1, 2, 3 Get Loose Now

Okay, first:

I’ve been a pretty lame blogger this week, and I apologize. I’m sure you can guess that I’ve been way busy unpacking ma junk and stuff like that. I also built a dang cutting table the other day, so I have been very TIRED. This place is lookin’ dope, by the way, and I don’t mind saying it.


I sent this out today …

… hahahaha …


Today is the last day of school before summer break, which means Keith is out partying and I’m still at work. That does not seem right. P.S. Keith’s a teacher. Did you know that? I’m not sure. You’ve seen his bed, so I no longer feel like I have to keep his personal life a mystery.


I’m suddenly SO EXCITED for the weekend, even though I’ll be back here for most of it. I’m gonna go pick up the debit card I accidentally left at a bar last night (I was just there for dinner!) and see what develops. Have fun, tootsies! xo

[Image credits. Photographer: Billy Rood; Model: Danielle Maddox; Hair/Makeup: Bridal Beauty Chicago]

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  1. my bf is a teacher as well. doesn’t it freakin’ suck to watch them be off all summer!

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