Tiny Apartment Touches

Okay, first of all, Erin’s wedding was SO FUN and SO SWEET.  And she was gorgeous.  Duh.  All of my friends are so pretty.  All of my brides are so pretty.  And because I know Erin and her entire family, I am in great position to start demanding photos immediately, so stay tuned for that.  The gown was amazing on her – can’t wait to show you!

And now … I’m running out to my parents’ store to pick up our fancy new dining room chairs.  !!!!  I wish the cushions were ready, but since each one has no fewer than two million staples in the bottom, I haven’t even finished tearing them apart.  I have one left.  And a giant blister on my right hand thumb.  Jerk cushions.  But there are other things to show you – like this:

sea urchin sculpture diy neon pink home accessories

I painted the tiny urchin and I looove it.  Also, there is this:

peach gold lamp ribbon lampshade diy cute entryway console

Greek key ribbon, yo.  I glued it onto the shades and it’s amazing how much the two rooms flow with just that tiny blue accent.  I also really want to paint the insides mint green, but I may be too lazy for that.  I definitely need to press the ribbon though, ’cause it be lookin’ crazy right now. And then there’s this:

coffee table styling diy lack hack

I styled my cubes.  They aren’t usually pushed together like that.  I didn’t realize they were until after I loaded the pictures, and now … whatever.  I’m in a rush to see my beautiful chairs.  But you get the idea.  And yes those are two stacks of old Domino Mags and not even half of what I saved.  If you bring booze and chips, you are welcome to kick back and go through them.  But it better be good booze and you better bring LOTS of chips.  And dip.  I like variation.


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3 Responses to Tiny Apartment Touches

  1. Love the Greek Ribbon on that lamp shade, looks stellar aside from wrinkles, but hey life is a wrinkle sometimes. I really like the way your tables turned out. I have two of those for my coffee table now as well and have been wanting to try this ever since I saw your friends DIY post. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love these and the rock art–brilliant!

  3. sana

    Hii !! Your peach lamp is friggin awesome !!! Its gorgous..! vintage? If I had that i’d paint the lampshade mint green :)

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