Side Table Styling

I am very tired today.  So tired I can barely form sentences.  I was up in the middle of the night with belly troubles (which I haven’t had in over six months – boo), and then Keith accidentally locked himself out of the car this morning.  With the key … in the ignition … while it was still running (he is also very tired today).  I had to jump out of bed and rush over there in a cab, with a coat over my jammies, so I could get to the car before the neighborhood thieves.  It was all very thrilling.  Anyway, look at this: 

owl statue side table styling peach living room

I finally styled the side table in our living room.  Special thanks to Restoration Hardware for the random, giant catalogues that I will never look through.  Not that I wouldn’t want anything in them – I’m fairly certain I would – I just don’t have the room or the funds or the outdoor spaces required.  But they look lovely here.  I don’t know why I never stacked sh*t before – everything looks so much better with levels. And big owl statues.  I love the crap out of that thing.  So whatever, the lessons in today’s post are: a) you should really style your house – start by stacking sh*t on your tables; and b) I am intolerable today – approach with caution.

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5 Responses to Side Table Styling

  1. Stacking sh*t is one of my most used decorating tactics aside from clustering. I am OBSESSED with clustering. It gives me thrills just talking about it. I will have to post a picture of my mantel in my house soon.

  2. Is that bud vase an empty bottle of Fresh eau de parfum? Knowing that I will soon have another pretty vase is the only thing that keeps me from being sad about running out…

    Gorgeous styling. Cheers!

    • vsheaffer

      It’s an empty bottle of room perfume – those reed diffuser things – not from Fresh, but equally expensive and I was also very sad when it ran out. And then pleasantly surprised when the label came right off!

      • Brilliant. I’ve started choosing my jams at the grocery based on how I can repurpose the bottle… And I always have pretty vases to gift bouquets from my garden whenever it strikes my fancy.


  3. I love to stack….. and I love that owl…..

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