Anniversary! Part Deux

I have the worst eating habits when I’m busy. I tend to sit and stare at a project until I figure it out, and if I happen to be hungry at the same time, I’ll just stick my hand in the nearest bag and eat mindlessly until I’m ready to work again. Yesterday I had an unfortunate incident with a bag of Chex Mix and today I could barely stuff my feet into my shoes (we won’t even talk about my pants). There’s WAY too much sodium in that crap. Hopefully it doesn’t upset my belly today, because I’ve got a very fancy dinner planned tonight at this crazy-fancy place¬†to celebrate¬†… our two-year wedding anniversary! According to tradition, you’re supposed to gift your spouse with something made of cotton. I am gifting Keith with something made of air. Meaning: I didn’t get him anything. And he didn’t get anything for me. That either makes me the worst wife in the world or the best wife in the world, because I couldn’t care less about that sort of thing. We also haven’t exchanged Christmas gifts in a very long time. Ohmigod, I sound like such a shrew! I really like giving people presents, but we’re always so busy that it’s kind of a relief to look at each other, shrug our shoulders and overeat a bunch of fancy food instead. I won’t even have time to dress up for our special dinner, because I’ve got an appointment right beforehand, but he thinks I’m beautiful no matter what. Right, Keith? RIGHT, KEITH?? So anyway, yeah, it’s my anniversary, and I’m gonna get as fat as possible tonight just to prove my love to the cutest dude in the world.

Which reminds me … we need to make arrangements to have our anniversary photos taken. I made Keith promise that we would do this every year, because we didn’t get many good pictures together at our wedding, and I love the idea of an album of our little faces through the years. It is worth noting, by the way, that I still haven’t even printed the photos for our wedding album, but I’ll do it eventually! Or eventually pay someone else to do it. Whatever. Anyway, here’s a photo from last year’s session:

anniversary shoot martha williams

This year I’d like to do something simpler. Anybody wanna take a portrait of those two mugs up there??

Seriously. Contact me.

[Image by Martha Williams; Makeup by Allison Attwood]

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7 Responses to Anniversary! Part Deux

  1. I love that photo. Also, I might have to tag my next post “don’t ever eat an entire bag of chex mix.” Because it is hilarious.

  2. Cute pic! Can’t wait to see the pic for this year! Hopefully you guys have a fantastic time at your FANCY SHMANCY DINNER! And I think it’s AWESOME you don’t exchange presents. Exchange Love, not presents. :-)

  3. You are such a great writer! So creative. And I love your picture, beautiful! Keep up the great work!

  4. That is simply awesome! I immediately showed my husband and he laughed so hard! Great idea!!

  5. CRap…happy Anniversary. Enjoy dinner !

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