Real Wedding: Stephanie and Gary

One benefit to having awesome friends (aside from having awesome friends) is that they too have awesome friends. And oftentimes they send those adorable people to me, and then I’m just swimming in adorable, awesome people. And sometimes these friends of friends are also famous, James Beard-award winning chefs. No big deal. I mean, it’s totally not a big deal, unless of course the famous chef is Stephanie Izard (of Top Chef and Girl and the Goat and Little Goat fame), because then the emphasis is most definitely on AWESOME and ADORABLE. She’s the real deal, tootsie pops. And I got to make her wedding gown and veil!

stephanie izard wedding gown by veronica sheaffer

We went with a traditional silhouette, but used this gorgeous French lace with an organic deco pattern for something totally unique. Tiny flowers were also cut from the lace and scattered throughout the skirt. I practically had a heart attack trying to track down that lace in ivory p.s., but I did it. And the heavens opened up and shone down upon us all. The cathedral-length veil was trimmed in two rows of this equally amazing Belgian border lace, which breaks my heart every time I look at it. It’s seriously incredible. And the drape of that veil is THE LIMIT. Love it.

deco lace

I wish I had taken my own photos before sending this off with the bride, but … you guys I was so, SO pregnant. And it was like a million degrees. And I was a little overcome by how lovely Stephanie looked, and … I forgot. Wah wah. But if you’d like to read more about Stephanie’s wedding to her love boat Gary, and see more pictures of the big day, pop on over to … oh … PEOPLE MAGAZINE. And the Chicago Sun-Times. And a bunch of other places – just google away!

Congratulations to Stephanie and Gary! xoxo

[Wedding images by Jesse Lirola]

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5 responses to “Real Wedding: Stephanie and Gary

  1. They are so lovely. Awesome work!

  2. What a beautiful couple! The dress is amazing :)

  3. HOLY MOLY! Stephanie Izard! You are amazing. Perfection!

  4. Oh goodness, such a fan of hers and this all looks perfectly lovely!

  5. Wow, what a beautiful dress! Amazing job and it’s so nice that you enjoy it so much :)

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