Moving Day! (tomorrow)

I’m not exactly sure where to start today, but …

messy boxed up apartment

… it be very messy in here. Tomorrow is my big moving day (!!!), and then all of this crap will be out of our apartment FOREVER (I hope). I caaaaannnn’t waaaaaiiiit. And can you believe, I’m still sewing in this dump? I have a gown that has to go out today, so I have to finish that up, throw my tools into the last box and then go to Home Depot to pick up lumber for my new cutting table. Which I will build on Wednesday. All by my dang self. I’ve got new interns starting on Thursday and then fittings in the new space on Saturday (because it just seems wrong if I don’t run around like an a$$hole, right? Taking more than four days to move and unpack and get a place client-ready is just lazy. *sarcastic face*).┬áIt has been less than three weeks since I even went to look at this studio, and I maybe chose my busiest three weeks of the year so far to move into it. Whatevs, it’ll be so worth it.

Anyway, don’t expect much from me tomorrow, ’cause I’ll be hangin’ out with some stinky movers all day, lovin’ my life so hard. *high five*

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