Apartment Things

Some cute stuff happening in the apartment, yo.


rock quartz art print poster gold frame

I finally framed my rock poster.  I bought the frame for $15 at the thrift (and really, it should have been less but the woman pricing it felt really strongly about the unicorn art poster it contained – p.s. the ’80s were so weird), and then when I disassembled it, the glass cracked down the middle.  So I had to buy replacement glass for like another $15 or something.  So in the end the total project, with the poster printing and everything, cost around $50.  I think that’s pretty rad for a giant, framed art print.  Of a rock.  I grabbed out of my mother-in-law’s rock garden.


vintage gold etched striped glassware tumblers

I found these at another thrift the other day.  A whole set of six for $8.  Again, that was maybe a touch high for a thrift, but it was worth it because …

gold striped glass vintage cocktail pitcher

… I happen to have a matching cocktail pitcher.  Which I found a million years ago at the same thrift store. *high five*


melon spray paint colors

You may not be aware, but it is illegal to sell spray paint in Chicago (except for at to-the-trade-only stores).  Because of graffiti.  LAME.  So while I was out visiting my folks in the country, I stopped by the hardware store and bought an armful of cans.  Just to have.  I already have all of the basics in the house, but I’ve been thinking of painting a few random objects, and all of these colors looked so pretty. Expect to see some melon-colored things very soon.



2 Responses to Apartment Things

  1. Love the rock poster! So awesome! Spray painting random things in my house is one of my favorite pass times as well! Happy Spraying! (=

  2. eva0817

    Love the poster!

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