Mint Green Denim Tutorial

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have caught a bit of my frenzied search for mint green jeans.  They’re actually pretty easy to find if you want to spend $200+ or like giving the illusion of cellulite. *ahem* Anyway, that nonsense does not appeal to me–especially since, let’s be real, how long until mint green jeans are hideous once again?–so I just threw my hands up in the air and made them myself.

diy dye colored mint green jeans

DIY Mint Green Denim

  • White jeans (I wouldn’t recommend any other color)
  • 1 bottle liquid Rit dye in Apple Green
  • 1 bottle liquid Rit dye in Aquamarine
  • Rubber gloves
  • Bucket
  • Boiling water
  • Something to stir the dye bath
  • Swatches of white cotton (for testing color)
  • Woolite
  • Iron

mint green denim jeans diy tutorial

Begin by boiling a bunch of water–it doesn’t matter how much, just fill a large pot with water and throw it on the stove. When ready, transfer the boiling water to the bucket and carefully dip your white jeans into the water. Set the jeans aside and fill the bucket the rest of the way with hot water from the tap. Next, pour about 1/3 of the Apple Green and 1/4 of the Aquamarine liquid dyes into the hot water. Stir and dip your first fabric swatch into the dye bath. You don’t need to leave it in for long, just swish it enough to pick up the tone of the color.  My first swatch had too much yellow, so I added more Aquamarine.  Continue adjusting until you get your desired color. When ready, add your jeans to the dye bath, swishing around, constantly checking the color. Mint will not take long at all–my jeans were in the bath for about three minutes, any longer and they would have been super dark. To rinse out the color, start with hot water and very gradually switch to lukewarm. After you’ve rinsed for about five million years, and the water is almost entirely clear, you can prepare a bath with super cold water and Woolite. Swish the jeans in the soapy water for a few minutes, then rinse again. When the water runs clear, squeeze the jeans in a clean towel and hang to dry. To set the color, run a hot iron over them before wearing.

Not too bad, right? And if you have a washer and dryer, it would be straight up easy. Now I have a super rad pair of jeans in my favorite Calvin Klein fit AND I bought them for a song. *high five*

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39 responses to “Mint Green Denim Tutorial

  1. Brilliant. This might need to be my next project…

  2. Fun, I just did this with shoes and a tee! And made dyed some jeans yellow.

  3. Aaah, crap, mysterious WordPress profile… acutal link here!

  4. You are too funny with your sarcasm! I dig this post.

  5. LuckyPorcupine

    Can’t wait to make myself a pair of these! So glad you shared I have been obsessed with Mint lately.

  6. I bought a pair of white skinnies last fall @ The Gap for my Halloween costume. They were $1.97! I am so doing this, and SO wishing I had bought 15 pair of them, so I could have every color of the rainbow!

  7. Love this!! Cannot wait to try it!

  8. Kristiina

    Thank you so much for this, I cannot wait to try!

  9. I did this too, BUT: I used one bottle of RIT’s teal, a bit deeper mint color, and I did it in the washing machine. Hottest cycle, plus one bottle of dye, one part detergent, one part salt, close the lid. “Clean Up” consists of making sure your next laundry load is dark or running the machine empty with soap. You can take a peep at them in this post:

    • Brit

      I would like to try this using my washing machine. I don’t want the colour to be very dark tho…I like the light mint colour. I have never tried anythibg like this before. Any tips?

      • vsheaffer

        Hmm, I’ve never used a washing machine to dye things. Maybe the safest bet would be to dye them in a bucket and then do the rinsing in the machine. It would certainly make life much easier for you, that’s for sure!

      • Brit

        Awesome! Thank you so much:)

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  14. brianna

    my problem is im not like all the rest who want mint. ive been searching for a light cloud blue almost and cant find a single pair! so i was wondering if i could get this by just using the aquamarine color without apple green

    • vsheaffer

      Oh cute! I don’t see why not – but just as with the mint, don’t let it soak in the dye bath for too long. Good luck!

      • Katie

        I just dyed a pair of old skinny jeans using only aquamarine dye. They were gray to start with, so I bleached them down to white as best as I could. They still had a slightly yellowish tint to them so the color came out as a really cute blue-green color. I’m sure if you started with a white pair of jeans they would turn out great. I love the aquamarine color!

  15. Alexis

    Hi! Where do you find Rit dye – especially in more ‘specialty’ colors like aquamarine, etc?…Target, Michael’s, CVS pharmacy, and even the grocery store have been big disappointments…

  16. Alexis

    p.s. What lipstick are you wearing in your Gravatar photo?…It’s great! ;o)

    • vsheaffer

      Haha! I’m honestly not sure – my friend Allison Attwood the makeup for this shoot. If I remember correctly, it was a custom mix. I wish I could figure out how to wear color like that every day!


  17. I could find the aquamarine at ac Moore, I’m going to go with the apple green and royal blue…ahhh wish me luck, I really want to mint green color!!

  18. I love this!! Do you have a color suggestion for doing coral colored jeans as well??

  19. thazelina

    Reblogged this on Fly Away With Me.

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  21. wow you answered my prayer about how am I gonna do this. I just checked out the powder forms real quick and never even looked into the liquid, but sounds easy enough if I can find the two colors. I will check the markets then if they don’t I’ll check Joann’s. I go there a lot because of buying fabric for my purse making.
    when you have time check out my shop @

    Thank you so much for all the helpful info. :-)

  22. Awesome, I love the different colors great for spring and summer season. I just found your blog and I look forward to more have a wonderful vacation. Allie.

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  25. Pamela

    What would you wear these with? I’ve had a pair for quite some time and I can’t find the right top to match. Any ideas?

    • Britany

      I love to mix my color jeans with unexpected tops. For my mint jeans I have a bright orange high low shirt that I wear. I also look for prints that have a hint of that color in it. I’ve noticed that the colors I like the most with them are corals, orange, hot pink, nude, cream, grey, and black. Hope that helps!

    • Britany

      Also, try some different textures, like cashmere or lace, or styles like peplum and high low.

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