I cannot think of the studio without getting Sussudio stuck in my head. What have I done?!

I’m picking up the keys to my new space today. Eee! But I have to go paint the floor before I can move anything in. Boo. I’ve never painted a floor before – I hope I don’t hate myself halfway through it.

I am pretty certain I will. I almost hate myself already.

By the way, HELLO to all of you awesome new readers via Apartment Therapy – welcome to my love den. Sweetest readers in the world, UNITE.

Okay back to the studio. So I bought a sofa, as you know. This is the fabric:

sofa fabric

Coolest. It was being dropped off as I was walking into the thrift store to pick up my new credenza. I bought it immediately. It’s got a curved back with high arms and I think it’s perfect. At least, perfect enough that I don’t have to mess with Craiglist anymore. This is the credenza:

That IS perfect. And some genius put wheels on the bottom at some point, which makes me so happy, even though I doubt I’ll be rolling it around much. It just feels so handy. And I’m picking up this desk over the weekend from the same person who sold me these tray top side tables:

acrylic cube tray top side tables

Which will look super cute next to my new sofa and this adorable side chair . . .

caned back chair frame

. . . which I got from my awesome friend Dean. It obviously needs some work. But it’s sooo cool. I love it. I love all of that stuff. I love that it will all soon be moved out of our apartment – along with the mini-fridge and machines and fabric and gowns. I love my new space. I love how fancy it makes me feel. I love you guys. I do not love how crappy it is outside today, but I love that it’s not humid, and that I won’t be miserable while painting the floor. Well, I’ll probably be miserable, but I won’t be hot. *high five*



5 Responses to FuFuFurniture

  1. For painting floors … rollers on broom handles! It makes it go SO MUCH QUICKER. (I’ve painted many a stage floor … whew!)

    Love everything you’ve found! What a fancy studio it’ll be!

  2. Amy

    I love the rug in the pictures too! Lovely and worn…my favorite!

  3. Erinina

    Agree with Sarah on the floor painting…plus don’t forget to leave yourself a path out as you go. ;)

  4. very cute stuff, with great possibilities!!! :) but mostly, im just glad that im not the only one that says FuFu. My husband always looks at me weird!!! LOL

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