Real Wedding: Liz and David

So if you haven’t guessed by my complete disappearance, everything went well at Closing and we are living in our new fancy condo. Wooo! (p.s. THANK YOU for all of your amazing comments! Love you guys so much.) For the first few days, I wasn’t able to blog because we didn’t have the internet hooked up. Then every day after that I couldn’t blog becauseĀ I am only one person with two hands and one of those hands is constantly full of baby and the other one is trying to prime and paint kitchen cabinets, paint a dining room, unpack five million boxes, “style” sh*t, fix a leaky faucet, cover my eyes while Keith uncovers a giant MOUSE NEST in the kitchen wall, continue to clean the things I’ve already set up and occasionally brush my hair.

All before Thanksgiving.

I mean, the place isn’t going to be finished before Thanksgiving, but I’d rather it didn’t look like the old rodent nest Keith VACUUMED OUT OF OUR KITCHEN WALL. Amazing things one discovers when one removes hideous cabinetry.

Anyway … the place is actually looking pretty dope, if I do say so myself. You know, as long as you don’t mind cardboard boxes and a giant mess. And while I’ve been trying to stay focused and turn this place into a comfy new home for us, I’ve also been receiving lots of wedding pictures from my amazing brides. !!!

Feast your eyes on this:

blush chiffon wedding gown

Not only is the bride totally gorgeous, but her hubby is quite a hunk. They are both also unbelievably kind (as are both of their moms), and just an all-around joy. I love them and I’m so happy for them and, just as an aside, I’m also totally THRILLED with the gown. *high five* Remember when I was draping it here and here? So amazing to see a gown’s transformation. And I could not have hoped for a more perfect bride to wear it – absolutely stunning! Be sure to check out more images of the wedding here. These people have got some serious STYLE.

[Images by theĀ Ely Brothers]

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10 responses to “Real Wedding: Liz and David

  1. Thanks for this great post. I really appreciate your idea.

  2. Did I read this right?? MOUSE NEST?!?

    Oh man!

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  3. So excited for you and the pictures are amazing

  4. That dress is a dream! I’m in love.

  5. I’m glad you have Keith there to take care of the mouse nest, that would have totally done me in! Aside from that, the pictures are great and the dress is stunning! You’re right, she wears it beautifully.

  6. What a beautiful dress, so talented! Congratulations on your new home too :)

  7. Gorgeous Dress! If you like this, give my blog a quick look! Will only take you a second, hope you enjoy!

  8. The dress looks gorgeous on her! Great job!

  9. The dress is beautiful!! The colour is gorgeous, and I agree, she wears it fantastically!

  10. Congratulations on living in your new beautiful condo! I can’t believe the mouse nest… ICK… I would freak out too. I love your posts! Glad you are and baby are doing good!

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