Bedroom Makeover: Progress

Huh. Friday already. Time loses all meaning when you’re on a break. I feel like just getting dressed and making the bed takes ALL MORNING. I have to run two errands today, and I’m freaking out that it’s already 9 o’clock. I also have to clean the house, and I cannot stress enough what a pit it is right now. Honestly, it’s not even really bothering me, but my family is coming over tonight and they’ll probably wonder where I’m being held as they watch this pod person happily maneuver around piles of junk. Normally, living in this kind of chaos would send me into space, but I even did the dishes in the bathtub yesterday, ’cause the kitchen sink was clogged, and it was sort of fun. I guess I’ve finally achieved inner peace, so that’s at least one thing I can cross off of my to-do list. Done.

What else did I want to tell you about?

I finally got around to hanging the entire, floor-to-ceiling, wall of curtains in the bedroom yesterday. Our ceilings are 10 feet high and made of plaster – it was a big deal! And I did it all by myself. *high five* We installed an open wardrobe of sorts there and needed something to cover up all of that stuff, so now I’ve basically moved the wall in by two feet. It feels so tidy and minimalist to me now. I love it. I still have to hem and steam the curtains, but already they make such an impact.

bedroom makeover in progress_persian rug_chinoiserie walls

And here’s a little peek at the other side of the room. Remember what it used to look like? Big difference. So as of now, I have to paint and upholster the other little bench (more on that later), make covers for those square pillows (white with black piping), and come up with a plan for those swag lights. I tried out the lanterns, but in the end they were just too … too. If you know what I mean. That spiky urchin thing also does not live in the precise spot where I step down in the morning, it’s just there to help me decide if neon pink will be incorporated into my lighting design. Right now I’m leaning towards yes.

I also need a new bedskirt and a roman shade to hang above the shutters, but whatevs. I’m actually okay with it being a work-in-progress. Because I’ve achieved my enlightenment, duh. P.S. That quilt was originally intended for the guest room, but I loved it so much, I had to steal it for myself. It’s vintage. I bought it at an antique store in Wisconsin. It was $90. Marked down to NINE. It’s okay to hate me for that – I done stole it from everyone.

I could seriously go on and on today, but I have those errands to run, and since it’s now 10am, I’ll be lucky if anything gets done at all. So ta-ta for now, tootsies. I’m Audi 5000.

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4 Responses to Bedroom Makeover: Progress

  1. The rooms looking so pretty! :D

  2. my husband still says “audi 5000″ so….you are totally awesome.

  3. I love this color!!! What is behind curtain number one? Did you do the mural? It looks amazing. Yep, this is the worse cluster of sentences I have ever written haha, but love your room!

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