I’mma at Work Now

Guess where I am right now? Sitting at my new, fancy desk in my new, fancy workshop! And let me tell you, it feels reeeaally gooood. Even though it currently looks like this:

bridal apparel manufacturing workshop moving day

Which is ridiculous. But once I get everything unpacked, I can move onto the fun decorating part. I also have to build a cutting table today with all of that lumber there. Hahaha. I’m very curious to see how that goes. I’ve drawn out very careful plans, and I’ve built some crap in the past, so hopefully it’s not too¬†disastrous.¬†And thankfully I don’t have to hang shelves, ’cause Keith was super nice and took care of those last night.

P.S. If that dancing gif isn’t working, I have no idea why. It dances in my “edit post” window, but not when I preview. Whatever dudes, you’ve seen the episode – Peggy is gettin’ DOWN. And so am I. *high five*



3 Responses to I’mma at Work Now

  1. Pamela

    Congrats on your new space! That’s so exciting!!

  2. Congratulation, that must be really awsome! All the Best luck to you!

  3. YAY! Super big high five!!! Congrats!

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