Featured in Style Me Pretty!

Wassup. Okay, first … I went to Ikea yesterday and surprisingly did not fly into a rage, despite my complete terror of that place.  The entire trip was super calm and sort of easy and almost downright pleasant. Dudes, you know how you can’t take your cart out into the parking lot there? P.S. I HATE THAT. Well, I asked some lady who was waiting for her friend to keep an eye on my cart while I ran to get my car, and at first she seemed sort of confused, but when I pulled my car around she started LOADING IT UP FOR ME. What?! It was so nice, I didn’t know what to do. Then I drove everything to the new space and spent roughly thirty minutes admiring my good taste.

And later in the afternoon, I completed my first boutique order for a bride. !!! She ordered the Tulipe from my first collection, and here it is, getting all ready to ship:

veronica sheaffer tulipe mod short wedding dress ruffles

I hope she loves it. Incidentally, this is the same style we used for the Mad Men-inspired shoot which was just featured on Style Me Pretty. How cool, right? I got myself a fancy badge from it and everything. *high five* Go check it out to see more images from the shoot (and the cute “groom” who actually looks a lot like Don Draper, if you’re into that sort of thing. DUH).


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4 Responses to Featured in Style Me Pretty!

  1. Stacey

    I love shopping at Ikea. It’s a treat. Next time you need stuff there I’ll go. Or meet you. Whatevs.

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