Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful …

… Hate me because I own this amazing credenza!

vintage bamboo credenza _ peach and blue dining room

I KNOW. I’ve been slowly working away at the apartment since I moved into the studio (and I mean very slowly) – removing all of the work stuff and filling it with pretty house stuff. I had planned to do a big reveal, but Keith and I moved this into place last night and I couldn’t wait another moment. I had to show it off immediately – crummy camera phone photos and all. I mean, LOOK AT THIS!

peach and blue dining room _ chevron curtains _ vintage movie poster

I die every single time I walk into the dining room now. It’s soooo goooood. I have all of the caps for the corners too, but we haven’t nailed them on yet. Oh and P.S. you know it’s true love when a friend spots something this amazing on Craigslist, for practically zero dollars, and sends it to you even though she kinda could use it herself. THANK YOU SO MUCH, HEATHER, I LOOOVE YOUUU. And I love you, Mr. Credenza. Forever and always.



8 Responses to Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful …

  1. yuri

    shut.up. GORGEOUS!!

  2. omg i read this like 12 times reading it as “i MADE this amazing credenza” and i was like WHAT, HOW HOW HOW haha but its lovely nonetheless

  3. so beautiful. you have my fav movie poster “mon oncle”, gorgeous!!!!

  4. we don’t hate you, and this is beautiful. we’re just jealous over here. j-e-a-l-o-u-s! love it all. seriously, we do.
    cake & valley

  5. wow – love the chevron curtains and ‘mon oncle’ print too – in fact all of it. Stunning!

  6. I’ve never seen a piece of furniture quite like that, and it’s amazing! It goes really well with the (awesome) curtains too. I’m impressed!

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