Bedroom Style Board

There’s nothing quite like seeing your apartment plastered all over the internet to show you what’s so completely wrong with it. Welcome to my neuroses! The dining room makes me very happy now that all of my work crap is out of there, and I’m super cool with the living room, but … I’m not loving the bedroom or kitchen. Keith is rolling his eyes all over the place right now and making stabbing motions I’m sure, but whatever. Both rooms can be waaay better. I’ve already started on the bedroom, kinda. Enough that it’s now completely unfinished and driving me bonkers. But I’m finally starting to make some decisions, so when Keith is no longer on strike* and I can start spending money again, I’mma gonna do this:

bedroom inspiration board _ chinese lanterns _ navy and peach

Now that I spend 90% of my time at the studio, I want the apartment to be like a big hug when I come home. Interpret that however you like. Anyway, this style board looks like a hug to me. I’ve already moved our giant Persian rug in there and painted the two dressers on either side of the bed. I’ve started painting our X benches and I’ve purchased the leopard fabric, so that’s moving along. I also scored a mirror similar to the frame up there, but it’s rectangular. And obviously, that’s our bed and wall (but the branches aren’t weird like that). So now I just need all new bedding, a roman shade above the shutters, an entire wall of floor-to-ceiling curtains to cover our clothing storage and shut-your-mouth Chinese lanterns for bedside lighting.

*Please hope with me that the Chicago Public School Board offers a fair contract to the teachers’ union so my cute husband can go back to work. Contrary to what you hear on the radio and television, the teachers do want to work and they are not all greedy jerks. My husband is incredibly kind and generous and cares a lot about his students – just like all of his teacher friends. If you have any questions about the strike, feel free to email me and we’ll do our best to explain what’s going on. xoxo

UPDATE: I bought the lanterns, ’cause I couldn’t stand that someone might beat me to them. Sorry, Keith! I really just couldn’t help it. Consider it my birthday present!

[Sources: Ikea curtains; Pottery Barn shade – no longer available; Lanterns from Asian Ideas; Pottery Barn duvet cover, embroidered sham and bedskirt; peach shams via Little Green Notebook; Target X-benches]

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4 responses to “Bedroom Style Board

  1. Wedding DJs

    The decorations and the elements of decorations shown in the picture are mind blowing …..nice job…. the style board is also like a hug to me……

    Wedding DJs

  2. What a snuggly hug! this board is Awesome

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