Custom Lace Veil for Jen

Wellll, look who’s back. Sorry for the week-long blogcation – it was entirely unplanned and just sort of … happened. I’ve been working really hard, trying to get ahead of schedule so I can go on an actual vacation, and then I got sick and whatever. Sh*t happens, yo. Anyway, I’m back now and I have LOTS of stuff to show you and talk about. I also have lots of stuff to do today and lots of appointments, so I can’t chat for long, but I’ve been dying to show you this and I can’t wait another second!

veronica sheaffer custom lace bridal veil

It’s the veil I made for Jen’s bias cut gown. Let’s just take a moment, shall we?


Yeah. I made that. And I have a totally smug look on my face too. I’m an a$$hole and I don’t care. I’ve been high fiving myself for dayyyzz. I can’t wait to see Jen all dressed up with her gorgeous gown and her gorgeous veil!

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4 Responses to Custom Lace Veil for Jen

  1. Linnea

    how do you even make something like that? is the lace cut out from a larger piece and then sewn onto the veil? looks amazing! :) (I don’t expect a full DIY veil guide from you.. just curious) ps love your blog

    • vsheaffer

      You’re absolutely right! I took a lace border and arranged it into a design, then sewed it to the netting of the veil. I’m so glad you like it!

  2. This is exactly why we need the internet. In olden days, when someone made something totally awesome like this, they had to travel on horseback from farm to farm and knock on doors to show it to people. (Little-known fact: Paul Revere was actually showing everyone his new chevron britches, not warning of a British invasion.)

  3. That is beautiful, awesome job!

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