Guest Room Makeover

Hello, my cuties. So as I mentioned on Monday, I’ve got a lot of house stuff to talk about. Seriously, a lot. I feel like I’ve got an endless list of things to do around here, because I moved into the studio in the midst of wedding season and left piles of crap behind. Literally PILES. I won’t tell you how much junk has been hauled out for donation and how much still needs to go (along with the actual pile of garbage in the dining room). Just know, it used to look like this:



And now it’s going to look like this:


Just kidding. But there will be a canopy. The canopy is already built, actually, and it’s amazing. There’s also another painted rug, AND you’ll get tutorials for both. Ha cha. If you’d like to follow my progress, tune in on Instagram (@vsheaffer) or Twitter under #guestroommakeover or you can just wait for the big reveal, which won’t be too long, ’cause Keith’s mom comes to visit in less than two weeks. Whaa? I know. I also have to finish all of my other projects around the house, which includes our own bedroom makeover and cleaning out the fridge, so that I can relax while she’s here. Oh and host our first Thanksgiving dinner. Double whaa?

Which reminds me … if you’ve got an amazing, gluten-free Thanksgiving recipe or any fun ideas for your table, please share them in the comments. This is our very first time hosting a family holiday dinner and I am both very excited and a touch … concerned. Helllp meeee.

[Het Loo Royal Palace]

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4 Responses to Guest Room Makeover

  1. alicia

    Yay for GF!! Here are two links with many GF recipes for Thanksgiving:

    Best of luck!!!

  2. I love love love the way you write! I was cracking up as I read this!

  3. I love your blog so I nominated you for a blog award, you can check out my post describing the award at: congrats!

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