Chapter One: I Am Born

It’s my birthday.

1950s 1960s cake


Here I am jumping out of a cake.

UPDATE: The day is not starting out well. I was outside of the house for all of two minutes and managed to dent the back end of the car parked next to mine. A coupla jerks got in my way and I was avoiding them, at the expense of the other car and my pleasant mood. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! *frustrated face*

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7 responses to “Chapter One: I Am Born

  1. nicole

    omg! we are Birthday mates!
    super cool!

  2. happy birthday miss thing.
    you rock.

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  3. Sorry about the fender bender…HAPPY BIRTHDAY anyways! Make Keith take you somewhere nice and EXPENSIVE now that we are finally getting paid again!

  4. Andriana

    Happy birthday Veronica!

  5. Hi Veronica,

    I found your website when I was looking for a tutorial.. OMG what a wonderful blog you have.. I sat down and literally glued my chair and read almost entire blog. Considering this is my only night night off (I work almost seven days a week these days) you can tell how much I enjoyed reading…

    Best of luck and happy belated birthday.

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