns! They are simply stunning!

  6. An absolutely stunning gown! Love the 1950s style of wedding dresses so much, and the blush colour is a beautiful modern twist :)

  7. That dress is just BEAUTIFUL… So pretty!! You are very talented :) x

  8. Katherine

    GORGEOUS dress. So unique and classic but princess-y. It’s stunning.

  9. Katherine

    Reblogged this on Katherine Knits and commented:
    I know this is a knitting blog. I know I have lots of posts promised that are yet to be fulfilled. But this…this dress…it deserves reblogging.
    I love it.
    I want it.
    It is the most beautiful wedding dress I’ve ever seen, and that’s not even hyperbole (because I know, I’m kind of dramatic sometimes about things I like.)
    When I get married someday, this is the one I want.

  10. So beautiful! I love that all the wedding dresses you design are so interesting. It’s a much needed break from the same strapless dress over and over! Incredible work!

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