Real Wedding: Rachel and Luke

I have more wedding pictures for youuu! I’ve been so fortunate to get a bunch of pictures recently from my brides–being under a lot of stress lately has allowed me to forget how truly amazing this year has been. 2013 was a VERY good year for me – both personally and professionally. And even though I lie awake some nights worrying about the same crap everyone else worries about, looking through all of these gorgeous pictures has made me take a pause and acknowledge how genuinely lucky I am. The burdens will ease, and I will forever have been a part of these incredible weddings – the happiest of days – for so many amazing women. *tear*

Now look. at. THESE:

peach blush chiffon lace bridal gown vintage 1920s style_veronica sheaffer

Isn’t Rachel incredible?? She looks so gorgeous I can’t get over it. You may recall us all losing our minds over the dress on the hanger, and isn’t it just perfection on the bride? Love it. I wish I had time to post more pics from the wedding here, because they really got fancy and there are so many great images. But lucky us, Bryan and Mae, their photographers, shared a bunch on their blog. Absolutely go check them out! And slip me a *high five* for everyone freaking about her dress in the comments over there. I don’t mind saying I’m doing a little shoulder shake to myself.

Yay for a gorgeous bride and her handsome groom! Congratulations, Rachel and Luke!! xoxo

[Images by Bryan and Mae]

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4 responses to “Real Wedding: Rachel and Luke

  1. Beautiful dress…loving the back detail

  2. Could not gets pics to load at the link..the ones you shared are gorgeous!

  3. beautiful dress. great pictures too.

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