Sneak Peek: Sylvia’s Dress

Umm … so I’ve been wearing a brace on my wrist on and off all week, ’cause it’s been really (REALLY) sore, and I just now took the brace off and … something is … not good. Like, that weird giant bump was not there this morning. Good thing I’m going to the doctor in two hours. Anyway, that’s not why I started this post, but holy cow please send some major positive voodoo whatever or something, because I need my right hand right now. Moving on to much more fun stuff …

Someone’s getting married this weekend! Her name starts with an ‘S’ ends in an ‘A’ and the middle part will be wearing this adorable thing:

veronica sheaffer _ custom chicago bridal _ sari fabric wedding dress

I can’t wait to show you pics of Sylvia all dressed up. Errybody start swoonin’.

And praying for my wrist.

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8 responses to “Sneak Peek: Sylvia’s Dress

  1. Holy dress! That is amazing, Veronica.

  2. Sending you good thoughts about your hand! I had a random bump-thingy on my hand at one point and the Mister kept bugging me to get it checked out. It turned out to be a ganglion cyst (sexy, I know) but the good news is that it’s easy to treat.

  3. The dress is beautiful, and I can’t wait to see pictures of her in it!

    take care of your wrist! and if the doctor says rest up…you better, or else…
    cake & valley

  4. Absolutely Gorgeous!!!
    And I truly hope your hand is all good ;)

  5. jimjambam

    Feeling the brace pain! Hope it’s better soon!

  6. I really hope your hand/wrist feels better soon. That dress is absolutely beautiful – thanks for sharing!

  7. Gosh, how stunning! I wish we could wear dresses that gorgeous occasionally just for the fun of it.

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