Sylvia and Ryan Part II

Okay, so right after I posted her adorable wedding pictures, Sylvia sent along photos from another shoot they did for her dad, and ohmigod they are even more adorable.

bride groom tractor shoot

bride and groom tractor shoot_veronica sheaffer custom bridal dress

I want to gobble the both of them up, turkey-style. So like I said, this shoot was a treat for her dad, who has worked for Caterpillar for years. He travels extensively for his job, and these two cuties thought it would be fun to do a shoot just for him. Which, YES. I’m sure he went nuts when he saw them. As did I. Although I didn’t cry this time. Anyway, I did something similar for my dad when he worked for Saturn:



That actually was not for my dad (although he did work for Saturn and he did hang it in his office). It was for the Veronicalendar – a little art project I used to do a few years back. And by “art project” I mean bizarre pictures of myself that were crudely Photoshopped and then glued into a calendar for no reason at all. I used to sell them on the internet. Maybe you have a vintage copy! Maybe someday I’ll share more of them with you. It was … weird. But I laugh so hard whenever I look at those stupid things. Ah … youth. P.S. I was not naked in any of them, and the emphasis was on weird, not sexy. The above photo is¬†inadvertently¬†so. Sometimes I just can’t help it.


Okay, that post veered off into a bizarre direction and took way longer than anticipated. Now I have to rush to the suburbs to pick up an amazing new chair for the dining room, which I will tell you all about later. Enjoy your day, tootsie pops!

[Top photos by Johnny Knight; Veronicalendar photo by my mom]

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4 Responses to Sylvia and Ryan Part II

  1. LuckyPorcupine

    I just died laughing when I saw your calender pic! Too effing funny! Pretty sure everyone at work now thinks I’m this crazed laughing weirdo but it was worth it.

  2. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back the calendar!!!! great stocking stuffers :)

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  3. These are adorable! I love the way her dress is blowing out on the picture where she’s turned around!

    We all do strange things when we’re younger, I tried to photoshop myself acting out the 12 days of christmas. Being a partridge in a pear tree was quite fun even if it probably looked silly. :) That calendar looks hilariously awesome! xD

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