A ‘Before’ Tour

Ohmigod. It’s like this baby KNOWS when I’m trying to take a moment for my dang self. She was fast asleep, I opened up the “Add New Post” page and she woke up crying. For no reason. Which she never does. THIS is why I never get to blog anymore, you guys.

But she’s so incredibly cute and sweet, so it’s okay.

I’ve been dying to share what I’ve been up to in our new home, but you can just read that opening section over and over again and draw your own conclusions. I’m feeling overwhelmed with the whole baby/work/decorating balance, but every now and then I’m able to pat myself on the back for what I’ve accomplished in the last month. (When I’m not feeling like a huge failure for not doing more. What? You already know I’m a freak. Normal, well-adjusted people do not need to write blogs.) Anyway, I have found a moment, so here we go!

Living Room

ivory black living room _ paned windows _ french doors _ boxwood wreath


ivory black living room _ simple fireplace _ paned windows

ikea besta billy

Keith installed the Ikea bookshelves (like a pro, might I add – ’cause he was one), and I styled ‘em up. That’s actually a pretty complicated task when you use your bookshelves for BOOKS and not just pretty things. Where is everyone else putting their books? Baffling. Anyway, we still have to add the trim to make them proper “built-ins” but for now they’re doing the job and I straight-up love ‘em.

I’m in the process of painting the television cabinet a deep, inky black (no more red) and I have to paint the top to our new coffee table, and then we have to hang the sprockety death star thingy in front of the fireplace. And I want to recover the bentwood chair seats and hang a few things on the walls, but all-in-all I’m super happy with the direction of this room.


1920s subway tile bathroom

I totally love this room. Even though it needs some replacement tiles and paint clean-up, it’s so airy and it makes me feel like a million bucks. The sink faucet appears to be shot, so I bought this one as a replacement. I also love that.

Poppy’s Bedroom

floral babys room

I have done nothing in here but try to keep it tidy. I have plans, but she doesn’t even sleep in here yet, so whatever. I’m anxious to get some stuff done, but I have to pick and choose. She crabbed at me the entire time I installed her ONE roman shade, so I’m not too eager to listen to her nag while I make the other one.

She really is so sweet, for real. She just wants me to stare into her eyes and not worry about window treatments, because she is SMART.

Master Bedroom

greek key carpet remnant rug

Everything is changing, so I’m just showing you our new rug. This lunatic, ridiculous, MAJESTIC rug. I love this thing so hard. It’s a carpet remnant that I got for less than $200 with the binding and delivery (it’s 11×11 ft). It’s totally a weirdo hotel ballroom border carpet, and even though I now have to completely redo everything else in the room, I have not one single regret. It makes me want to float around in a silky robe and spray perfume into the air. By the way, this amazing tufted headboard is on my to-do list.

Dining Room

butlers pantry _ dining room built-ins painted white

I’ve got one coat of paint on the walls, but I couldn’t get a good shot of it this morning, so I’m just showing this wall today. And I have some serious plans for these built-ins. The hardware has been purchased, I just need an hour to drill all new holes. And then a few more hours to fill the existing ones and paint over them. It will be glorious. I’d also love to have mirror cut for the backsplash at some point, but that’s a future project.

As is the rest of this post. Looks like a two-parter, my friends. I can’t wait to show you the rest of the joint!


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28 responses to “A ‘Before’ Tour

  1. Oh Lord I LOOOOOOVE your house!!!!!!

  2. Julie

    Love itttttt. More pics!!! That rug is beautiful

  3. I am totally loving your living room! Can I just have it all? :)

  4. Susana Castelló

    It’s so beautiful

  5. You are really talented! I just recently married and we are renting so I’m not so much summoning my interior decorator powers just yet. But when I do, this post will surely be inspiration. Love it all!

  6. Simply gorgeous! You made me laugh with styling your bookcases — we have the same problem!! Where do all the well-loved books go when they don’t fit in stylistically? We just put them up anyway. Love your beautiful home, thank you so much for taking the time to share it with us!

  7. V.O.

    Hi Veronica,
    Lovely home! Wondering where you purchased the living room rug from? It works so well with the sectional.

  8. These comments are totally making my day – thank you SO MUCH! I love you guys!

  9. Meghann Reynolds

    It is coming together beautifully ! So airy, but at the same time comfy :)

  10. your how is amazyBALLS!!! saving your home pictures for future inspiration.

  11. Beautiful and simplistic design. Good job, it looks great!

  12. Rachel (Huddleston) Sandberg

    Yay so happy to see these updates! Looks amazing!

  13. Love your humor and what a great place. Babies grow up so fast- enjoy all the crying, nagging moments you can cause one day she will be hiding out in her awesomely cool room with a do not disturb sign on her door and you momma will have all the time in the world to finish decorating :)

  14. It’s really lovely,and taking care of the baby is already a full time job, so bravo for managing the decoration on top of that !

  15. Lovely, I like the light in the rooms and all the white furniture..

  16. I have been dying for more pictures after your closing day preview! Where does one find this kind of spacious vintage charm in Chicago??? (But seriously, do you mind me asking what neighborhood your place is in?)

    Everything is coming together so beautifully and I can’t wait to see more!

    • We’re in West Rogers Park, which is a huge change from the Ukrainian Village where we lived for so many years, but we could never have found or afforded this place down there. And now we’re right by a huge park and we’ve got a yard and a garage – totally worth the move up north!

  17. Those built-ins are amazing! Mirrored backsplash all the way!!

  18. Love the fabric for your roman shade in the baby’s room. That room would be beautiful in a pale celery green color :)

  19. Gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiring photos!

  20. Love your home. Very beautiful!

  21. Angie

    Hi there! Your bench looks so comfy and gorgeous. Care to share where you bought it?

    • In the living room? That’s a craigslist find! It’s actually an over-sized ottoman that pairs with a sectional. I spent so much time looking for a “daybed” and then one day was searching for an ottoman for another space, and there it was!

  22. OOohh it’s beautiful. I am a little green with envy as my kitchen is in deperate need of a reno! I love how you decorated. I have done a few reno projects over at http://www.domesticingenuity.com but we are still a long ways away!

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