Death by Chairs

Our internet was out all day yesterday, and I was about to kill someone when I realized (at 4pm) that I had knocked the wire loose.  Whoops.  Anyway, that’s why I didn’t check in yesterday.  It was making me crazy too, because I couldn’t wait to show you THESE:

painted cane back chairs white chair peach cushion black trim

I entered them into a contest to determine the cutest chairs ever, and then I judged it, and they won.  Cutest Chairs Ever.  Do you remember what they used to look like?  Of course, I don’t have a “before: photo, because I … 1) am impatient; 2) have a crummy camera phone; 3) was about to take a crummy photo anyway and my dad sprayed the last chair as I was holding the phone up to my face.  But I dug up this old photo of the dining room and you can clearly see the difference.   AAAHH!  Every time I look at that nonsense I just laugh and laugh and laugh.  It was weird.  Anyway, don’t the chairs look so much fancier and expensive now?  I love them like crazy.  I also love my parents, for many reasons, but mostly because they painted these for me.


That’s love, people.  And obviously they like to be punished, because they offered.  Enthusiastically.  So I drove everything out to their shop and then went on vacation, and when I got back my chairs were lookin’ all fiiine.  And then I just had to make the seat covers.


I have two words to say to those chair covers – starts with an ‘F’ ends with a ‘U’.  But even though that was basically a trip to Hell and back, they look so gorgeous, I will forgive them.  Love you, fancy new chairs!  Oh and guess what?  My parents will do this for other people too.  At their adorable antique store, The Trading Company, in Sandwich, IL (yes, it’s called Sandwich, shut up).  Look at how cute it is:

the trading company antique store sandwich illinois

CUTE.  And obviously they have some awesome stuff in there as well – even if you don’t want your chairs painted.  They also sell antique and vintage stuff on consignment, which is awesome if you don’t want to bother with Craigslist or eBay. Their website isn’t up yet, but here’s the info:

The Trading Company
Owners: Ron and Cheryl Sheaffer
36 E. Railroad Street, Sandwich, IL 60548

They are the sweetest people ever – you will love them.  And the whole town is great for antiquing, so maybe you should make a day of it, no?  Margaritas around the corner at Santa Fe will have you buying everything in town.  Maybe you will find chairs cuter than mine?  HAHAHA.  We both know that will never happen.


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8 Responses to Death by Chairs

  1. I have cushions that need to be re-covered and when I saw this picture, I thought BAM! This is what I should do. Would you mind expanding on why making the covers was so awful? I have to decide between making them myself or having them made. Thanks!

    • vsheaffer

      Well, I will say this – now that it’s all over, some of the trauma has worn away. But while I was making them, I just kept cursing myself and wishing I had paid someone else to do it for me. Maybe I should write more about this with pictures and stuff . . .

  2. Chairs look phhnenoommmmenal (=

  3. What’s that? Oh, yes, ok. We have just received word from the peanut gallery, and they confirm: Cutest chairs EVER.

    Well played.

  4. I adore those chairs!!! You are lucky your parents own an antique shop! Lucky I tell ya! :)

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