*FROWNY FAAAAAACE*!! You guys, I’m so sick right now. And all the work that I ignored over vacation needs to be done right away. But I don’t feeeeel goooood. I had a dream last night that I was being kicked out of high school in the middle of my senior year, and I was like “whatever, dudes, I’ll just focus on my bridal gown business” and I was thinking about how much extra time I would have without school work, and how awesome that was going to be when I woke up. Wah wah. I already graduated from dumb high school, and I have double the work and no extra time.

This is a really bad time to be sick. Well, obviously there’s never a good time, and it could be a worse time, but it’s bad all the same. Did I tell you that I am in the middle of 15 projects right now? 15 gowns. I wish everyone read my blog and would see that and be all “Dang, I’m not asking Veronica for any favors – that b*tch is busy.”


Anyway, wanna see something fun?

antique style re-embroidered lace

Oh I’m sorry, that’s not fun, it’s GORGEOUS. And it makes me want to die. I am pretty sick . . . just kidding, I’m not that sick.

But the lace is.

*high five*

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  1. Boo. But look at that lace! Oh my! That would cheer up this mama.

    Feel better, okay?

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